What You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

I’m emailed dozens of times a week regarding the Hillary Clinton email situation. What really happened? Is she trustworthy? Why would I predict her as the next President if she’s going to prison? Did she buy off the FBI?

This interest in what I see, politically, surprises me a bit considering I’m not a pundit, nor a political expert. I’m a Psychic. Technically, I’m a temporal and electromagnetic translator, identifying and untangling energy signatures to uncover the bedrock supporting any issue in order to present readable maps from a pile of what may be perceived as chaos.

Perhaps that’s the perception some are looking for, considering what I’m observing in politics, energetically, is very rarely on the same page with much of the surface-fear-mongering in media. Or perhaps folks are simply tired of the same pundit analysis that sounds like a late-night infomercial tape loop.

Either way, with regard to Hillary Clinton’s emails, I’ve found that to many Americans, it doesn’t matter what my psychic “take” is, or what has occurred behind closed doors. Because it doesn’t matter what the FBI determined.

To this same group of Americans, it doesn’t matter that the few classified emails that were exchanged by Hillary Clinton were actually labeled as “confidential”, the lowest level of classification possible.

It doesn’t matter that other government officials from Colin Powell to Condoleeza Rice have regularly complained that this overuse of the 20th Century “confidentiality” labeling makes general and timely business-as-usual matters in the 21st Century nearly impossible through email, a means of communication that has only recently existed in our country’s security protocols.

It doesn’t matter that this whole situation has drastically pointed to yet another hole in our bureaucracy and in our evolving role in changing world technologies and security — red tape verses functionality.

In all that red tape, calls were made on the fly, and the ball was clearly fumbled.

It doesn’t matter that two investigative congressional committees, the FBI, and the state department have all looked into the email issue, and found only that Hillary Clinton is bad with computers and prefers her Blackberry.

The truth is — none of the truth in the “Hillary Clinton email scandal” is of consequence to most Americans. Because a bigger truth has brought itself forward, and that’s what we seem to be obsessed with.

This bigger truth is actually what matters here. For in this truth resides the decline of all great civilizations in our human historical past. We now stand upon this truth firmly and the responsibility is ours whether or not we follow suit.

This truth is based upon the Group-Think that creates the plot line which keeps fueling conspiracies, heroes, and villains. This is the soap opera mentality of too-busy-for-details bullet-point America that boils down complicated circumstances to a do-or-don’t outcome, one person the winner, the other disqualified.

This truth — this perceived inconvenience, or unwillingness, to process small details and weigh circumstances verses action — is the decline of all great governments and dynasties.

Rome could no longer be bothered with addressing its financially excessive and non-functional global infrastructure, which had over-extended itself — because the party was simply too much fun.

Egypt’s general citizens were fed grain and kept uneducated. And when it came time for the many, not the few, to engage their minds in order to help stabilize a wobbling dynasty too heavy at the top to sustain itself — the ignorant and impotent populations looked on as the roof caved in upon them.

Here we are, America. Both overextended in our opulence and feeling impotent in our own self-imposed ignorance, we stare at our handheld devices for answers through 140 characters on Twitter and act enraged over mere headlines.

Details no longer matter. Only the presentation of emotional buttons is of interest to us. We crave this sensationalistic approach as a catalyst to ignite our own opinions on a base level — to seek a sense of authenticity in the self.

Yet we have lost the self in the spin cycle of a swirling, changing world that barks demands from beyond our spiritual and emotional capacities. We don’t remember what we are, only who we have attempted to become.

This loss in our spiritual and emotional identity has affected our perception of authenticity. How can we read the compass when indeed — we have forgotten how to read?

We have become numb in our own lives beneath the grueling weight of a sociopathic 20th century business and communication model which demanded we become a widget in a larger machine in order for us to further the machine’s needs.

We work from 8am until 6pm. We make a two hour commute on either side. 15 hours a day spent dedicated to the furthering of the machine. Fuel up with dinner for an hour, power down for seven hours, and return to our posts.

We have been taught that this rinse-and-repeat cycle is “making a life” for ourselves, though many have no life outside of the machine.

We have been programmed that we need the machine — not ourselves, our ingenuity, or our hard independent work –to provide us with sustenance. We have elevated the machine into being god, the provider of All Things

We have been ingrained with the idea that enacting our own genius is nothing but ego — a fool’s errand.

Entrepreneurialism is discouraged by tax laws. Family members cringe when we talk about stepping outside of the 20th century business model in order to forge a living, or to create a new system that would evolve our society and the quality of our life.

The human brain craves activity, and the human spirit craves purpose. All life that does not evolve, then dies. Yet the machine knows nothing of life, as it serves only itself.

Curiously, the machine is of our own design, our own experiment in giving away our greatest power — to create anything, including a blinding lack or progress.

We are learning what we are, by creating that which we are not.

Since human beings have chosen to learn through contrast up to this point in our evolution, this makes sense. We’ve now pushed ourselves to critical mass, pinning ourselves against the base wall of our emotional instincts to distinguish “right” from “wrong”. In this, we elevate polarizing figures such as Donald J. Trump, who speaks in weighted emotional absolutes, providing us with the opportunity to react. We push forward ideologies that one person, Hillary Clinton, can embody every shortcoming we find in ourselves: Greed, untrustworthiness, deceit. And we take the opportunity to emotionally react to our intolerance of these attributes.

We are attempting to re-acquaint ourselves with our “gut”, as our minds now brainwashed with fear, limitation, and paranoia, are not producing the most optimum results.

The attempted standardization of human beings in America has left most craving a different experience — one of FEELING to believe, rather than SEEING to believe. Though we should always trust our gut — most are not sure if it is their gut, or the machine’s gut, to which they are responding.

This unsure response is called “effective marketing”.

We are addicted to the emotional reaction we receive from bullet-point-sensationalism in headlines, mistaking this initial emotional reaction as “authenticity”. In fact, that would be like mistaking the arc of electricity from the outlet to the plug — for the origin of lightning.

We have forgotten the process of creating our own electricity. Yes, our emotions guide us. Yet emotion acted upon, without temperance, is simply more self indulgence.

And that self-indulgence is the energy of the machine.

To truly scrutinize this civilization-breaking truth we are currently experiencing — then takes courage. The courage comes in recognizing that standing up against the group-think tide of the machine is hard because the driving force behind the machine’s group think ideology is based upon fear.

Whenever one stands in the gap for growth over fear — the reaction can be extreme. Viewing the lives of Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Jesus, demonstrates that fear is a formidable opponent.

Yet fear is the flip side of love, buried beneath a belief system that love will never be given room to grow.

All originates from love.

Whenever we ask anyone to give away their fear, we are asking them to give away a coping mechanism that has been handed down generationally, from culture to culture, for thousands of years. For many, fear is the only consistent emotion they have known. To ask a person to give away their fear as a coping mechanism is to blindfold them, or — to take away the best friend that always provided emotional stability in a crisis.

This is a terrifying experience for most.

Yet simply because something is a habit does not mean it is the most healthy choice. Convenience is often an addiction in and of itself.

We rely on the convenience of our phones and personal handheld devices for everything. Our lives are busy. We’re on the fly. We use email to track details in business so we cannot be misquoted through a misunderstanding in a phone call.

And for some reason, we expect those in government to have different lives than we do, or perhaps other technologies that we don’t have access to. Because we are “us” and they are “them”, and we’ve been taught a system of “us against them” to explain away our differences, or moreover, to create excuses why we don’t handle our own lives with more care or ingenuity:

If we only had a staff, or extra-special technology, or this gadget, or that money — we, too, could be successful.

This is the brainwashed mantra of Capitalism turned crowd-control. And this is the civilization-crumbling truth we are standing upon: We are afraid to trust anyone in power. Not because they are “them” but because we are afraid to trust ourselves.

We give away our trust, and hope someone will handle the details.

Just as Rome did.

Just as Egypt did.

And we turn blindly from history.

Hillary Clinton’s email debacle is an opportunity for us to put into perspective not only our imperfect humanity, but our non-functional system of administrative, emotional, and societal double standards, especially in the area of women in America. For a country forged under patriarchal modalities whom then often subscribed to patriarchal religious beliefs — this is perhaps the most fear-pushing button of all.

Right now, we’re not being asked to put mere issues of national security into perspective. We’re being asked to put OURSELVES into perspective. And that means truly looking some ugly in the mirror and standing in the gap for messages that make us all squirm with discomfort — as this one hits home.


Women are our mothers, our wives, our daughters, our sisters. In America, women are socialized to be the caregivers, the peacemakers, the true-blue hearts of the family. We are traditionally asked to put our needs as human beings on the back burner while we substitute our self-worth for our children’s and spouses’s success.

Though there are always exceptions to every rule, women are natural empaths who are genetically and spiritually designed to create life. As such, our desire for harmony across all horizons so that all life may flourish then lends itself to the gender-based manipulation of female enculturation in Western Society that has taken hundreds if not thousands of years to formulate.

And it goes like this:

Though men and women embody both masculine and feminine energies, or Chi, women are held to a different standard of life by those who subconsciously feel that we, as life-bringers, somehow embody some type of “magic” — the we have the ability to hold the world together in a way that males do not. Instead of appreciating this perceived “power” to create life, it is feared, even resented, by the out-of-balance masculine.

We only fear that which we either do not understand, or that to which we give away
our power.

Through this fear, women are quietly given more power than men in American society, and then punished for it. For instance, we are apparently “responsible” for many things, including but not limited to robbing a man of his will and forcing him to rape us. Or, not using our empathic “women’s intuition” to know exactly what someone else in our relationship or family needs, and therefore, deserving to be brutalized and hospitalized when we don’t live up to invisible expectations.

Women have been cast as secret mythical creatures by the out-of-balance masculine. Based upon this FanFiction, we have been expected to adhere to a separate set of rules for living, from sexuality to personal expression. For instance, the visible stand-outs are obvious, yet a bedrock for our daily American way of life.

Men may be crass. Women must be inoffensive. Men may be sexually promiscuous. Women must not. If men make a non-critical mistake in the workplace, life goes on. If women make the same non-critical mistake in the workplace, they are fired for being a liability. If men lie, they’re full of “posture”. If women lie, they are the “deceivers”. If men don’t disclose the truth until more facts can be found, they are discerning. If women don’t disclose the truth until more facts can be found, they are manipulators. Men exerting boundaries while in power are successful. Women doing the same are “bitches”. Men may pursue careers because that displays personal drive and initiative. Women doing the same are “selfish”. Men may make mistakes, because “they’re only men.” Women making mistakes are “stupid and untrustworthy.” Men who make it in business are geniuses. Women who make it in business pulled favors, or slept with someone. Men may throw caution against the wall and expect a clean-up crew. Women must always proceed with caution and BE the clean-up crew.

Because that’s what mom would do.

Women, as have men, have been reduced to caricatures of themselves throughout the 20th century. As such, women have become the most vicious critics of one another, in an attempt to beat this characterization to the punch.

Oppression feels much less like a burden when we are enacting it, ourselves. Yet ownership of a behavior, ladies, does not change its abusive impact. We then become the enablers of the same system we rally against, begging for the system to accept us — classic Stockholm Syndrome.

The media has dramatically helped along our cultural evolution in pushing polarizing viewpoints of gender roles, such as seemingly innocuous cultural reflections as “The Donna Reed Show”. These dramatic displays of gender roles were not only a sign of the times in the post war 1950’s, but was, in part, universal preparation for the switch-over to the feminine, which we are now experiencing.

Again, keep in mind that human beings have chosen to learn through contrast at this point in our spiritual and cultural evolution.

As such, let’s note the famous “Donna Reed Show” episode surrounded the family being gob-smacked that Donna wasn’t waiting at home, literally with Dad’s slippers, when he arrived from work. Dad was horrified to come home to an empty house, reacting like a lost little boy. His wife, Donna, had decided to do something for herself that day – go shopping for a new hat. Dinner was not made when the children came home. They found a bewildered dad, sitting in the dark, and no dinner on the table. The entire family collapsed, disheartened and full of fear, feeling abandoned.

No one actually went to the refrigerator and pulled out a sandwich, by the way. They all sat in the dark, moping. (Someone actually wrote this TV episode. It gets better.)

Donna came home, happy with her hat, only to receive a wall of guilt from her abandoned, starving, frightened family. She tossed the hat aside, repenting of her selfish actions, literally vowing to never “put herself first” again.

We wish to to pretend that in 2016, we have evolved from the Donna Reed Show viewpoint — that this tenet is dead in American society simply because a few laws have been passed that support women’s rights.

Yet laws cannot affect perception, only protect it.

The only thing which has evolved in our nation, in dealing with gender inequality, is our willingness to talk about the persistence of the issue, which is part of our very fabric of learning.

After all, if you’re going to restore the upholstery on a couch, you’d best understand not only the weave and stretch of the old cloth — but what affixed the cloth to the frame of the couch for so long.

Women are not the only casualties in this polarization of masculine and feminine energies. Out-of-balance males suffer greatly as well.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule. Yet many males are currently experiencing great amounts of fear as the earth shifts from a masculine to feminine timeframe, having not been properly fused with their own deep and powerful feminine gifts within themselves.

Culturally, men have been taught to lash out against that which threatens them. We are seeing this fear enact itself in a steep rise of violence toward women since the beginning of 2016. Yet one cannot lash out against an impending tide and energy, so instead, the faces of women will do.

It’s important to note that though gender inequality has resulted in the victimization of many women, women are not the only victims during this timeframe. American society stands poised to be hacked apart on the chopping block if we continue to refuse to deal with the obvious squeak in the wheel of global and energetic progression. And males seek to lose just as much.

The out-of-balance masculine has been a product of thousands of years of enculturation as well. Just like women, men embody both feminine and masculine energies. Under the previous 100,000 year masculine timeframe which stressed conquest and reproduction to further the species, males were nearly cut-off from half of their most powerful inner gifts and talents by the misguided idea that feminine energy within indicated “effeminate” energy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Alexander the Great, one of the world’s most effective conquerors, balanced within himself his masculine and feminine Chi with extreme success. He not only enacted powerful military campaigns, but tapped the feminine within himself to maintain the strength through stamina that was required to nurture that which he conquered.

Alexander the Great was his own clean-up crew. And I’m not certain there’s a patriarchal male alive that would label that guy “effeminate”, no matter which gender he chose to be intimate with.

We are in a process of integrating the masculine and feminine through entering the feminine timeframe. And for now, we are focusing on the healing and nurturing attributes of the feminine. To do so, we are being asked to release the old archetypes. In order to release, we must view the polarizations of the gender caricatures we’ve created.

Then we must do something so unconscionable, so outrageous — that many do not know how:

We must come out of judgement with ourselves for our participation in this polarizing mess, as well as coming out of judgement with one another for the people we have become while being raised in this polarizing mess.

The buck stops with us.

Once we come out of judgement, and move the lens back a little, we are able to see the true overview of what’s attempting to happen here.

We are attempting to embrace our humanity, enact grace, stop holding each other to impossible standards, and to celebrate not only the diversity within the genders, but transcend the need for labels and roles within those genders to define our purpose and application in the world.

Simply look at the powerful Trans movement in America. We are not afraid of Trans people in our bathrooms. We are afraid of the power of the trans-person, energetically, within each one of us — as we all hold masculine and feminine energy within.

We fear our own integrated power.

We are being asked to embrace the beautiful commonality that we all share as beings of Light. This is the hope of humanity. Not an election. Not a candidate. Not a political party. Not an FBI investigation, but our willingness to evolve without blame, without fear, and without restriction.

The first step in this process is standing in the gap for reason to counterbalance the group-think modality of fear and polarization.

Which is why Hillary Clinton’s email issue still sits as a burr beneath many people’s saddles. It carries with it not simply FBI and state department findings — but for many, unfinished business culturally and spiritually.

Clearly, her gender aside, judgements were made on Hillary Clinton’s part that she now considers to be mistakes. However, to simply hold the magnifying glass on Hillary Clinton in this matter completely defeats the exercise of growth, and ignores the great white elephant in the room.

In an attempt to acknowledge all pieces of this email puzzle, let us look at an archaic government communication structure whose red tape is so vastly inefficient in a fast-paced world full of incriminate twists and turns — that gridlock is now a global association with the US Congress.

Let us also look at a conservative electorate, along with media, that propagated this email issue as if highly classified national security documents had been carelessly splashed across World Wide Web, rather than the boring old truth that a few statements labeled as “confidential”, many concerning upcoming public statements, were discussed via email.

Though facts are minuscule at this time in America’s need to be emotionally stimulated, it’s important to note that had Hillary Clinton truly compromised national security, she would have been immediately removed by her governing administration during her tenure as Secretary of State. And that would have been very big news — the kind the media thrives upon.

Yet this was never the case. Even Colin Powell struggled with the same judgement calls as Clinton in sending emails dictated as Confidential, for the same reasons of daily functionality.

Let’s again call out the large pachyderm in the room: Colin Powell wasn’t running to be the first female President of the United States, private server or not.

This isn’t about trusting Hillary Clinton’s judgement on one instance. Not really. It’s about whether or not we trust our OWN judgement.

For those who like details in this one-hit-wonder world, the Washington Post covered all angles of the Hillary Clinton email debacle. Yet for many, the facts have dulled to the excitement in the roar of pitchforks and torches.


This issue of emails is not about emails at all. Those who claim they’d vote for a women, just not Hillary — I have to wonder: Which woman would that be, considering none have even been resilient enough to survive the hazing to make it to the Presidential table?

Again, America — we love to create our mythical female caricatures, such as the mythical woman who could make it to the White House by being polite, prim, proper, always telling the truth because no one would judge her or her progress and rule her out for making a mistake, a woman who would back down at just the right time and show a little flirtation to melt the world to make her point — a woman who never makes mistakes and is never is called to task, and certainly, is never required to play a little rough. Because the world just bows at her feet, like a scene from the Musical “Mame”.


When voting for a male president as a leader, we subconsciously look for a Savior. When voting for a female president as a leader — we subconsciously look for a Mommy.

Both need to stop.

Let us all remember that women in this country are held to a different standard. To dismiss this reality in the factoring of this situation, or in factoring Hillary with Benghazi, or Hillary and anything —

— is in and of itself, a double standard.

How many times are we willing to change the rules to fulfill our own agendas? Is this not what many accuse Hillary Clinton of doing? Perhaps it is the double-standard, the hypocrisy within our own society that creates our eagerness to label someone else — in this case, Hillary Clinton — as a hypocrite?

Regardless who anyone chooses to vote for, the vitriol towards women in this country is staggering. I, myself, have received death threats from males for merely predicting Hillary Clinton would be elected President. Pretty impressive considering I’m hardly Anderson Cooper. I’ve been told that if I vote for Hillary, I’m “voting with my vagina”. (Actually, I use my hands. The ballot is easier to read that way. I’m not sure how my vagina was suddenly made relevant in the political process anyway. That’s ten kinds of weird.) Bullies have flooded my comment threads with single-file-run-on-crazy-making sentences full of hatred and paranoia, attempting to shame me because I haven’t demonized Hillary. I don’t demonize anyone, so they’re barking up the wrong tree to begin with.

Our problem with women in this country can’t get any more poignantly demonstrative than what I myself have experienced.

Trust or don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Yet for our own sake, America — let’s be honest with ourselves about why.

Really, why.

How does that saying go? Before you judge the spec in your brother’s eye, you may want to remove the plank from your own. Or you may want to check your neighbor’s pitchfork.

It may be missing one of the tines.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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8 Responses to What You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

  1. Juju Bees says:

    You are wrong – just wrong! And honestly, I don’t see any psychic energy here – I see physical preference. Not impressed by you, and in fact, feel quite a bit of hostility in this post.

    Hopefully, you are not guiding your readers down the wrong road.

  2. Janie Lapka says:

    Very good! Thank you

  3. Kathy says:

    I’m SO impressed with you. I just found you. You’re like an oasis in the desert of total craziness, hatred, violence, us-against-them, mainstream media, fear, more fear. I feel more relaxed and a dash of humor by standing back and seeing what’s really going on. And let’s hear it for Alexander The Great… makes me want to learn about him. I love you and am sorry for the threatened male vitriol against you. Wow.

  4. Ellen says:

    Your work brings me peace. Thank you.

  5. Dianne Evans says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you for your sanity, historical significance, and feminine/masculine truths.

  6. Laney says:

    Though I agree with much of what you have stated I think you are placing judgment on people who have evolved past the typical rhetoric in this current election cycle and the Hillary situation. It seems you want us to feel sorry for her because she’s a woman and people like Colin Powell have dealt with similar things. Sadly there have also been people like Edward Snowden and many others who have been persecuted for far far far less than what she has done. Horribly persecuted and some have even died. But poor poor Hillary is a woman and she’s made it so far. I see this more as a feminist piece, which is fine…but I feel that you haven’t looked at the thousands upon thousands of poor decisions she has made. Causing children in other countries to go hungry and worse yet die due to her poor choices of her pro war stance. She has suppressed the Haitians in order to keep their wages at pennies so that herself and her benefactors have more and more millions. She supports the TPP and could care less about the minorities and the poor in this country. For me this has nothing to do with being a woman and everything to do with being a decent human being. The fact that you posted something from the Washington Post (Mainstream Media) shows me that you truly are not quite as openminded as you assert. I can go on forever but I don’t think it will matter I am a 44 year old lifelong Dem and former Clinton lover…bottom line is this is not about being a woman or a man…not about feeling sorry for someone who poor thing has dealt with so much in her privileged life. This is about truth, love, honesty, integrity and equality—it’s about standing against people who do bad things and not sending millions to (for-profit) prison not for their crimes but because they are minorities or poor. This is about a woman who has perpetrated evil for a very long time and has lived off of billions from a foundation that was supposed to help the poor but instead she helped herself. I am not an idiot or indoctrinated with mainstream political bullshit I don’t watch ANY mainstream and do tons of research to find out factual information) The bottom line is will she help this country move forward and though I believe she will win I believe it will be detrimental to our country not because she’s a woman but because of who she is at her core.

  7. Camille Rose says:

    Excellent piece. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  8. Kay says:

    Wow, I can’t even come up with words to express how impressed I am with what you are saying here. Have to admit I am a bit skeptical about your claims of being psychic, but that doesn’t even matter. I connect in so many ways to how you see things and the thoughts you present. I have felt for a while that “we the people” are the ones who need to be making changes we want to see in this world. Not by being violent but by learning how to respect others and to settle our own world down so we can function as caring, loving beings that we are somewhere deep inside of us. Anyway, thanks for sharing how you see things with all of us. You are indeed a special person!

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