Five Signs You May Be Infected with the Fear Virus


Today on our show in 2016, the description of our times truly does sound like a demented post-apocalyptic SyFy mini-series pitch:

Five planets in retrograde tear at the very fabric of people’s mental and emotional make-up. A crazed presidential race erupts into angry mobs that mirror each other on the far right and far left. A verbally abusive archetypal male narcissist leads the clash with a steely-eyed matriarchal women’s rights pit bull for a scathing smack down towards the Presidency while followers of a wild-haired Socialist vow to tear down the electorate system. With a wobbling 100,000 year shift from the masculine energy to the feminine, vitriol regarding women is seething through the sidewalk cracks. Violence towards women has spiked dramatically, doubling in many areas from 2015. Hysteria is the new black. Blame is the new philosophy. Cynicism is the new religion. Foods are being unlabeled so that consumers have no idea of their genetically modified content. People are physically addicted to mobile devices. The main ingredient now found in city drinking water is toilet paper. Water sources are being polluted by chemical spills and fracking. Over-the-counter pain medication kills empathy in the brain. And the weather has gone mad.

Cue the really bad graphics.

Welcome to 2016, The Year of Reclamation, where everything that was meant to fall by the wayside, will — so that what is truly intended for us all, in our highest good, has room to land.

On the flipside of all the crazy — which is what the media loves to focus on —  consciousness is exploding and people are being acquainted with their Spiritual and Psychic gifts and talents at a fabulous rate.

People are being reunited with soul groups that they can truly depend on for emotional, spiritual and physical support. Folks who once worked at traditional institutions like banks are now stepping into their role as healers, counselors, readers, seers, and shaman to come forward with helping the earth and her inhabitants heal.

Organic community gardens are springing up, green power is on every corner, harmful personal relationships and business associations are being gently put to rest, homes are being made from straw bales and plastic bottles — all while a HUGE ascension and polarizing shift is taking place.

How do we know it’s an ascension? Well, we can’t have complete and total change of an operating system that’s been in place for thousands of years — without a complete freak-out.

Simply look at the level of fear in the ethers. The proof is in the poopy pudding.

There are so many frazzled folks experiencing many steep and severe changes right now that I often receive letters from people feeling lost or in great turmoil — even though this is an exciting an amazing time. As I look out on social media and the general trip to the grocery store, decorum has seemed to fly out the window and people are just getting flat nasty in lieu of having base-level polite interaction with one another.

There’s a lot of fear flying and only WE can do something about it. This time period is not about fear, but about our abandoning fear — to be replaced with empowerment, hope, and grace.

Now, that’s going to take some yoda-style focus for just a moment here as we allow the tantrums to erupt and the dust to settle.

It’s important to remember that fear is like a drug — it can get into the spiritual system and fuel a fight response that isn’t exactly authentic, yet works dramatically in the moment. People are using fear as a form of “instant courage”, to “pump up” their opinions and set free deep-seeded emotions and a lifetime of resentments that have stewed within for years.

As we near the Presidential Primaries coming to a close, people’s fear responses have increased hugely. And seeing as that humanity tends to be a monkey-see-monkey-do lot (considering we came in part from primates), folks from both side of the political aisle are jumping on the hysteria bandwagon as a form of personal therapy, using fear and anger to dislodge large chunks of pieces of the self that have felt invisible, dismissed, or simply unheard.

This gets rough, because fear, like any energy signature, attracts itself — to itself. The more fear that hits the ethers, the more fear comes to the surface and fills that persons life. It’s a nasty cycle. I could write for days on the tenants and spiritual dynamics of fear, and chaos, and darkness, and how they all work together to create the ultimate distraction — but if a person has any sense of awareness, one can see what’s happening in the world.

This isn’t meant to sound like an essay on doom and gloom. To the contrary! It’s to enforce and underscore the reality that times are changing in a very exciting way. As the ethers vibrate and ascend, low-ranging vibrations like fear, anger, hatred, projection of frustrations upon minorities and women, and the illusion of financial control are all being rattled to the surface by the poweful vibration of hope, love, connection and joy.

Nastiness is being blown right off the map — and into oblivion.

The big machine is breaking down and the ship is leaving the port before the dock falls in the water. If you are wearing a human body in this timeframe — you are here because you can help handle the transition.

Go Team Light!

In fact, so much is coming to pass so quickly (that I spoke about last year), even I am a little gob-smacked by the accelerated timing. It’s exciting for me to watch as that means the beautiful things that I’ve seen coming are also quickly on their way. We just have some “sorting out” to do, first.

For instance, those who attended my “Healing yourself and others with earth energies” forum, I talked a lot about bizarre alternate side-effects of big Pharma that would be coming to light this year — so the contents of this article on the pain killer Tylenol may ring a bell:

And for those that attended my 2016 predictions forum where I talked about how “money” would begin to look ridiculous to us 2016 — here is Jeremy Irons, saying the exact same thing:

I’ve grown so confused by people truly buying this transitional FEAR as a snapshot of permanent reality that I chose to make a video one Saturday morning, attempting to explain what was going on.

The message needed to get out, needed to happen that day, that moment. So there I sat, in my robe and glasses and coffee — and let the information fly.

The message was to be wrapped around the prediction for who was going to be President in 2016, why, and how valid all the players are at this time. Because let’s face it — a video entitled “Hey! Being afraid isn’t sloving anything!” isn’t going to get many hearts pumping.

It’s time we kick fear ot the curb. Understand that everything that’s happening right now is simply the side-effects of a very quick transition. Victimization, vitriol, us-against-them, hatred, and every other fear and ego based 20th century modality is in the process of flying out the 21st century window.

This change-of-operating system is instilling a great amount of uncertainty in many people — as the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know. And many are terrified to make new friends without horns and a tail.

Ah — growth. Thy name, at times, is dissonance.

Dissonance, by its very nature, breaks down particle matter. So do your best to keep up your spiritual and emotional immunity. This will prevent infection from the Fear Virus. Once the virus gets into the system, it takes a long time to heal and can have far-reaching side-effects. The virus can be easily transferred or contracted through the ears and eyes — simply by viewing or repeatedly hearing ugliness. This serious illness erodes relationships, opportunities, and health.

Here are five signs that you may be already infected with this highly contagious condition:

  1. Cynicism replaces hope and victimization replaces motivation.
  2. Infected individuals become obsessed with catastrophizing, seeking negative messages and media content and passing that content along.
  3. The virus masquerades as other things like purpose, strength, anger, martyrdom, and blame, and is therefore hard to treat.
  4. The virus creates paranoia and affects judgment, such as the placement of trust.
  5. Prolonged exposure to the Fear Virus infects all mental processes and produces dementia, resulting in the infected individual’s reality existing only within the illusion of the worse case scenario.

If you’ve found that you’ve been infected by the fear virus and are having a tough time getting well, up your spiritual anti-bodies by turning off the news. Hide posts on facebook and other social media that propagate anger, mistrust, blame, and nastiness. When someone attempts to bully, simply walk away. If being forced to make a polarizing decision based upon other people’s fears, abstain.

To kick the virus all-together, change your daily habits: Surround yourself with loving people, loving messages and healthy images. Replace hate or anger-filled music with that of a peaceful or happy vibration. Disengage from the virtual and engage with the ACTUAL. Connect with activities that have nothing to do with furthering your own life, yet enrich the lives of others. Replace synthetic low vibration foods such as corn syrup and artificial sweeteners with high-vibration organic foods. Move the body to the best of your ability and flush out fluids with plenty of water, rather than sitting in pools of toxins that never release themselves from muscle tissue and joints.

Mostly, give away your need for the fear. Fear is not necessary. It’s simply a learning tool, a distraction, an addiction. We may choose to learn in any way we wish.

Give away your identity of being afraid. This may be your longest standing relationship with an emotion, so that may be a challenge. Yet no matter how familiar, fear is not your friend.

Sometimes it’s easier to let go of fear if we give it a face or a category. Say, world events. If you’d like to let go of some fear surrounding world events, and mostly, this upcoming election — I can help you there. Or, maybe you’re just dying to know what’s happening with the Presidential race, because it’s become weirder than a vintage Jerry Springer episode.

Either way, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me here to have a chat. Because connection is a good thing. And education is even better.

A message from the Angelic realm for us all:

  “Children of this earth, you cry out as you perceive yourselves mired, laboring beneath  the illusion of separation from The (Holy) One that is All. This is the great mystery,  how you born of Light are blinded by Darkness, a mere creation of your will [mind].”

Be in peace. It’s all okay. You’re going to be okay.

We’re ALL going to be okay .

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to Five Signs You May Be Infected with the Fear Virus

  1. Sara says:

    Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Somehow I missed this post originally. I’m going to keep reading it over and over until I absorb it into my whole being.

  2. Dorothy Darrow says:

    Thank you for this video…it gives me hope that kindness an reason will prevail after all…

  3. danielleegnew says:

    You did?? That is soooo great, Heather! I’ve heard both Bernie and Jane have fantastic energies! Well here is to wonderful people doing exactly what they’re here to do, no matter what that is! Keep being a bright light in the world, lady :)!!

  4. Heather Foran says:

    I am also a psychic, it’s Jane Sanders that is ushering in the feminine side…not sure why you want to think it is hrc? Especially since you see the President as not being what matters…see you are on the right track…it is Jane 🙂 That is where the light is coming from

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Heather! Ah, I’m speaking on candidates who are running for the office of the Presidency, as HRC is the female candidate, and the analogy of all, and what those analogies are bringing forward for people. It would be great if Jane were running for President :)! She’s way cool!

      • Heather Foran says:

        Oh great, that makes sense now 🙂 And yes Jane is way cool I was lucky enough to get to squeeze both her and Bernie’s hands at a rally. Thanks for clarifying I appreciate that very much 🙂

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