Hillary Vs Trump – A War of Consciousness


Hollywood could not have devised a more infectious blockbuster plot line: A verbally abusive archetypal male narcissist clashes with a steely-eyed matriarchal women’s rights pit bull for a scathing smack down towards the Presidency.

The movie title? Transcendence: The Last Battle.

And indeed — it is.

I have the opportunity to see inside of people. It’s a beautiful gift. People are far more gorgeous on the inside than they allow themselves to be on the outside. Due to my unique spiritual goggles, I have a slightly different perspective on Presidential elections.

The Universe has scripted a demonstration in consciousness that is so blazing, so obvious in its polarity that it nearly could be its own reality TV show. Except, of course, for one sticking point:

Most people aren’t even comprehending the point of the script. And therein lies the lesson.

This 2016 election cycle in the USA is about much more than simply choosing a President. This cycle is about choosing who America wishes to be, not only at home within our own borders, but in the eyes of the global community.

The Universe has given the United States of America a grand representation of what currently exists within us — hope, racism, activism, misogyny, anger, excitement, history making, history repeating itself, fear and more fear. Now it’s our turn to decide who we wish to become, once and for all.

This year on our ballot, we have a buffet of wide-swinging drama to choose from. We can become part of the endless spin-cycle of hype, hysteria and social terror. Or, we could simply see this election for what it is.

The bottom line here is consciousness.

Regardless of who anyone believes would be the best candidate, the fact remains that somehow, against all odds, our presumed Democratic and Republican nominees will be both a woman and a man who are literally despised by many for their polarizing personalities. Yet neither candidate is remotely alike.

How is this possible? Is this the pre-cursor to a collapsing America? What does this mean?

Well, for those of us who track energy signatures for a living, like myself, this is hardly the death knell for the USA. In fact, it’s just the opposite — a harbinger of powerful change that spells G-R-O-W-T-H for our once great nation as it attempts to reach greatness again.

America was never great because of the money or commerce it generated. It was great because of the heart of the nation which has since been sorely compromised by allowing all that is dear to us to be commandeered by the highest bidder.

This election cycle is the turning point in our consciousness and economy that years down the road, will be the thing of late-night stories by the fireplace. Not because of the individual politicians involved, but because of the consciousness each politician brings forward.

With this grand cast of presumed characters on the ballot, we are being asked to step away from the political programming and think for ourselves — rather than vote party lines, as each candidate challenges the base of both parties.

Wherever there is growth there is growing pains. And wherever there is pain, there is ugliness.

Long-time Republican devotees are deeply torn whether or not to line up behind a brash and poorly-spoken bully hijacking their party who, until 2012, was a lifelong Democrat. A chunk of Democratic voters must decide if they are willing to put aside their seething vitriol for the woman they demonized as a deceptive big business puppet in order to keep an Authoritarian extremist out of the white house.

We’re being asked to transcend the group-think media mentality and look beyond the bullet points — an epic attempt in the fast-paced, low-substance 21st Century America.

We’re being asked to examine how it feels to be part of a mob, fueled by a false sense of safety built upon thin fan-fiction to support our opinions, our anger, and our causes, in comparison to how it feels to think — and moreover, act — as an individual for the betterment of the whole.

Each of us are being called to examine our true colors not only in the voting booth, but in how we approach life. Not the colors we think make the best Twitter posts. Not the colors we think make us look extraordinary on Facebook or Instagram. Not Red or Blue. But the colors that would consider, weigh, and balance the highest good for all, rather than the self-serving, rushed, selective sum of its parts.

For a culture that loves to pick and choose our moral fiber from a series of headlines depending on which is most convenient, this is a colossal feat. Even in our deepest faiths, we cannot simply see the forest through the trees, dissecting the Bible itself while picking and choosing relevant passages according to a God we create in our own image.

We create the President in our image as well. We expect one person, this President, to save us from ourselves so that we don’t have to do the heavy lifting in our own communities.

We don’t want to elect a human being with a past. We want a mythical figure to ride in and rescue us, a Deus Ex Machina, a quick miracle fix so we can get to our Netflix date.

We don’t want to mix church and state yet we wish to elect a savior, not a President. We trip on our own hypocrisy and we blame the cracks in the sidewalk rather than where we’ve placed our feet.

We have disowned our personal accountability to bring change to our lives in lieu of scathing Facebook posts on walls of those whose political views we don’t agree with. And that’s where our effort often stops.

Our emotional laziness in America has become crippling and we are quick to blame everyone else — big business, money, “the man”, Republicans, Democrats, people with brown skin, the system — rather than facing the cringing reality that we are the problem.

We are addicted to convenience in the USA. And this election is here to slap us squarely across the face into sentience again. Because there is nothing — absolutely nothing — convenient about the Presidential ballot in 2016.

For millions of Americans, this lack of convenience on the ballot is a point of extreme anger, playing into the overwhelming sense of entitlement that we express when it comes to being inconvenienced by not only having to think, but having to confront the fact that we cannot have exactly what it is that we want.

And that’s the point of this whole consciousness exercise known as the 2016 Presidential Election.

We’ve lost touch with compromise and consensus. Discussing, bending, and patiently working towards a goal that accommodates the whole has been replaced by tantrum obstructionist government or tear-down revolutions. This “tantrum at the top” trickles down to inspire those who feel disempowered to emulate the behavior of those in charge, with masses demanding instant change, or they’ll take their toys and go home.

I’m often curious: What would the WWII era America have to say about what we’ve become? Besides being too embarrassed to sit next to us in a movie theater, they may simply not recognize the nation that once put personal convenience, pettiness, political preference and theory aside in order to stand in the gap for the many.

In 21st Century America, we define the thin-skinned whining known as “First World Problems”. Self-sacrifice for the sake of societal growth is barely in existence outside of parenting. And even then, there are often caveats, fueling a booming therapy industry.

Recycling even has its limits when Americans can’t be bothered to drop off items at a far-reaching location, so into the trash they go. Along with anything else that requires our effort, time, or thought process — like our common sense.

Therein explains why the country is in the state in which we find it today, digging itself out of a pile of trash with hopeful expectations that the light is only handfuls away.

We are said to be the world’s most influential nation. That’s what Americans are fed for dinner, and we eat up the press release with a truly well-intentioned and naïve pride. Yet for a nation supposedly filled with the most amazing governmental system on earth (according to itself, naturally), our populations often choose to be socially impotent. We barely engage our neighbors, let alone apply ourselves to the type of fiscal and emotional discipline it takes to bring solutions to our own communities.

Yet we complain about the options on the Presidential ballot as if this one human being will somehow represent every need we cannot fulfill ourselves.

With the dramatic dummying down of the USA to which Americans have happily contributed, we have drawn an interesting cause-and-effect lesson. The Universe has had no other choice but to send us two polarizing candidates to demonstrate our own lunacy through hyperbole.

No matter anyone’s opinion on either presumed candidate, they both represent two battling sections of consciousness from the perspective of Spiritual Physics. If this Presidential election were an old spaghetti western, we’d have one candidate in a white hat and one in a black hat. If it were a Star Wars movie, one candidate would be a Jedi and one would be Darth Vader.

If the election was a heavyweight boxing championship, the appeal of such opposing forces would sell out the Mile-High Stadium.

In the first corner, we have billionaire businessman Donald Trump, snagging headlines everywhere with his unpredictable and shocking perspectives, grossly exaggerating the consciousness around ego, hubris, misogyny, racism, and back-room-deal excess.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump boasts he’ll be the first presidential candidate to make money campaigning. It’s no secret he boasts about being smarter than nearly everyone he encounters. It’s no secret Donald Trump sends jobs overseas, or that he boasts he’s declared bankruptcy several times as a business plan.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump boasts, period. He is proudly a caricature of himself.

One of his favorite boasting points is his male prowess — his masculine appeal, his large hands, his John Wayne fearlessness at a business table, his tall and exotic wives.

Donald Trump represents the dying machismo consciousness of 20th Century America, the medallion on the hairy chest of the consumerism that crushed the North American continent between railroad tracks in only six years and hastened the death of the Indigenous People’s way of life through it’s avarice.

This consciousness has warred against its own inhabitants, gifted a different set of rules to white males, authored internment camps, and suppressed the civil rights of minorities and women. This consciousness has made “money” the official God. This consciousness has deemed the rape of a child a lesser crime than the theft of a vehicle. This 20th Century consciousness is all consumerism, waste, victimization, and sociopathic bully modalities. And it is dying on the vine as it cannot sustain itself any further.

Yes, Donald Trump and his wall between the USA and Mexico embodies the consciousness of the old world, the us-against-them, the been-there-the-done-that, history repeating itself. Many in America are deeply comfortable with this familiar sense of security framed up in nothing more than bullet point bluster. They love the drug of the convenient illusion and Donald Trump is happy to provide the high.

In the other corner, we have millionaire, former First Lady, former Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is not the flashiest candidate, nor does she carry the most charismatic or revolutionary message. Yet her consistency, sharp intelligence, and unshakable nerves pack an experienced punch.

Hillary also represents part of the 20th Century consciousness with the old-school political dynasty she and President Bill Clinton have built. She maintains deeply entrenched and loyal old-guard alliances and endures the echoes of 20th Century scandals where other male politicians appear to have passed through an unspoken statute of limitations, their former transgressions disappearing from this dimension entirely.

Her run for the Presidency draws to the forefront the trickling 20th Century sexism that America pretends does not exist.

Hillary Clinton campaigns under different set of social rules where women must look, speak and act in a way that’s “pleasing”. Where other male candidates are given a pass on their clothing, hair, voices, body types, opinions, missteps and all-out lies, Mrs. Clinton is held to a higher judgmental scrutiny based in the 20th Century Virgin-or-Whore litmus.

In America, where women bear the brunt of all responsibility — from a short skirt “causing” rape to a disobedient wife “causing” her own domestic abuse, Mrs. Clinton is automatically entering the ring with a reach disadvantage.

The very image of Hillary Clinton throws many into a rage. Nothing infuriates the ego of the Patriarchal modality more than reminding it that it wins only because it gave itself the advantage to begin with.

Though dragging 20th Century attributes along with her, Hillary Clinton very decidedly represents a 21st Century Consciousness in the fact that she indeed — is a woman not only running for President, but the presumptive Democratic nominee.

She consistently paints a picture of a nation whose consciousness must work for growth, not regression. She speaks past the expired 20th Century realm of masculine oppression through force and bluster, and reaches toward the 21st Century feminine strength of perseverance through education, inclusion, and nurturing the downtrodden.

Whereas Donald Trumps boasts of being tough — Hillary Clinton simply is.

While Trump beats his chest in fancy suits with the exaggerated 20th Century braggadocio and cameras rolling, Hillary keeps her nose toward the task, paced, often considered grandmotherly in her posture, strong with her tone in her not-as-flashy 21st Century world.

Trump’s performance is far better on television — the 20th Century Illusion Maker. Hillary’s performance is far better in reality — the 21st Century Sculpting Tool.

Any candidate will make promises. Yet the focus here is on the consciousness of these promises. Donald Trump embodies old 20th Century fears. Hillary Clinton embodies 21st Century inclusion.

Trump’s consciousness focuses on the external, a 20th Century exercise in learning. Clinton’s consciousness focuses on the internal, the 21st Century exercise in learning.

Hillary is the tortoise. Trump is the hare. Yet even though we know the fable, we still choose not to see the plotline, the bold writing on the wall. We still place our bets for the hare.

Though stepping in from the old world, Hillary creates a bridge to the 21st Century new world by focusing on the consciousness of spreading love, of a hopeful nation rather than a fearful one. Hillary speaks of a 21st Century global approach, frames up equality for women, speaks of equality for immigrants, of clean energy, of families, of equality for children, equality in pay — a connected, paced, and functioning 21st Century road to uplifting the nation.

Donald Trump speaks of dismantling that which he does not agree with and deporting those who he deems threatening, a 20th Century Cold War mentality. Hillary Clinton speaks of transcendence by working incrementally through the process of compromise and consensus not only in Congress, but the world, while embracing diversity in culture within America — the natural progression that the 21st Century America has already taken.

Hillary, by the very nature of her still being in the fray, defies oppression. That which cannot be oppressed then ascends.

Energetically, ascension is a 21st Century dynamic. Regression is a 20th Century replication.

Though Donald Trump is widely disliked for a multitude of reasons outside of the fringe right of his party, he is considered courageous and strong by many. He is viewed as the Maverick, the last banner-carrier of the Truth, the BS Buster owned by no one, the Masculine Guard. Indeed, he carries the mantle of the Last White Alpha Male Patriarch. He is playing his role with perfection.

Though she is often described as aloof and elite by the far left of her party, Hillary Clinton is considered courageous and strong by many. She is the quintessential grandmother energy, having been through life’s hardships and gained wisdom from them. She embodies feminine strength, resilience, growth, compromise, temperance, determination, and a Mother’s lack of fear. And she is playing her role to perfection.

The spiritual aspect of this political shift is extremely applicable in the energetic climate of our vastly changing world. We are currently experiencing a rapid ascension in consciousness. So rapid, in fact, that people’s fear of change is igniting chaotic and angry outbursts.

Our election cycle is simply a reflection of this trend in Spiritual Physics.

It’s important to note one last piece of the consciousness puzzle, from an energetic standpoint. As of December 21st 2012, known as the Mayan New Year, or “the end of the world”, the earth entered into a 100,000 year feminine energetic timeframe, moving out of a 100,000 masculine energetic timeframe. No longer are we being asked, as a species, to conquer, to clear cut and build, to subjugate, to boldly blaze new settlements. We are being asked to nurture that which we have already conquered and developed, to be respectful stewards of the earth and of each other, and to support and uplift the many so that the whole, much of which we now occupy, may function.

We are being asked not to tear down, but to reinforce and restructure, that which we have already been given. This takes strength and patience for the long haul, the steady process of give and take as our new upcoming system grows.

This patience lies in the feminine, within both males and females.

In this election, it will not matter who runs against Hillary Clinton. They will be struggling against a much greater tide. She is the match for the energetic shift we have engaged, part old world, part new world, requiring the strong feminine to navigate. The bridge to the new system that will be driven by Millenials but for now, is driven by Gen X and the Baby Boomers.

Hillary will bring a break to the death-throes of the chest-bumping gridlock we have been experiencing as the country has shifted from the end of the masculine building timeframe (20th Century principles) to the 21st Century ascension of the feminine.

Donald Trump claimed that Hillary played her “women card”, and in this, was receiving votes. There is ironic truth to this, energetically, with our current Spiritual Physics. Yet not any woman would have been able to navigate the narrow passageway to the Presidency. That skill, that calling, has fallen upon Hillary Clinton herself. And she drives ahead in her own style.

All things in their divine right timing. All bridges to their rivers. And all people to their divine right station.

Surely, there are supporters on both sides of the aisle who feel the sting of their preferred candidate not making it to the final countdown. Yet there are reasons behind all things, and all candidates have played an important part in this ragged and often rough ascension in consciousness.

Ted Cruz spoke on the same issues and highlighted the same fears as Donald Trump yet did not play the machismo and charisma role nearly as well. Bernie Sanders started a political awakening, his revolution, geared toward the 21st Century whose intense and youthful inertia took the campaign towards activism rather than the Presidency — yet is still waging itself to the Democratic convention, simply to make a point.

Cruz accurately represents the old detached political and social model that has become so outmoded and difficult to relate with that it’s washed out. The GOP must reassess how they determine conservative standards in a 21st Century environment.

Sanders represents the grassroots awakening in households across America of personal empowerment and personal accountability toward national evolution, to great success. Supporters of Sanders will no doubt fight for a voice in change, whatever shape that voice may take.

Trump, though hoping to win the Presidency, will end up playing the role of jester in the reality theater, artfully creating for us all exactly what we hope we are not. Human beings learn through contrast. And he has provided invaluable learning material that will push the polarization of our consciousness forward by leaps and bounds.

All have their successes in the larger picture though the end results vary.

This 2016 Presidential election is not about the candidates. It’s not about political parties. It’s about consciousness. Choosing not to weigh in during this important election and moreover, this important movement in Spiritual Physics within the United States, would be a shame. You may have to make a choice that isn’t your favorite. But remember — it’s not always about getting exactly what you want.

And we’ve forgotten what that feels like, as there is usually an app for that.

Universe will provide us with exactly what we need. Even if, America, after staring our entitled faces in the mirror for the past 70 years —

— we’re not really sure what that is.


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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to Hillary Vs Trump – A War of Consciousness

  1. Belle Salisbury says:

    Hi Danielle, awesome content! Would you mind if we ran this in our Magazine for the June issue? Your work is so amazing and inspirational! Blessings,Belle From the Desk of Rev. Belle Salisbury Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor http://www.bellesalisbury.com

    Owner & Creator of Bellesprit Magazine http://www.bellesprit.com

    Let’s Connect on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BelleSalisburyPsychicMedium

    & Twitter https://www.twitter.com/BelleSalisbury https://www.twitter.com/BellespritMagaz

    Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing

    • danielleegnew says:

      Absolutely Belle! I’d be honored for you to share this piece — you go for it lady!! Thank you for always providing the world with such a diverse platform of learning – Bellesprit Magazine a ROCKS!!!!

  2. Ednerd Van Halen says:

    Interesting post…I have no problem with a woman president but what HC did with classified information is completely unacceptable! I have had many clearances and if I did one tenth of what she did I’d be in prison right now. Trump…. probably not the best in terms of presidential material, but he is responsible for bringing out the issues none of the other politicians had the balls to do. Like someone said he is the middle finger of the angry american. He also scares Mexico and Russia. that is a good sign. When Putin talks about his dislike for Trump, that means he’s worried and doesn’t want him elected. The world is full of bullies and they want to continue to walk all over us. I don’t know if a president has the power to do all Trump wants to do, but at least he is addressing the real issues. I find it humorous the all the republicans had to jump onboard with what Trump was saying and that the media and the democrats had to create yet another “racist” argument to what he was saying. The saddest thing is that these are the two choices we have. I want to leave this country. But ya know..it’s not that easy to get into another country. And I love that you brought up the WWII folks. Those were absolute hero’s (men and women alike) and it’s quite a disgrace what this country has become since then.

    From: From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew To: ednerdvanhalen@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2016 9:59 PM Subject: [New post] Hillary Vs Trump – A War of Consciousness #yiv5782837177 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5782837177 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5782837177 a.yiv5782837177primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5782837177 a.yiv5782837177primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5782837177 a.yiv5782837177primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5782837177 a.yiv5782837177primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5782837177 WordPress.com | danielleegnew posted: “Hollywood could not have devised a more infectious blockbuster plot line: A verbally abusive archetypal male narcissist clashes with a steely-eyed matriarchal women’s rights pit bull for a scathing smack down towards the Presidency.The movie title? Tr” | |

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya my friend :)! You know, there are so many problems that can be perceived with both candidates from all sides (I have a very good friend who said what you said about Hillary) and you hit the nail exactly on the head — this election is about what’s to come, what we’re trying to achieve, and a consciousness that’s trying to come forward. Which is deeply interesting to me. As it seems to me, everybody’s got their role they are resenting, and it will be fascinating to see it all shakes out. And shoot, don’t leave the country — we need great guitar players :)!

  3. Virginia says:

    Not sure why you emailed this to me, but it’s a good read. I reposted on my Facebook page stating the following: I received the following email unsolicited. In my opinion it is thoughtful and intelligent. It’s an interesting read about this year’s election process comparing Trump and Hillary as archetypes. While I think it is a pro-Hillary piece, much of it asks us to think about what is happening and is offering some ideas from a spiritual point of view.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi there Virginia! I’m so very glad you enjoyed the post, yet shoot, I’m sorry you received this blog post in an unsolicited way – did you happen to subscribe to the blog at some point along the line? (Folks who subscribe automatically get new posts in their inbox when they are posted.) Maybe the Universe just thought you needed an entertaining read for the day 😜?? In any case, thanks again so much for your kind words and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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