Three Energetic Reasons You May Be Having Trouble Getting Over the Election


This energetic time frame is unlike anything I have had the opportunity to witness. It is a rush of ultimate manifestation, an exercise in Spiritual Physics akin to being tossed into a Navy Seal training scenario. 

Most of us who work with the realm of Spiritual Physics can recognize a lesson when it is presented to us. Yet this exercise goes beyond a lesson.

Because this is not a drill.

Most of us are able to shake off a disruption and move on. Yet many are finding this task more and more difficult in our post-election environment. 

The following three energetic points shine a light of understanding on complexities of what many are feeling.

1) We are in full-tilt, full-throttle ascension.

Though the 1960’s were a great time of transformation, this nature of a Spiritual Ascension has not been experienced in recent human history, so coping with the inertia of a situation such as what we are currently experiencing – just isn’t in the how-to-be-a-20th-century-human manual.

The Universe in its ultimate wisdom has been attempting to prep the human race for this particular moment in time during the past five year ascendance cycle, working us up the spiritual ladder:

2012 was the Year of Transcendence – time to leave old conventional thought patterns behind and accept that we are the great creators of our universe, day to day.

2013 was the Year of Polarization – many outmoded relationships and work situations crumble as our intentions align with our greater paths ahead, clearing space for our greatest application of our gifts.

2014 was the Year of Illumination – with a new clean slate, this was our time to looks inside of ourselves and take an inventory of who we truly are in terms of our greatest strength, gifts, and talents.

2015 was the Year of Reconciliation – the time to forgive the self for putting our greatest strengths on hold, time to release family and friends from old resentments to be able to free the emotional and spiritual self, and time to begin the process of coming together as a community, and a world.

2016 is the Year of Reclamation – owning that which has always been intended for us, and stepping out of the way of “what’s trying to happen” to allow what is meant for our highest design to come to us to that we may launch forward into the ascension.

2017 is the first year we will experience full-tilt, full throttle ascendance.

Ladies and gentlemen – the countdown is over. We have lift-off.

We are no longer prepping for the ascension exercise. Energetically, we are in full thrust, pushing off the ground as a giant rocket blasting away outmoded energies on the ground below, carrying the consciousness of the human race to the next stratosphere.

2017 will be the Year of Actualization. And in this shadow period of the upcoming year, we are already feeling the great gravity of change pulling upon our souls as the inertia of this unstoppable upward thrust plasters all of us against our chairs, our world quaking beneath us with the power of 100,000 years of transitional fuel on fire, propelling us upward.

2) We are re-writing our future moment-to-moment with every thought, social media post, and phone call, and the constant shifting in energies is non-grounding.

Though history can and often does repeat itself as we crave to re-learn lessons, the myth that “everything has already happened” is just that. In fact, this is the largest spiritual payload we’ve attempted to lift, collectively, in the history of the human race, thanks largely in part to a phenomenon that has not existed on the planet – until now.

Welcome in social media, the third-dimensional learning tool to acquaint us all with the Spiritual power of unity and connection.

It is a trackable and tangible representation for not only telepathy, but collective consciousness, that  instantaneously crafts a perceived reality around the world with a mere click. We have become masters in ultimate manifestation, sharing perceptions immediately and changing our world radically within a 24-hour period by shifting the energies and perceptions of many.

As demonstrated by the Russian hackers who presented falsified news stories during an election cycle, it is we the people of the Unites States of America that bit on the negativity, which reflected our own paranoia and fear. It was not Russia, but America, that accepted these base-line fears as truths.

In a 21st century world, it no longer matters what is true or not true, as we have even created continual fragmentations — rips — in time lines where reality can take on its own meaning according to the power of group think, collectively.

What is real and what is not real is no longer black and white because reality is a decided-upon endeavor for we humans. For instance, if collectively we decide that murder is no longer “evil”, but an act of mercy – then our entire system of belief shifts.

Collective belief, and agreeing to said collective belief, is what creates the holo-deck, or the matrix, that we currently participate with.

We call this matrix “life”.

We are being awakened to our own power to create in real time, not simply in concept, both beautiful and fearful results. And for many, this much responsibility and participation with the flow of our everyday lives then defies our teachings as Americans that we are “trapped” beneath a bigger system.

Accountability and action is what’s for breakfast. In America, blame and martyrdom is an Olympic sport. So there is a great conflict of social and spiritual programming at hand.

The fact that we are not drones chipping away for the purpose of furthering a larger machine is incomprehensible to most Americans because that has been our consciousness experiment – giving away our true spiritual power of manifestation. Suppression of the miracle-capabilities of the human race is the goal of every dictatorship.

Yet now thanks to the Spiritual Physics we have both created, and intersected with the Year of Actualization — we’re jarred awake.

And awareness can be scary when auto-pilot was the operating system for so long.

3) We are feeling physical effects of temporal augmentation, or dimensional rifts.

Energy is not destroyed, only transferred. Einstein said it best. And we are energetically track-switching at an almost impossible rate to describe. Yet I’ll do my best.

The human brain is an electromagnetic organ. It communicates with itself – and its surroundings – like a radio antennae, exchanging electrical impulses containing vast amounts of chemical and energetic information with bursts of electromagnetic energy, called synapses.

The phenomenon knowns as “Telepathy” is actually a sensitivity to outlying electromagnetic fields, where one brain picks up an impulse in another brain, like two radio antennae sharing a signal.

Physically, the human brain is affected by energies around it. This is a scientific and medical fact – not a metaphysical pondering. For instance, extensive military investigation has been undertaken to expose weaknesses in the human brain’s ability to speak to itself. These experiments in brain-wave interruption were deemed so inhumane that the Geneva Convention deemed brain-wave manipulation as a big no-no in its rules for war.

The human brain operates at it’s optimum on a frequency of 7.83 Hertz, known as the Schumann Resonance. This is also a measurable resonance of planet earth – the “pulse” of the earth. We are created to be in harmony with this pulse and the pulse inspires the brain to keep on track with producing all of the proper chemicals it requires to function at its peak.

Considering the brain is so vulnerable to exterior electromagnetic impulses, it is affected by a great deal of interference in our atmosphere.  There are studies linking Autism to the brain’s developmental response to the pulse of 6 Hertz, which is present in many military VLF devices below ground.

The human brain takes note of electromagnetic disturbances and alerts our body that something may be amiss. As example, when the wiring in our home becomes ungrounded, an unshielded EMF (electromagnetic frequency) burst will be noticed by the residents. This burst of EMF will be physically experienced as nausea, dizziness, paranoia (the feeling of being watched), skin irritations, and if severe enough, hallucinations.

EMF bursts are not lethal to humans, yet they definitely scramble our neuro-computers. And our brain attempts to tell us that we are in a non-friendly EMF environment by sending our physical body the cue that it’s time to move out of the danger zone.

This is a product of evolution. People who live in areas where high fault line activity often feel nauseated or dizzy prior to a large earthquake due to the geomagnetic pressure released from the ground in the form of electromagnetic energy. Ancient peoples would not tend to settle in areas that made them repeatedly feel nauseated, thus – lessening the impact of natural disaster.

EMF static is created when two plates in the ground grind together and create energy. It is also created when two dimensional rifts rub together and create energy. The astronauts reported “space sickness”, flu-like symptoms that would be present for days due to removing the body’s clock from the atmosphere, and literally – traveling through time while hovering above a spinning earth.

They were experiencing two different dimensions of being. Yet the body was “clocked” to the earth. The “rubbing” of these two different realities, or dimensions – created EMF offsets that resulted in nausea, foggy-headedness and lethargy.

At this time in our history, we are re-writing time lines so quickly that dimensional rifts – “time lines” — are being created and erased, created and erased, at a collective pace on a massive scale.

We are learning that intentions create reality. Reality is a shared belief. We share through the electromagnetic impulses in the brain. And that channel is being switched at break-neck pace.

Think of two children fighting for the Xbox console, switching characters, changing backgrounds, all happening at a pace that the human brain cannot energetically keep up with.

We literally have two different realities that are duking it out for dominance right now; neither is about politics, but about inclusivity or isolationism, unity or victimization, fear or love.

It may be easier to think about this timeframe as two Nascars crashing together against a railing, and where the sparks are flying – humanity is pinched.

That’s just uncomfortable.

We are literally experiencing dimensional “sickness”, many people reporting flu-like symptoms with no flu. As we get more accustomed to the switching dimensions jostling for dominance, or agreed-upon lock-in by society, just like the astronauts – we become accustomed to our new surroundings and the dimensional sickness subsides.

For now – many cannot shake the physical feeling of being “somewhere else”, being stuck in a “different dimension”, or feeling “foggy” to a point that no amount of Vitamin B will assist. Different people evolve at different paces through an EMF shift, and some may claim not to notice.

Yet the human brain is made to report to us when there is a disturbance in the energy field. And right now, there is a wobble in The Force as we figure out our deep connection and relationship not only to it, but to each other.

That’s simply physics.

What does this mean? 

With all three of these issues at play– you may be having a little trouble getting over the energetic shift that was inspired by this election. Yet to continue to remain in the emotions that were released in this election experience is not advised, as that event was simply a tool to point us in the direction of our own extreme manifestation capabilities.

We created this experiment by participating with actions in fear. Let us balance the experiment by creating actions of love.

Many are feeling demoralized by not only an outburst of racial tensions across the country but by the hubris exhibited by so many who wish to press this victimization energy. The sheer numbers may be interpreted as society “sliding backwards”, when in fact, Spiritual Physics would dictate that any anomaly within an energy field must present itself upon a larger resonance establishing dominance.

In other words – this ugliness is being shaken out of the carpet because the shaking has already begun.

We are in the time frame of the feminine. We are in ascendance, full-thrust off the ground. The ether of change is here. We simply are not sure what to do with this incredible magic wand known as “intention meets action” because we have been so summarily brainwashed to believe that our action means nothing by not only society, but old world religion; The President leads us, we don’t; the priest talks to god, we talk to the priest; we are powerless without an intercessor.

Which we are now learning – isn’t true.

Many are panicking that their perceptions – what they passed on Facebook while enjoying a good bit of daily drama — are actually making a difference, and not neccessarily for the better.

Again, that’s a lot of responsibility to assume if you’re a 21st Century American whose life is based around weekends, Netflix, and which drive-through to hit on the way home.

America, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – we are growing up to join the rest of the world, which is also trying to grow up, and be one with our Global Family. This will be remarkable important with climate change presenting itself, clean water shortages, as well as other anomalies in our future which will be appearing, forcing us to look at our very place in the Universe.

Just a teenager rebels when they are expected to behave responsibly, so is our young nation spitting in the face of a Universal parent, blaming the Universe for taking the car keys away when in fact – it was simply a response to our running into a light post.

Cause and Effect is our lesson here, as is our lesson in applying, accepting, and responsibly using our own spiritual power. Many will continue to claim a victim status in this transition fueled by an anger that is palpable, due to this social and spiritual brainwashing. Compassion for this response, not equal anger – is the means to balance the energies here.

Many will be terrified to give away their anger, as anger has been the agreed-upon emotion that has been socially accepted as a show of strength. Anger can push us past our fear and be used as a performance-enhancing drug – yet anyone under the influence does not make rational decisions.

Anger can be confused with grief. It is the go-to-emotion for the bully Patriarchal to cover up a litany of fear and pain. To give away anger, for many, is to give away their voice. There is much resistance to the thought of giving away our anger, as many view that action as giving away their right to grieve, or to feel disappointment.

Anger can be healthy when temporarily used as a tool for healing or taking responsible action. Yet to maintain a state of anger is living within the disappointments of the past and is not conducive to building in the future. To remain in anger is to remain in agreement with the disappointments of the past. It is also to remain victim to our own sense of hopelessness and fear. In this scenario, we are our own captors.

Our lesson at this time is to set ourselves free.

Love is a much more sustainable fuel, and this is also a lesson we are currently learning. The works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have persisted more than the works of Malcom X. The works of Gandhi and Jesus has persisted past the works of Stalin and Hitler.

Taking action in love during this time frame is a tangible way to assist the time lines in stabilizing, so the track-switching isn’t such a nauseating ride. Outcome is important. Yet right now, it’s not about the outcome, but about how we manage the wobble in trying to handle our own super powers of creation. If we make this stretch of the journey only about outcome – whose side wins, who is right and who is wrong — we disempower the self once again in an attempt to shortcut past learning that our actions design our world.

We go deaf to the lessons of the grandmothers attempting to present themselves under the feminine time frame.

Put more plainly, if we try and play under the rule of the outmoded imbalanced Patriarchal which has already been shaken from the carpet, that won’t work anymore, because that system doesn’t work anymore, in spite of recent appearances.

Remember, we keep trying to re-create the world we are familiar with – the world of the oppressed and the oppressor. Stockholm Syndrome at its best. And creating that world within the time frame of the feminine won’t be stable. It’s simply spiritual physics.

Action solidifies an energy signature. Whether taking action in love means beautifying your community, spending time with family, working with a social cause, phoning congress people with respectful messages of support for inclusive action, standing up in a respectful way for what you believe in without needing to victimize another to substantiate your beliefs, or praying – all of these actions in love begin to rest the bubble between the lines of a rocking imbalance we are creating in order to learn.

Be patient with yourself. You’re learning to fly. We’ve never done this before – not to this extent. Yet as creatures of love and of light –

— we’ll get it.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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18 Responses to Three Energetic Reasons You May Be Having Trouble Getting Over the Election

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  2. Buck Johnson says:

    Interesting ideas. Thanks for daring to share in such a condemning and critical national environment. Wish I could muster your optimism and still believe I am in touch with reality. Historically, the way of all species and societies is extinction. Our turn is inevitable, sooner or later.

    But I do like the relief from the struggle your perspective gives me, even if only briefly.

    • RetiredTechie says:

      Buck, it is not always extinction. People and societies have also Evolved out of their then-current circumstances.

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul. You are putting words to my journey of confusion/despair/elation/fear/unbridled love that I have been walking since the election. I am the pastor of a liberal church (United Church of Christ) – so many caring, loving folks in our congregation seem to have come down with a spiritual “virus” and have been arguing and judging one another in a way I have not seen in my 36 years of ministry. Thank you for accompanying me, and so many of us, on our journey of Ascension. Bless you, dear Danielle, and all of your listeners – I believe we are all forming what ML King Jr. fondly called “the Beloved Community,” traveling together and learning how to support one another, inspire one another, and embody the Love that will guide us all the way Home. ❤

  4. XenaRocks says:

    On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 4:00 PM, From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: ” This energetic time frame is unlike anything I > have had the opportunity to witness. It is a rush of ultimate > manifestation, an exercise in Spiritual Physics akin to being tossed into a > Navy Seal training scenario. Most of us who work with the realm of S” >

  5. Elza Curky says:

    Thank  you  for this most enlightening article.I have been chanting  the mantra Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo for 40 yearsand I do feel the energy shift  now..  However, I thought  that it is only astrological right now for  Scorpios.  I did not realize that  it is universal.Thank you again for enlightening us. Elsa Curyk

  6. elizabethsadhu says:

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes! Resonates and confirms.

  7. elizabethsadhu says:

    Oh yes! Oh yes! This resonates with me and really confirms what I have been getting…

    Seeing the love everywhere, in everyone!

    Wallowing in love and joy and gratitude!

    Thanks, Elizabeth

  8. Melissa says:

    Thank you. I and my partners needed this.

  9. Sara says:

    I think this explains a lot of the things I’ve been feeling. I was compelled, almost felt like I was forced, to work on social and election issues this year. I have anxiety, social anxiety, am shy to a huge detriment, not secure in my beliefs and feelings, and crumple up and cry when somebody gets mad at me 😛 and yet… I had to. And I think this is why. I truly felt, at the very beginning of this year, that it was me or it was nobody. It is us individually doing the work, or the work doesn’t get done. It was still hard for me, and I took a break, but I’m getting back in there. I’m not sure if this explains my horrible anxious, nauseous, nervous, “loopy” feelings I get – because this has been going on for years now. It seems they hit out of nowhere. I feel like I hit a severe, serious transitional moment in 2008, and my physical anxiousness came out of control. My body was (and still is) trying to tell me something. Does this align with anything that you know of, a big shift in 2008? Or maybe it was more personal. My problem is taking action to align with my (and/or the) greater good. The fear conditioning has been great and my fear manifests in not taking big, scary, wonderful action into the unknown. I am working on that, though :). My post sounds like it’s complaining, but it’s just speculating out loud. Because I find this fascinating, and I’m trying, really trying, to figure out how I can be the greatest source of good for myself and the world.

  10. Kitty says:

    Beautiful article – absolutely connect with it. And this bit:

    “Love is a much more sustainable fuel, and this is also a lesson we are currently learning. The works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have persisted more than the works of Malcom X. The works of Gandhi and Jesus has persisted past the works of Stalin and Hitler.”

    just says it all!

  11. Danielle, This is far and away the BEST explanation I have read about the energy shift and all that is going on now. I have been looking for a cogent article to share with friends who are new to this whole subject. Your piece is exactly what I was looking for, articulate and succinct. You have a wonderful gift, I am so grateful you are sharing it with us-yours is the lucid voice of reason that we need to hear at this time. Thank you and God bless you and all you love all ways.

  12. judithornot says:

    Reblogged this on Hermit by Moonlight and commented:
    For months I’ve felt unsettled — sometimes agitated, sometimes depressed. Yet I know I’m needed here at this time as a speck of Light. Could this be what it is about?

  13. RetiredTechie says:

    Very informative, Danielle. I have not heard or read the yeas since 2012 being labeled as you have.

    I find it interesting that you mention EMF and ungrounding. Remember when all appliances had to have a 3-prong plug, but not most only have 2? That third prong/pin is the ‘Grounding” pin.

    I have been telling people for years that America is the teenager of the world, pretty cool to see your agreement. We’re ‘simply’ going through that ‘finding myself in the world’ most all teenagers go through.

  14. Very validating article!! Totally grok the ‘temporal shifting’. We’re stepping into Parallel Universes, differing potential trajectories. We have to do this as Consciousness and can’t take our physical bodies or energy systems (which is why some feel nauseated). Change can manifest quickly, I’m excited to anticipate what we collectively will create in the upcoming weeks… 🙂

  15. Cherie Campbell says:

    Thank you, this is very resonant. I really appreciate how you have been able to articulate this shift. I used to be a Flight Attendant, and there are times when I want to yell “Brace for Impact”.

  16. Deb says:

    I resonate so strongly with you! The most powerful energy in the universe is love! Time for little lights to blaze!!!

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