How We Heal: Exposing the Cult of Fear

Though it would be a much more convenient way to live to believe that life is a random mishmash of events, the tide of energies weaving throughout our world are present because we invite them to live among us.

This fact becomes a difficult pill to swallow when the energies surrounding us are harsh or discordant. In this harshness, we forget the base spiritual physics of cause and effect and often assume the role of the victim or the role of the martyr — two caricatures displaying the imbalance in our ability to ask for that which we need the most, which is self-love.

Trends, art, sociology – all human experience – is brought forward by us, for us, in order to learn what works and what doesn’t work. It’s evolution in action, keeping what sustains the whole, releasing that which compromises the whole.

In spiritual, sociological and emotional evolution, nothing is more straight-forward and effective than a plain and simple comparison lesson. And we learn best when our own tendencies are reflected in another. Thus, politics become a fertile learning tool in humanity’s need to evolve.

America has readily bitten off this lesson on comparison in an attempt to expedite a learning curve whose trajectory is attached to upcoming future events, and how we as a nation will choose to handle them on a global scale.

Considering humans are obsessed with learning by comparison, the USA has been torn in half not by politics, but by two ideologies:

Unity and Division.

This slow spiritual separation has been coming on for some time, bubbling just on the surface with passive-aggressive resistance and outright rage directed to our first African American President. With the rise of Donald Trump, we’ve finally just stretched the canvas of polarized consciousness to the point of a quick, clean rip.

And now we’re not sure what to do with two banners of spiritual alliance, flapping in the wind, united under the Stars and Stripes.

Joe Navarro, M.A., details in a poignant article for Psychology Today the traits of a successful cult leader, many if not all of these traits oddly demonstrated by Mr. Trump. 

Donald Trump has brought the USA the gift of exposing the Cult of Fear which pervades our society on every level. Paranoia, American exceptionalism, racism – all symptoms of a fear that has been passed down often for generations.

It’s easy for those who have not been raised under a mantle of deep separatist fear to judge another person in that position. To the non-separatist, or someone who is naturally drawn to form social strength and bonds through diverse unity, this fear of is incomprehensible. To a separatist, or someone who is naturally drawn to form social strength and bonds through association with others of like modality, this fear makes a great deal of sense, as to them – it’s not fear. It’s simply protecting their perspective.

However, from a spiritual physics stand-point, fear cannot breed unity. Like attracts like in the spiritual universe. Thus, fear attracts fear.

Fear is the process of isolating the self within the realm of one’s own projected emotional and intellectual reality, trapping the self in a cave full of holograms containing our worst nightmares. Reality is occurring outside the cave – plenty of sunshine and birds chirping – yet within this darkened cavern of the self, we are trapped within our worst-case scenario.

And we become our own jailer. If we can continue to live within the realm of our deepest fears, we will supposedly never be surprised by pain, misfortune, or experience the powerlessness which comes from the tremendous terror of being blind-sided by chaos.

We cling to fear as a method for bringing consistency to our immediate world. The devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know.

Humans are designed to learn from one another, to share with one another. Yet fear demands that we isolate our own perceptions in order to create a false sense of security in feigned righteousness, ego, and judgment – all the chain link fences around our delicate and frightened hearts.

The result is that we create far more fear within the self by feeding this need for isolation.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Fear is a learned response. For many, generations of fear masquerades as power over others, strength, business prowess, charisma, and intelligence, often with a bully edge. Fear has remained widely unnoticed under the time frame of the imbalanced masculine as most often – fear has been the fuel for hubris, which has been the bedrock for the “fake it til you make it” mantra; the classic 20th century masculine poker game bravado.

With the rise of Donald Trump, The Cult of Fear has been given a platform to present itself outside of the millions of inner caverns in which it has seethed quietly over the past forty years. Now that all is in the open, the Cult of Fear is flying its colors proudly, screaming with the non-filtered fervor of those who have claimed to experience great suppression. 

Those indoctrinated into the Cult of Fear ingest the sensation of fear as a drug; a quick high that pushes an individual past their own hesitancy to represent themselves; a tool to numb the impact of the world; a rush of power.

The Cult of Fear then recruits members into its fold by using bullying tactics toward those who do not shy away from bringing forward the perspectives of unity. Fear creates the illusion that the one wielding the negativity is then “stronger” than another, as the other person simply backs away from the dissonance, not wishing to engage the energy.

The Cult of Fear demands full worship of the fear energy. Without fear, there is no life. Without fear, there is no strength. Without fear, there is no protection. Without fear, there is no structure. Without fear, there is no safety.

Under the tenets of the Cult of Fear, love is weakness. Hope is deceit. Unity is a myth. Diversity is subversive. Inclusion is invasion. Trust is powerlessness.

As is any cult, the Cult of Fear is effective in their recruiting techniques, preying on those whose hearts have been broken, whose trusts have been mishandled, whose hopes have been crushed beneath the boot of inconsideration, whose very human essence has been overlooked by others who are drunk on fear.

Asking someone to leave the Cult of Fear is akin to giving away one’s belief in God. Because fear is the god. One does not simply abandon a belief system, especially a belief system created in their own image within the cavern on the self.

So in addressing the issues of racism, hatred, and human rights issues, one often encounters the Cult of Fear, whose defense mechanism is uncensored and seething group rage.

The Cult of Fear encourages members to not simply disagree, but to war against those whose opinions may not be shared. In this rage, the drug of fear is activated in the spiritual bloodstream, physically creating an endorphin rush. The Cult maintains members by keeping them high on fury. Just like any drug – while high, the world seems like a much more manageable place.

For those who are not sharing in the drug of fear, or do not belong to the cult, this outward behavior is shocking, sometimes even deeply emotionally damaging, as the amount of energy contained in an uncensored blast of vitriol is sickeningly palpable. The Cult of Fear is aware of this poisoning effect, and encourages members to infect as many as possible in attempt to mark their territory.

“Freedom of Speech!” is often a battle cry in these warring group rage sessions. However, this proclamation takes out of context a Constitutional mandate that disallows the arrest of those whose opinions may not align with opinions of the government. Freedom of Speech is not a free ticket to be abusive or offensive. Yet while high on fear, just as when high on any drug – the rules no longer apply.

It is deeply important as we continue on into the Ascension time frame of 2017, the Year of Actualization, to clearly identify the effects of the fear drug, and those in alignment with the Cult of Fear. In doing so, we are able to step away from the tendency to demonize those whose behaviors may exhibit themselves as horrific or extreme.

All human beings are made in Light. Not all human beings align with Light, or relate with Light. And to all human beings – “Light” is subjective.

If we are to successfully continue on in this Ascension time frame, which beckons us to the great healing of ourselves through the forgiveness and understanding of others, our first mission is to not view one half of the United States as “the problem”. Those acting in rage and fear simply exhibit symptoms of a bigger problem –
— an addiction to fear.

And as we would not think less of an addict, yet view them as a person who may struggle in areas we may not, let us place aside our judgment of those addicted to the fear lifestyle and instead seek commonality and grounds to simply show them another way.

Free will is powerful, and the gift to each one of us. There will be those whose job is to learn through fear until they no longer walk the earth. As such, it is not the job of any one person to “convert” another from the Cult of Fear. It is just as offensive to look down our noses in false piousness to those who struggle with fear. We may simply provide an energetic modality based in love, if a member of the cult should reach out; may we provide alternative examples in behavior for those who are finding that the lifestyle of the cult no longer serves them.

For those of us who are not called to this fear lesson – let us have compassion for the inner torment of those sealed inside of these dark caverns of the self. Let’s see this for what it truly is. If we feel intimidated or bullied by a member of the Cult of Fear, then it is not them we fear, yet our own inner fear of the lack of being able to keep the self “safe”, or trust that the Universe is aligned with our needs.

And let us compassionately stand up for those who are terrified into silence by the vitriol of fear. Let us stand in the gap when the group rage rears its teeth against those who frightens it. Let us be the #FirewallForLove not by fighting fire with fire – but with the healing life of water.

The Cult of Fear operates most effectively anonymously. The internet is ripe with devotees, online commentators who dip in to leave scathing comments, posts and tweets which neither change nor edify a discussion with an opposing viewpoint, yet only serve to divide; to provide a platform for the tantrum of those cult members feeling invisible.

Yet to speak fear to fear then begets nothing but fear, feeding the cycle of indoctrination. The Cult of Fear relies on the addictive qualities of fear in order to gain new recruits.

Let us not wage the battle of force against force, yet the show of abstinence against energies that no longer serve us, instead diverting the stream to better uses.

 Where no water flows, all life must cease.

Let us bring forward solutions with the mass density of unity, through channels of commonality, dignity and peace.

And let us not be afraid of those who are afraid. Instead, let us allow them to teach us about our own fears. And when the vitriol is sprayed as the Cult attempts to protect its tenets, simply wipe the venom from the windshield; the fallout from the storm of change.

No one takes the rain personally.

It will not be fear, nor anger, nor bullying that enables this ascension. It will be the healing power of the many coming together in the best interest of all, for all.

One nation, under god. Indivisible. With liberty and justice –

— for all.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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3 Responses to How We Heal: Exposing the Cult of Fear

  1. Thank you, Danielle! Once again, the voice of sanity. It’s time to stop mouthing the word “Namaste” and begin living it.

  2. Chery Ehresman says:

    So true.

    On Dec 12, 2016 3:26 PM, “From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew” wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: “Though it would be a much more convenient way to > live to believe that life is a random mishmash of events, the tide of > energies weaving throughout our world are present because we invite them to > live among us. This fact becomes a difficult pill to swal” >

  3. DumbledorBoB says:

    Thanks again Danielle for your helpful information.

    Interestingly, I had another article in email about Best Buy employees buying a game console for a frequent store visitor:

    Unfortunately, as the article states, there are a lot of negative comments posted for this good deed. Sad… but also shows we have a lot of love and forgiveness to dish out.

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