A message to friends that argue politics online

These times are not “like” a powder keg ready to blow. They are the powder keg, blowing. As such, please do not tag or include me in heated online political arguments.

I’m fine to be tagged in political solutions, always — yet lately, for some really weird reason, I’ve been tagged in numerous debates, tagged to mediate, moderate, weigh in, whatever — please STOP.

I do not discuss politics openly on social media because our nation has melted into a sh*t show of irrationality, conspiracy, and quite frankly, crazy-*ss cult-like adherence to belief — and I don’t need the energy-suck of the pointless back-and-forth in my life.

SOME PERSPECTIVE: The largest hurricane in forever is smashing up Florida and the east coast, our clean water across the USA is repeatedly compromised or bought out as corporations drain aquifers to put in plastic bottles that are choking up the ocean and killing the ocean floor for hundreds of square miles as floating garbage decomposes, our coastline is shrinking as fresh water pours into the ocean from the planet once heating, our tidal convection system is now slowing down from said water so the earth is cooling down to extend our winters and create SyFy Channel superstorms in real life, poverty in America is at an all-time high though at an all-time low in the rest of the western world, our honey bees are still on the steep decline (no bees = no food crops) —

— and what do we focus on, America?

Those nasty snowflakes. Those nasty deplorables.

Oh. My. God.

Well enjoy your pithy political memes and conspiracies while we’ve still got an electrical grid to pass them around, USA. Because while we’re so easily distracted by utter base-level drama, the rest of life could actually use our efforts for something other than our fleeting divisive opinions, or our insecure and obsessive need to convert others to our personal belief system to make us feel justified in areas where our subconscious may be questioning our own life choices.

Stop the proselytizing, America. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t work. America has always been diverse in opinion and it always will be.

And stop with the catastrophizing. There’s no “war on men” just because women are finally collectively voicing that we are sick and tired of a totally separate set of social, emotional, physical and economic rules under which we’re supposed to function. America isn’t being “taken over by authoritarians” just because we’re finally seeing, out in the open, the same sociopathic oligarchy that’s been running the country for the past 40 years.

If knee jerking were an Olympic sport, we’d be owning the gold. U-S-A! U-S-A!

We’re seeing life in America how it truly is — because it’s how we’ve allowed it to unravel. We’ve been too afraid to speak up, ladies, so we’ve co-created this bizarre social imbalance we live in everyday. We’ve been too lazy to be stewards of our bodies, humanity, so our illness rates in America are off the charts and our opioid addiction in the USA tops the planet earth. We’ve been too unwilling to be a grateful steward of the privilege that life has granted you, white guys, so now it seems blatantly unfair when the rest of the world is applying the same rules to you that are applied to them.

We’re easily offended, thin-skinned, frightened, blaming, angry. Like mangy cornered animals fighting over a partially-eaten hotdog dropped on a dingy nighttime fairway.

All while the planet slows to a halt.

Maybe the human experiment is over?

Or maybe we’re being asked to do better? To level the playing field, for all people, all plants, all animals, all beings, including the planet itself?

Maybe we’re being asked to do better than the idea that “there’s not enough”, an idea implanted into us by groups of people who also implanted us with the idea that “bought stuff” makes us happy, and “more bought stuff” makes us happier?

We are seeing our society for its frailties — because we have a choice to make about who we wish to be in the world. Not what (R) or (D) to put after our name, like some antiquated proclamation in a holy war — but WHAT and WHO we wish to be. Not what tribal brand holds us in the illusion of safety. But who in the dang hell we actually have the temerity to BE in the world; in the physical world, not in here, on social media, online, this energetic septic tank where electromagnetic impulses trap emotions and allow them to rot, suspended in their seething vitriol indefinitely, with no escape.

Not who we create ourselves to be, virtually. But who we decide to bring into the real world.

Because the world. Needs. YOU.

Not who you’re told to be. Not who you’re frightened into being, or guilted into being, or bullied into being. But who you HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE.

I have the courage to BE ME. You be YOU. And let’s give each other room to BE, while we clean up this collective crap-bucket we’ve all taken a dump into, over the last 2,000 years.

It stinks. It’s rough. It’s gross. It’s caused sickness and disease. And everyone is going to have to reach in and grab a chunky handful, to scoop away. Everyone — women, men, black, white, red, yellow, green, orange, whatever color, whatever gender or no gender you embody — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever political affiliation or no affiliation — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever religion or no religion — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever socio-economic background, rich or poor — it’s time to scoop.

Because with enough elbow grease, with enough people on deck — we can do this. We can get this mess cleaned up.

At least that’s what the angels tell me.

So I try and do my best to get as many folks to roll up their sleeves as possible. I gift all of my energy to this endeavor, which is why I don’t choose to leak my energy into pointless political rabbit holes.

Look, I realize for a lot of people, “armchair social media politics” is a great distraction. Yet I can’t just “tune out” by turning on the news. I can’t distract myself with a Tweet from a slowing planet, or dying bees, or victimized people, or poisoned water, or raising coastlines. Because I’ve got a karmic job to do, to remind people that we’re better than this, that we have superpowers we’ve forgotten about that are far, far greater than simply our capacity to destroy.

Maybe your karmic job is professional political agitator, stirring the stink-pot of 2,000 years worth of human waste to inspire the clean-up. Maybe that’s you being you. Go for it. I respect that.

Yet please also respect my job, which requires all of my energy to attempt to inspire people to quite literally — participate in the crap-scooping.

I thank you for listening. I thank you for the role you are playing.

And may we all have hand-soap ready for use in the days to come.

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A new moon in Libra plus a Venus Retrograde – what does it mean for you?

astrology astronomy constellation constellations

Feeling testy? Lost? Judged by others? It’s not a mid-life crisis or an hormonal imbalance. It’s Venus, attempting to get your attention.

These ethers are full of transformational energies to the point of many folks feeling really very uneasy. Surviving and navigating the deep emotional excavations that are upon our spiritual ethers at this time is becoming a full-time job for many. Yet much of what we’re experiencing is necessary for all of us to move to the next wonderful phase of life that’s intended for us.

We’ve got a Venus in retrograde for 40 days starting back on October 5th, asking us to come out of our own self-delusion, and a new moon in Libra October 9th that inspires us to look at all the areas in our lives that are out of balance.


Pretty much, we have spiritual heavy lifting all around, yet heavy lifting that inspires some terrific growth.

With these two deep-digging aspects, you might be feeling a little off kilter, hyper-angry at outside sources, insecure, crazy-upset at your mate, or just spun-out with uncertainty. And all of those wonky feelings are tremendous excavators in terms of getting rid of baggage we no longer need.

Venus Retrograde is either our biggest empowering resource, or our worst personal whistle-blower. It’s all in our perception of our experience.

Our choice right now is to engage our lessons with grace, humility, and with the determination to be unafraid to look our most unattractive buried aspects of the self – right in the face, or — work extremely hard to remain under the umbrella of illusion as gale-force spiritual winds tear the landscape apart.

We are seeing these energies play out on a national level as well.

Venus Retrograde demands that we look into our own insecurities – who we are, what “brand” we’ve chosen to identify with in life, why we align with what we align. It’s a pretty frightening time for many people, as our very sense of “what I am” is called directly into account by our morphing and growing spirit that is making big transitions during this feminine time frame.

We are being asked to evaluate where our core belief system has run its course – is it still useful, or has our refusal to grow now morphed into hubris in defending our position in life? We are being asked to deal with very difficult personal relationship issues that can no longer be swept under the carpet – are we constantly giving away ourselves to make someone else happy? We are being asked to evaluate all of our own “dark places” within – is the anger we feel within ourselves truly inspired by another, or is it really directed at ourselves, for not handling our own emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs?

We are being asked to evaluate our role: Are we the downtrodden victim, or are we the triumphant healer?

At our core, Venus Retrograde is the big BS buster that shows up at our front door and says “Nice try!” in the face of our own personal “press releases”, or our own myths and stories we tell ourselves in justification.

Venus Retrograde is a heavy feminine energy vested in healing that is not interested in excuses, not interested in sugar-coating, not interested in the bluster or the falsities that create illusion. It is interested solely in authenticity and in the healing of the self and the spirit through true ownership, accountability, and transformation of the self so that the whole may heal.

It doesn’t get more “real” than being steeped in Venus Retrograde energy. This is a great time to sit with the self and ask the self where we have taken chosen to take harder learning paths rather than engaging our own fears, or where we are refusing to grow because the fear of what we may find in our emotional self may be ugly or frightening to us.

This self-evaluation is daunting, especially when reflected in a culture of blame. Yet “blame” is an old-world energy signature, and outmoded energy of suppression. Venus Retrograde asks us to replace shame with accountability, remorse, and positive forward action, and to be compassionate with those who are doing the same thing.

Couple a new moon in Libra with this large “deal-with-it” energy, and we’ve got a recipe for emotional unburdening that is unparalleled.

New moon in Libra asks us to make a new beginning based upon striking balance in our lives. It also asks us to evaluate our own crevices where we’ve hidden emotional imbalances, illusions, or martyred stances under the guise of “necessity” or “ego”. New Moon in Libra asks us to be a compassionate house cleaner in all areas of our life that up to this point, have taken their halves “out of the middle”.

We are best served in this time frame to simply go within and tend to the “tidying” of our “own house” rather than attempting to micro-manage others’ belief systems; to go within, instead of being hyper-critical of others’ external process; to go within instead of casting blame where accountability is better served. It is in this tidying that we are able to access our deepest strengths, that which is rooted in our own truths, our own purpose, and our own solidly-planted plumb-point so that we may emerge as the Phoenix from the flames, the triumphant and transcendent healer.

Be kind to yourself and to others. This is the time for true growth. Give away fear and embrace the fullness of who you are. The darkness within you is simply a teacher waiting to discuss lighter options.

If we have the courage to fully engage this Venus Retrograde energy, the world will heal exponentially.

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The Universe Will Meet Us

42142831_274849473134769_8117201895509983232_nThe word “success” gets tossed around as if it’s a destination. Yet truly, it’s a way of life.

Know that 100% of the “successes” we experience in life start first with our attitude, which translates to “energetic expectation”.

The universe will meet us right where we’re at. It won’t hand us opportunities until we’re truly ready to engage them. Why? Because we co-create with this universe, and we, and the universe, have no desire to set ourselves up for failure.

We don’t have to be perfectly prepared, nor do we have to be perfect, when getting ourselves ready to co-create. When moving forward, it’s natural to experience fear, anxiety, and hesitation, anytime we step into a different role in our life.

We won’t ever have all the answers. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to give away needing to “know it all”. Honestly, the universe is quite a bit smarter than I am. I’m supposed to do my job, and I give it room to do it’s job, and everything falls perfectly into place.

Yet being nervous, or a little insecure and needing to call a best friend — is normal when we make a change. And that’s a completely different energetic situation than ultimately believing “you can’t do it.”

So hold that space in yourself, where anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to BE afraid, to pace the floor, to feel out of control — even though the only aspect of our life that we truly have control over is how we respond to any given circumstance.

We fear feeling deeply uncomfortable; We fear being uncomfortable to the point that we cripple ourselves over time by continuing to live in a mild state of discomfort for the rest of our lives — as opposed to going through ONE really scary leap, which would brighten our lives in a way that is nearly unimaginable.

As a species, our fear of discomfort is now embedded into our DNA. This embedded fear has evolved into a PTSD shut-down to something our DNA is telling us will threaten our survival.

Yet it’s up to us to change this programming. No matter what our DNA is telling us, biologically, our will — our spirit and mind — charts the course.

So —

If you’re seeking purpose, move past fear, into forward motion. That movement then ignites your purpose on this earth.

And that momentum you’ve created? That’s the launching pad for miracles.


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Terrific Podcast about Angels, and Even a Great Song


This is a FABULOUS show, and I was graced to be a guest!

See You On The Other Side Podcast is all about paranormal phenomenon, and hosted by a paranormal-hunting musician, Mike Huberty , who, with his fantastic band mates including Wendy Lynn Staats, write and record an original song after the interview, BASED on the interview we did!

Now, for those who don’t realize how much work all that writing-recording-mixing is, on *top* of producing a great-sounding podcast — it’s A LOT of work!! In fact, as a musician, that very time-consuming fact keeps me from chewing into producing more recorded material. I’m very grateful to Mike Huberty not only for a REALLY fun interview, yet for the talent and time that he and his band mates put into the song.

Music is such a channeling exercise, and all of we musicians are channels. The song Mike and Wendy wrote actually choked me up :). Mike cited a piece of our conversation that caught him during the interview. This piece inspired the song:

“I think that the most interesting thing that Danielle said to me is that human spirits are basically good, it’s the machinery of the body that’s broken. So there isn’t any Hell really. We have a second chance the next time around, even if we’re evil, even if we’re mentally ill. Even if there’s some kind of imbalance, we are capable of being forgiven.

That reminds me of the legend of Tannhäuser, someone who the Pope said his staff had a better chance of growing new leaves than of God forgiving him. Well, what happens is that the staff ends up blooming, but it’s too late. No one is beyond redemption, no one is unworthy of forgiveness if they are penitent.

What does it mean if there is no Hell? What does it mean if the Universe doesn’t care about justice? What does that say about Free Will? Anyway, just some questions to ponder as you listen to our latest Sunspot track, “Bury It With Me”.

Words and music by Sunspot

A polluted genealogy
colonized my head
And if vengeance isn’t mine
then anger has no end

a faulty biology
for this blood shed
and if karma is a lie
then you never can forget

Redemption is tears in the rain
sometime before sacred and after profane
So when the sleeper wakes up from the dream
a thousand years have disappeared in the land of the Faerie Queene

as the sinner begs his penance
these wet androids come to me
when there’s no one left to blame
then we’re just broken machines

Oh, bury it with me


— Check out the music track HERE –>>


Check out my interview on the podcast, with a great blog summary of the interview here, and take a listen to these talented musicians!


Thank you Mike and Wendy for such a fantastic experience, and I love your tunes :)!

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Messages from the Earth Contain Secrets to Ascension

TextMaster_08-30-09.29.19When we quiet our minds and shut off the obsessive chatter in our heads, on TV, and on our handheld devices — we give nature room to speak. And nature has a great deal to say.

I know.

After a move to Gallatin Gateway, Montana, I wake up every day and pull incredible energy from the Rocky Mountains. Right over the pass is West Yellowstone, one of the grand entrances into one of the world’s most stunning national parks; the park that contains 40% of the earth’s geothermal activity —


I literally live with my feet and my spiritual antennae pressed against the pulse of the earth. I’m able to translate messages from the universe clearly in part due to the fact that I’m surrounded by fabulous, precious, clear nature.

Why is this important?

Because there is so much going on in the world that sometimes we just forget to actually see the world for what it is.

We have to remember that we can make the world anything we want to make it — paradise, a living hell, the tragic experience, a complete joy.

Our world is leaning in a scaffold created on love. Love for each other, love for the planet, love for what we are able to create. Sometimes with that love comes the fear of rejection, fear of failing, the fear of never having what we want. Or, what we feel that we are designed for. That’s the worst, I think — feeling that we’ll never be granted an opportunity to place the fruits of our fullest design into the world.

That’s pretty much what everybody fears, right?

That’s why everybody wants to win the lottery, to be able to not worry about money but do what they love.

The message that’s coming out of the mountains today is that you are here to do what your soul loves to do. That’s why you love to do it – whether it’s bake, make people happy, create incredible computer platforms – we are human beings and we are a hybrid species — we are worker bees for incredible outcome.

We are literally the manufacturing mill for miracles.

We are the hands of miracles; we are the deliverer of miracles on this third dimension that the Mother/Father Source/God within all of us is thrilled to co-create.

The mountains tell me today to be still, to draw that which is your greatest joy to you. Not your desire, for desires shall change with our moods — yet draw what your joy is, to you.

Be still and think about your heart — what makes you happy? Does visiting with your family make you happy? Does singing in front of people make you happy — and would you’d love to have more of those opportunities? Does working on a team of people crafting an incredible workflow for a workplace make you happy? Think about what gives you joy, and feel it, right in your heart — right now.

Take a second and close your eyes and simply FEEL doing what you love to do feels like. Allow yourself to experience that sensation. Give room for yourself to experience that joy.

Now, did you know that your mind does not know the difference between what is really happening in the third dimension, and what we imagine is happening? The mind interprets every single thing you experience as real. Even worry, even paranoia, even doubt. It is all a “third dimensional experience” to the mind. So we must truly have an awareness of where our mind wanders.

Because that is the reality we are experiencing in that moment.

The spiritual field, the quantum field, the “experience order form” for all the experiences that we’d like to bring to us – is on this vibrational level, this “mental projection” level.

Heaven or hell resides in the mind.

It’s sort of wild, really, when you think about it.

Life delivers us whatever we wish to experience, or whatever we focus on. And then it becomes a “what came first, the chicken or the egg, the misery, or the thing that causes the misery?” experience.

In the end, does it really matter what cane first?

Because the quantum field, the spiritual field, the “experiential order form” is just responding to our energetic request. No pressure, there, consciousness! Ha ha 🙂

The mountains are telling me today that we’ve forgotten that everything we need is under our feet, at the tip of our finger tips. The mountains are reminding me that when my mind decides to cloud my thinking with “should’ve-could’ve-would’ve” thought —

The reality of all provision is still waiting for us, right here. The quantum field, the Mother/Father God, the energetic co-creative consciousness surrounding us – is waiting to bring us that which we focus upon. Where do we place our focus?

So find your joy today. Sit with it, vibrate into our incredible quantum field with it, create your own amazing vibration with it. Because it’s not just your own vibration. It’s the “experience order form“ that the universe is waiting for you to fill out, and it comes through thought and emotion.

Joy is contagious. Achievement is contagious. Forward momentum is contagious. And YOU are the greatest engine for creative, amazing, positive change that exists.

The world is not changing. The human race is changing to see the world for what it truly is — beautiful. Our shift in perception is the gateway to paradise. Yet we’re still unsure whether we’re worthy enough to pass through.

Overcoming our illusion of unworthiness is one of our greatest accomplishments in this time frame.

Welcome to the New World.

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Is Fear Your Drug?

AddText_08-23-11.23.37Have you been noticing the fear has been used as a pretty hefty marketing tool?

Not for five years, or twenty years, or hundreds of years, but for thousands and thousands of years.

Fear— the big scary illusion that everything’s going to hell in a hand basket.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Nothing is going to hell in a hand basket. Until we stop responding to fear as if it is a truth, instead of just simply a perception, we’re going to keep falling into these weird manipulatable holes.

Folks who want to control crowds are using fear to actually manipulate our perception.

Here’s the deal:

Biological fear is real. It’s in our DNA strands.  For instance, if I’m swimming in the ocean and I see a shark fin, it’s natural that I’m going to freak out. I’m going to back off.  My biology is going to say, “Girl, that shark’s going to eat you. Get out of the water.” I’ll likely have that response because I’ve had thousands of other people before me get eaten by sharks.

That information is in my DNA.

I live in the Gallatin Valley here in Montana. It’s gorgeous. If I wander upon a bear, my biological fear is going to kick in and say, “You’d best not go hug that thing.”

In fact, I live right over the hill from Yellowstone National Park, and there are people every year that get mauled by wild animals because they think they are park attractions. Somewhere, their biological fear didn’t kick in.  Back in the old days, those dear people would have just simply been eaten and they would no longer be in the genetic chain.  Thank God we have park rangers!

Psychological fear and biological fear are two different things, and it’s important to understand how we’re being manipulated through fear. Because during this timeframe of the feminine, that’s our entire lesson.

How do we get to see fear as a teacher, not the enemy?

Think about this a minute. Have you ever watched the news and gotten really afraid that the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Maybe you’re somebody that thinks, “Oh my God, the white supremacists are taking over! ” Or maybe you’re somebody who thinks, “Who are these weirdos? These heathen, charlatan, heretic psychics all over YouTube? Where is God in the world?” Maybe you’re somebody who just tuned out because the whole thing has just gotten a little ridiculous.

There’s a physical reasowe experience what we experience.

Fear triggers the Amygdala. That’s our fight or flight instinct in the brain. If I’m somebody who wants to control masses of people, I want to keep your frontal cortex — which is the reasoning center of the brain — out of the conversation.  Because if the frontal cortex gets involved, we’re actually going to be rational with one another. If I want to control you, I need to be constantly triggering your Amygdala. Since your Amygdala is home of the fight or flight instinct, I need to keep you jumping like a crazy little flea on top of an angry dog so the frontal cortex doesn’t kick and say, “Hey man, we probably should just sit down and have a conversation.”

Oh, no. The Amygdala is in there saying, “I need to stock up beans”.  “I need to stock up on ammo”. “Oh my God, the world is ending!”

Triggering the Amygdala is the oldest trick in the book.  So, world, if we want to embrace the feminine timeframe, we must learn to deprogram ourselves from having our Amygdala triggered all of the time. We must sit with our fear and ask it to be our teacher.

If I really believe, say, that white supremacists are taking over the world, then I would need to sit with myself and ask myself, why do I no longer believe in the power of love? Why do I no longer believe in the power of education? And then underneath my answers, I’d have to ask myself, why have I allowed myself to be so disempowered?

There it is.

Why have we allowed ourselves to be disempowered? Why have we allowed ourselves to be triggered like a little flea on the back of an angry dog, to have our Amygdala fire off like crazy?

Because fear is a powerful and free drug.

When we are triggered like that, we have endorphins that rush through our body. We feel alive. We can feel our fingertips. We can feel a sense of purpose because we’re angry, but actually we’re super afraid. It’s a free drug.

Think about this: How many people do you know that go through their lives and they hate their existence? Let’s just be real here for a minute—they can’t stand their marriage. They can’t stand their job. They think their kids are ingrates. How many people do you know whose only passion in life is being rageful or angry or afraid? How about thousands? How about millions?

Because we have taught people, especially here in America, that we cannot be fulfilled within. We have taught people that the only way that they can ever be fulfilled is by something outside of themselves; buy that house, buy this pretty set of lipstick, buy those great shoes, buy that fancy slick car — that way she’ll go out on a date with you for sure.

How many times have we been programmed to believe that what we need is outside of us? We have not only generations in America, but generations over the millennia, of people believing that they do not matter unless they have wealth, status, land or something huge around them.

When I talk about the Fear Drug being the only rush that most people get, there’s a reason.

However, if we’re going to get through this feminine timeframe, we’ve got to give up the drug of fear that makes us feel alive in lieu of something else that really does make us feel alive — like connecting in love, like bringing in a great new world that’s going to be amazing for everybody.

A world where we’re not struggling because we’re angry yet where we’re actually coming together because we’re full of joy.

We’ve got to kick the fear habit. It’s a necessary thing.

This week when you go forward, you might feel yourself getting triggered. Maybe it’s by Fox News, maybe it’s by MSNBC, maybe it’s by some friends at the water cooler, who really want to go on and on about everything negative they heard in the world. When this happens, take a step back and look at them and say, “Wow, you are really working that Amygdala for a personal high today.” It’s no different than somebody who might be using some sort of a drug to get them through their day.

It’s Fear.

When you encounter fear, step forward and introduce a solution. Introduce something that’s beautiful. Say something like, “You know it’s interesting — I had this neighbor who actually came forward and built a playground on his own dime for everybody in the entire neighborhood, and he used recycled materials. How cool is that?”  Watch the response of the person who uses fear as a drug.  They might put a crosshair on you, and they may get really crispy. They might get mad at you for interrupting the fear flow.

That’s how you know that they’re using fear like a drug.Think about this — whenever you interrupt a drug user’s cycle, they get really nasty.

We can initiate an interesting social experiment by introducing solutions and love to the people who get violently angry at you because you don’t want to participate in their Amygdala triggering. This anger response indicates they are actually addicted to that chemical response in the brain, so let’s start introducing a more powerful chemical response in the brain — the dopamine rush that we get off of connection and love.

Love. As a species, we just haven’t been trained to receive that sensation for a very long time.

A very wise friend of mine once said, “You can market fear as love, but you cannot market love as fear”. Think about that, and when you go forward in this week, recognize — are you using fear as a drug? Are you getting high on your freak-outs because maybe you’re just bored in your life, bored in your marriage, or in your job?

This is probably going to trigger a lot of people and I’m probably going to get a lot of nasty comments. That’s okay, because if we don’t shake ourselves out of this fear drug, if we do not shake ourselves out of this stasis, then we’re just going to continue down the road we’ve being going  down. And that road pretty much indicates a bunch of sheep who are super controllable by having our Amygdala triggered.

I love the world. Our capacity to change this world is vast, immediate, and imminent.  Let’s all work on our own triggers, our own teachers, and let’s come into this timeframe with an incredible set of solutions. We’ve got this.

When we let that limbic system in the middle of the brain and the frontal cortex do the communicating, we can accomplish anything. And most importantly, we can hook that system up with the heart, because without heart, the head means nothing.

Have a great fear free week — and just see how you’re feeling at the end of it. My guess is that your frontal cortex will thank you for the break.

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Who Can We Trust To Save Today’s World

Never going backwardsIt’s on my heart to bring a very important message today about how we are all being asked to step forward with our gifts and abilities, and bring our awarenesses into this timeframe.

Look, we have been taught by an old 20th century that we should be paying attention to the expert, to with the president, to our pastors, to our boss, to somebody who knows more than we do.

Okay, well, that was a bit of an old world demonstration of giving away our power. We went through that purposefully to understand that we have everything that we need on the inside to be able to operate our own spiritual compass, brings through information that is ours to bring through and to share it with respect for other people who are doing the same thing.

The days of the one leader, the one way — are over.

It’s over.

Come on.

Those of you hanging onto the old world who just wish things would go back to the way they were — they’re not going to go back.

Listen, if you hear nothing else out of this: we are never going backwards.

That’s not how evolution works.

We do not de-evolve.

Even for you creationists — God created the world, and God created the world in steps. He didn’t go back and say, “Forget it. We’re going back to when there was only ocean life. Forget about it.” That didn’t even happen.

We’re not going backwards. We’re going forward, and the way to go forward is to stop putting so much pressure on individuals to deliver us all from our evils. That’s crap. We all have to deliver ourselves and the way that we do that is to give each other space to bring forward our truths. And my truth is going to be very different than someone else’s truth, who, say, doesn’t believe in psychics or doesn’t believe that women should have a voice.

We’re going to have very different truths to bridge those truths. It’s important that we rely on facts to make a building block between individual truths because hey, like it or not, truth is subjective, and truth is going to be subjective based upon your belief system, how you’re raised, and what you truly feel passionate about.

Seriously, facts are facts. They’re not emotional. They’re not reliant on anything else but themselves, so use facts if you get into a truth battle with somebody.

And really, why are we getting into truth battles when we are all here to bring forward our piece of the puzzle?

I am so honored by so many of you that write me these beautiful letters, talking about how inspiring I am. And you tell me that you find me to be an incredible spiritual leader for our times, and I am so honored by that perception.

Yet let me share something with you. I don’t perceive myself as a leader. Not even close. I’m a chick who just got done riding her bike. I’m in my workout gear. I’m in my backyard. I threw up my iphone on a tripod and now we’re having a chat because my hope is that I can inspire you all to do the same thing, to liberate us from this idea that we need the one holy person that’s going to save us from ourselves.

That is garbage.

Even Jesus walked around trying to get people empowered within themselves to ignite their own compass, to get into that space with what they consider to be one with Source, or a Mother/Father God, to decide what is right for them. Jesus never asked people to make a crazy religion based upon Jesus’ teachings. That happened later, when people needed that “one figurehead” to create a savior from.

Jesus was here to tell us we can save ourselves if we simply pay attention to the spirit within the conscience, within the Mother/Father God.

Within that was the message of Gandhi. That’s the message of Paramahansa Yogananda. That was the message of Allah. That was a message of Mohammed. Pick a religion. Geez, pick a Hindu God, there’s 10,000 of them to represent the concept of God all together.

So I am here today to tell you that you are here for a purpose — a reason.

I am here goofing off on this iphone to tell you that you are important.

Your message matters.

You don’t have to be a TV star.

You don’t have to be a world renowned author.

You don’t have to be an expert in your field because you are an expert on the truth you are receiving.

Now, I’ll tell you where the big buzzkill is going to come in on this feminine timeframe. If we try to victimize one another, or beat each other with our truths, and then we fall off the track and we go into a learning path.

It’s all about ego and trying to struggle through old 20th century modalities; overcoming “I’m right, you’re wrong” — That’s called distraction, and nobody cares in the new world.

So if you need to distract yourself by arguments online, or arguments with family members, knock yourself out, but just know that it’s not about who you are arguing with.

If you get into those arguments, it’s about you.

You’re trying to teach yourself that you believe what you’re saying.

The only reason we argue with people is we’re not exactly sure that we believe our own truths.

So how about instead of arguing, we all come forward with what we’ve got to offer?

Again, I am so honored by the perception of so many of you that I am a spiritual leader, yet I’m one of you. I don’t lead. I just do what I do and I am asking you to join me in doing what you do — and we will make a collective buzz that will absolutely transcend the physics of the fear in this environment. And together — not me, not Jesus, not Tony Robbins, not Abraham Hicks — we, together, will bring in that world of peace that we are looking for.

I am just one chick, and I am one chick who is happy to say:

I am one of you and I am a messenger. And my message that I bring to you today is that we are all divine. Even the folks you don’t agree with, even the babies who are struggling in government right now. We put them there.

Well — some of them put themselves there, and that’s a whole exercise and freewill versus good planning.

However, let’s come out of fighting over semantics, and let’s get into our miracle capacity to bring through what you are here to bring through.

I am you.

You are me.

We come together and we make a buzz that is heard through all the universe — and that buzz is called love.

And it is tough. It is unyielding and it is compassionate.

So let’s make a little bit of room for everybody right now as people are speaking through their wounds, because people are afraid. Okay, so you might be afraid. Heck, I get afraid sometimes. Can we just give each other a little bit of a break to be human? And can we just give a little grace to one another to experience our truths, and to be able to express them so that we can find the kernel of fact in all of it —

— and through that kernel of fact, bring great change to our universe as we know it.

Now, go make your own videos. Go out there with your own messages, because we are in this together.

And I can’t wait to hear your buzz.

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Climate Change: Reflecting on Humanity’s Heated State

As our world changes it is deeply important that we remember our infinite creator abilities.

We are made in the image of Creation; we embody the likeness and image of Creation with us every day.

Some people called his creative energy a Life Force, some people call this Mother/Father God. However, whatever you call it, It is real, It is conscious, and It is there.
And as we focus our love and as we focus our unique intention to bring the best of one another into the light, we are able to rise above fear, rise above the ignorance of what we have done to our planet, rise above finger-pointing and blaming and refuting and begin to lean into solutions, bringing into focus a tremendous time frame –
— the timeframe where humanity learned that we were far more than the ability to throw rocks at one another.
We learned that we were the miracle makers, the destroyers, the rebuilders, the visionaries, the demons, the saviors. A timeframe where we learned that we were all of it, and we chose, for the beauty of it, to come together with our highest capacity to make miracles happen.
Fighting over what makes climate change happen is a bit like arguing over why a bug splattered on the windshield of a moving car. One could argue velocity. One could argue the placement of the bug. One could argue it is natural selection, or destiny. One could argue it wasn’t a bug at all, but trash tossed from the car in front.
Yet the fact is, the bug splattered. We see the bug guts all over the window. It makes it hard to see down the road. It’s a very real remnant of an action that has taken place.
As this diagram represents, our earth is heating up. This will affect water, food, and even air-quality. It doesn’t matter why the earth heated up at this point. Science knows why; part natural cycle, very big part chemical meddling with our atmosphere that began back in the 1970’s. Some choose to believe that the earth is not heating up, though it is true. It’s very scary. I get it. It’s much easier to pretend it’s not happening.
Yet all people will be affected: the rich, the poor, the in between, the rockers, the country music fans, the hip-hop artists, all ethnicities, all political affiliations, everyone who breaths air on this planet will be affected.
So it is time to make a choice.
It is time to stop choosing to distract ourselves with petty differences, and begin to focus on the magnificence of what makes us divine – our miracle making capacity. It is time to be not only the good stewards of the earth, yet good stewards of one another.
As the tensions on this planet heat up, you’ll notice so does the temperature.
All things are connected.
Absolutely every single thing in our bodies, in earth, in our universe, is connected. We will either burn out, or we will be able to understand how to “be cool” with one another.
It is that simple.
I leave you to truly think about the connectivity of all things. Because that is our lesson of this feminine timeframe. A woman cannot grow a baby with simply one part of her body. The process eats all of her resources; it takes all of her mental stamina, it requires all of her spiritual focus, it demands all of her physical resources.
She cannot simply say “I grow a baby with my womb and no other part of the body is affected.” That is the folly of partitioned thinking; that is the mode of the corporate thinking; that is the folly of the imbalanced masculine energy which only seeks to
focus on one energy at a time to achieve one goal at a time, to be seen as a “success” in the moment.
The divine masculine and the divine feminine both factor in the entire process of growth and change.
We are pursuing a new world. It will require all of our focus, in our entirety. And we are up to the challenge, humanity. We’ve got this. It’s what we are.
It’s our time to shine, it’s our time to rise together, it’s a time to show our children what is possible—these children that were born in America in a post 9/11 world, where undressing at the airport is normal, and breaking news regarding world horrors appears like white noise in the background to online video gaming where kids can escape into a false reality where it appears they have at least some control.
Think about it.
We can choose to be stuck in the matrix while this ship is sinking, pointing fingers and hissing online insults – or we can unplug from the bull crap, and put our focus to what’s really going on, and who we really are.
I choose the latter.
This is my life‘s journey, to attempt to demonstrate for all of us that which we are truly capable. Because though all these other avenues of learning are valid — fear, anger, disruption, judgment, accusation, blame — it is my observation that they are simply distractions, as just like the online video game —
— they grant us the perception of being in control.
Let us truly sink into what we are, rather than trying to control that which we are not.
Let’s start to “cool down” our world by starting to cool down with one another.
We’re growing a “new baby” with this world. Our overall spiritual, mental, and emotional health is very important during this incubation process.
Time to make awareness and accountability sexy again. Because living, truly living — is sexy.
Being alive is invigorating and many don’t even know what it feels like to be alive, especially in America —
— where we struggle so hard to simply survive, to pay our bills, to save for a retirement whose age gets further and further away like Wilson in “Castaway” drifting over the storm waves. Where we struggle to save for a child’s college fund as colleges cease to have the hiring impact in the “real world” while kids and families rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, which is sold to other loan brokers at a higher interest-rate over time, making it absolutely impossible for families to ever catch up. Where people struggle not to have property and bank accounts seized by the IRS as they fall behind on all of the other obligations with which they’ve now entwined themselves, or fallen prey to consumer distraction by buying brand new cars, overspending on credit cards —anything to create a serotonin rush in the brain to take them out of the hamster wheel existence which never has any real life, or any real emotional pay-off. Where we struggle to understand why we’re constantly tired as we eat a “standard American diet” that is LITERALLY killing people with the same cancer that big Pharma profits crazily over —
– we are enslaved to a system that grows through it’s own greed and bloat. And we feed the system. Because that’s how we’ve been groomed in America, to be “good consumers”.
To feed the monster at the expense of ourselves, to feed ourselves at the expense of our world as we gobble plastics from China that create huge carbon emissions to manufacture; we gobble and gobble like a cow whose head is locked into place over sugary corn in a stockyard, ignoring the cries of cows who are slaughtered to our right and left; ignoring standing in our own urine and feces up to our knees, choosing to stare into the corn and eat.
We gobble as that cow gobbles because it is the most pleasant distraction in a place that is full of horrors.
Luckily, our heads are locked not by steel gates, yet by the limitations of our own beliefs. We are imprisoned by our own minds, a group brainwashed by food chemicals and emotional exhaustion as we struggle with Stockholm syndrome, worshipping our “captors” — donuts, bargain basement prices, our own fear mistaken as “being real” — as heroes.
Yet we, unlike the cow who has also been trained to submit, can break free from this cycle at any time.
An empire whose residents have decided not to participate then ceases to exist. So it is time to build a new inclusive empire, where we’re all are welcome, and all are given an opportunity to thrive, by unlocking our minds from the feeding gate.
And our human capacity for miracles is intoxicating, once we discover that we are not trapped.
We are not trapped.
We only choose to be distracted by the idea of a locked gate. Because we are simply not sure how to handle ultimate creation ability.
Let us not be afraid of what we are, any longer. Let us love one another as each of us casts away our fear of our true potential. May we all have patience and compassion for one another. Just as a new mother is frightened by the changes in what is happening to her body with her first pregnancy, many of us are afraid during these times of great gestation.
Yet as the new mother learns, nature has her back, and the body — all of us, as we are the body — have each other’s back, as all of us are the solution.
Awaken. Do not be afraid.
#BeAware #LeadWithLove #psychic #psychicmedium #climatechange
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Truth vs Fact: The Critical Difference


Understanding truth is important.

We’re going through a period of learning in the United States where truth is in question. Through this, truth becomes our teacher.

What we are learning is that facts are facts, and facts are not disputable. Yet truth is subject to a person’s belief system.

For a Christian, the Bible is the truth. For Muslim, the Quran is the truth. For an Atheist, both of those books make no sense whatsoever, and the human experience is the truth. My truth is that all of that is the truth. Yet that’s my truth. I have no need to make it anyone else’s truth.

We are experiencing this social evaluation in how much power we grant to truth in order to evaluate how much power we grant to our ability to trust ourselves in what we choose to believe. Therefore, we fight for our truths —

— because really, we are fighting to prove to ourselves that we can trust what drives our convictions.

Truths, as a social currency, are important. We share truths in order to create a functional society. An example of this shared truth is that murder is wrong.

Yet at its core, the concept of truth is deeply personal, an inner compass system that is attenuated according to a person’s life lessons, soul plan, upbringing, fears and hopes.

All of the aforementioned items constitute what we call “belief”.

The understanding of our dependent relationship on what we consider to be “true”, and how this affects our faith in not only the world around us but how we see ourselves, is deeply important. Because in order to effectively grow and change as a species, we must allow others their truths, even if we don’t agree, or even if we don’t understand. And others must return the same courtesy to us.

Forcing one’s truth upon another creates great imbalance.

Forcing a truth onto another is then victimizing another. It is an energetic imbalance. Racism is a forced truth. Religious dogma is a forced truth. Political zealousness is a forced truth.

We are seeing that in such an interconnected world, with eight billion people each containing eight billion life lessons, and eight billion multiple life paths – that the argument over truth is no longer an effective teacher, yet becomes a distracting set of stumbling blocks.

We are learning that rather than forcing a truth, which we now know is highly subjective, it is far more effective to craft social development on facts.

Truth is attached to an emotional reaction due to the fact that truth is subject to our own inner belief system — our sense of self. Facts are not attached to an emotional reaction for they bear no attachment to anything but themselves.

In a world of eight billion truths, it’s far more effective to govern, to build, upon the non-emotional reflection of facts.

However, in our desperation and obsession with forced truth, we have now blurred the purity of fact. We now clamor to cast facts in the same shadow as truth, when facts are not dependent on belief, but on the traceable data of cause and effect.

As a person who studies and evaluates energies, I note that we are at a critical juncture in our human development. We are not at a crossroads, but a cliff’s edge. Our task is to either negotiate through our truths to make collectively healthy decisions on facts, or, like lemmings, we will plummet over the cliff following the truth of the animals ahead of us.

The example of truth vs fact can be painful if we allow our truths to thrust themselves into a position of feeling threatened. This is a clear indication that we do not actually believe our truth at its core, and that we rely on continued external confirmation that our truth is valid. This indicates a larger underlying issue of not believing in oneself.

If we are centered in our truths, or our beliefs, then others’ truths are no longer a threat, yet simply a statement on their belief compass. This is no more threatening than someone proclaiming they adore the color yellow, even if it’s not your favorite hue.

The imbalance occurs when one truth must dominate another. This Old World belief that “might is right” then screams of the fear of loss.

Due to the fear of loss, which has been a very effective crowd control mechanism for thousands of years, our truths become hammers. They become weapons to protect us, rather than inner conversations to have with an ever-growing, ever curious self. Our truths become heavy bricks in high walls rather than the paving stones to vast bridges toward collective knowledge.

Our misunderstanding and misuse of the power, the beautiful wealth, of personal truth will be the single downfall of humanity, if we are unable to negotiate past the emotional allure of righteousness.

We have many examples of the conflict between truth and fact in our current culture.

Fact: Russia has been hacking into American elections with social grooming campaigns for multiple years. 17 security agencies verify this fact in the USA alone.

Truths include:

  1. The Russian scandal is a ruse generated by countless corrupt agencies working with an oligarchical shadow government to remove an unwanted outsider President that threatens the control of this shadow government.
  2. The Russian scandal is true because Russia favored one candidate over another in order to accomplish long-term business goals.

Fact: The super-heating of the planet will result in sea level rises of three to five feet in the next 80 years. World climate science experts report annually on the exponential melting of polar ice caps and glaciers.

Truths include:

  1. The planet is not heating up and it is simply a scare tactic by a shadow government wishing to control resources.
  2. God will protect us.
  3. Climate science is a fake science based upon a political agenda.
  4. Our sea levels are rising and we must attempt to mitigate the heating of the planet by monitoring our carbon footprint and preserving rain forests.
  5. There is nothing we can do to stop the planet from heating up, so why bother.

Fact: The earth is round. Documented in numerous world space agency photos and footage.

Truths include:

  1. The earth is flat and a round earth is a fake science claim.
  2. The space / moon landings were / are all staged for political agendas.
  3. The earth is round, just as the moon and other physical planetary bodies in the universe.

Fact: The energetic experience of deep connection between ourselves, our surroundings, and the connection to support from our universe is unique to each person. World science verifies that quantum energy fields connect all matter.

Truths include:

  1. There is no connection.
  2. There is no support.
  3. Physics are fake science.
  4. This connection isn’t science but God.
  5. God and science are one and the same.
  6. God is named Jesus.
  7. God is named Allah.
  8. All feelings of connection are a chemical reaction in the brain.
  9. God is Love.
  10. There are 10,000 different versions of God and one is named Kali.
  11. God is nature.
  12. Nature connects us all.
  13. Everything is random.
  14. Everything is destined.

We can observe from this small sampling that truths outweigh facts by a large margin. Eight billion individuals generate 192 trillion truths from only the few variant selections above.

We can also observe that truths contain an emotional argument, whereas facts simply display accrued data.

From this vantage point it is clear to witness that truth can then become a powerful pawn in the fulcrum of control for those whose fear drives them to positions of power. The human slaughter of the religious crusades are documented displays of what occurs when one person’s truth is forced upon another.

The over-arching lesson in this feminine time frame is the release of forced truth as a validation of our convictions, and the challenge of honoring truths in each other while accepting the presentation of facts from which to make collective decisions.

This involves due diligence in vetting facts, and then accepting that collective facts are, indeed — facts.

If some continue to label an elephant as a mouse, and pass a belief that the mouse cannot harm us if we are stepped upon, we will experience the physics of being crushed.

However, if nearly all decide an elephant is a mouse, and we all pass a collective belief that the mouse cannot harm us if we are stepped upon, we will not be harmed. This is the collective be power of belief, or manifestation. Yet with 192 trillion manifestations happening at one time, a truly collective and focused manifestation becomes challenging.

This is our challenge.

It is not necessary for all of us to believe in the same manner, or for all of us to share the same truths.

However, for the continuation of the human species, it is necessary for all of us to create a neutral social language, a safe space, and agreed-upon trading currency in order to develop structural policies that allow for the safety and growth of society, and the experience of truths, reserving the emotional reaction of truth for each individual‘s own spiritual learning.

With 8 billion of us emitting energies into our collective environment, it remains a fact that what we think, and how we act — matters. This is our lesson, now. This is our crucible. We must pass, or in the end, we fail. Love persists. If humanity cannot embrace love as a cornerstone, along with love’s right-hand-companion, respect — humanity will not persist as love carries forward.

Below is my personal credo, as a productive means through which to build a stable, traceable currency of trust between all of us in the New World:

  1. I place the value of the human being, and the planet, in the first position. Without these elements we do not have a world in which to live.
  2. I am not you and you are not me. I do not expect you to be like me in order for me to believe and accept that my choices are right for me.
  3. I’ve earned my truths as you have yours. They are the keepers of our experiences.
  4. I vow to honor your truth, even if I do not understand it. It is the keeper of your experience and it shares much with me about your journey.
  5. If I begin to fear your truth, I will view this fear as a teacher which is attempting to illuminate mistrust in my own choice-making. I will not project this mistrust onto you.
  6. My truths seek to expand and to become stronger. I may experience fear as this is happening, so I humbly ask for your patience with my fear. I vow to be patient with you, as you experience your own truth growth.
  7. I will not force my truths upon you. In doing so I realize that I do not believe my own truths.
  8. I understand the difference between my opinion, my truths, and a fact.
  9. I offer facts as a means of conflict resolution and bridge building. I am excited to ask you to do the same. Together we will learn, and devise new and ingenious solutions.
  10. If our facts contradict in principle, I will defer to the most common respectful human denominator in reaching for a resourceful outcome.
  11. I place people over principle, always.
  12. I will stand in the gap for those who are victimized by others’ forced truths.
  13. I will stand firm with bridge building solutions should fear drive another’s truth to do harm.
  14. I will not see a person as their fear. This is marginalization.
  15. I understand that fear is many things, including an addiction, a coping mechanism, a false sense of safety, a task master, a trauma impulse, a habit. It is not a person.
  16. I choose to trade with the currency of facts to bridge our truths. I have no need for debate for the sake of debate.
  17. I do not seek to change anyone. That is the responsibility of each individual, their own journey.
  18. I do not take ownership of others’ choices.
  19. If I am passionate about higher resolution, I will respect others by producing facts that may add to their facts. I commit to coming up with new modalities.
  20. I choose love. It is the strongest motivator, the strongest builder, the strongest boundary keeper in the universe.

May we all understand that we may stand up for justice without disrespecting one another; we may interrupt victimization without becoming the victimizer; we may live in our own personal world that reflects our values without insisting everyone else do the same.

And if we all agree on the fact that harming one another is not productive, harming the planet is not productive, subjugating one another is not productive, fearing one another is not productive, and controlling one another is not productive —

We will truly watch ourselves change. This is perhaps the most frightening piece of evolution for many — staring into unfamiliar eyes in the mirror, eyes which actually trust us to make sound decisions from the heart rather than an outdated social script.

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Now is the time for hope

With all that’s going on in our nation that raises an eyebrow or breaks a heart; with a fearful minority voice masquerading as the dominant voice; with the hypocrisy of what is civil and what is not — this is not the time to lose hope.

Because hope has already won.

This is why we see such extreme measures to turn America “back”.

It will never go back. Only forward.

This is the way of evolution. Backwards breaks apart. Forward builds.

This is the time frame of positive action.

Bring your best. Be your best. Speak your best. We can have our convictions without condemning those with whom we disagree.

We do not need to become the oppressor in order to free the oppressed — yet we *will* free the oppressed by the sheer necessity of group survival.

All souls are of equal value in the eyes of Creation. And all are needed in these changing times.

This, we will all see.

It’s not simply about civility, as one person’s “civil speak” is another person’s justified position.

The issue is our civilization.

If we choose to believe hope is dead because of some extreme actions taken by one person, our hope is not hope at all, but fear of loss.

My hope is not afraid. It’s heart breaks for those whose fear limits their hope.

My hope does not hide. Therefore I cannot lose it.

My hope can not be destroyed because nothing is stronger than love.

My hope is not false, for hope by it’s very nature can never be false.

My hope is in my fellow humans, not some political party, a President, or a Supreme Court. We The People decide how America proceeds forward. Not one leader. Not one senator. Not one judge.

WE do. We The People decide the law of the land, when we’re not too inconvenienced by our own democracy to vote, to apply ourselves, to stand up.

We only agree to allow our elected or appointed officials to administrate the law. We place the law into effect by adhering to it.

We do. Not “them” — but US.

America has not been this energetically polarized since the civil rights era, and more profoundly, the civil war.

Yet we will not take to war to sort our differences in ideology. This is what a vast group wants, yet we will not feed this obvious chess move in the destruction of our republic.

Instead, we will take to hope.

Hope in one another. Hope in a better method of governing. Hope past a broken system of consumerism which peddles the myth of the conservative and the liberal.

We are neither and we are all. Because we are Americans.

We are Americans.

If we forget this, above all things — then our experiment in hope put in place by our founding fathers is finished. Period.

If we are finished, let us be finished. Yet even if we are finished —

My hope remains. Because my hope is in YOU.

It is in you.

So if the old experiment has failed —

Let us learn, and build something bigger, better, together, leaving the ideology of the oppressor, the sides, the labels, the us-and-them, the who-has-power-who-doesn’t— leaving it all behind.

For there will always be a “them” if hope is not allowed to rise, building bridges with its sister — trust.

Hypocrisy is a timeless master.

Hope is the broker for freedom.

Fear casts us not into safety but cements us in the limits of the past.

Hope casts light into the future.

Bring your best. Build your best. Be your best.

If others decide to be crushed beneath their worst — step to the side and allow that lesson. Yet step forward to co-create the best for everyone, especially if they reach for your hand.

It is not the time to save others from themselves, or to even save the self.

It is the time to save the whole.

To save the world does not mean to always agree. It means to transcend differences into something else. New ways. Bold ways. Compassionate ways that take strength over convenience, people over principle, rigor over rhetoric, and hope over hesitation.

It is time to become strong again, America. Truly strong. Truly brave.

For some, this will seem uncivil. To others, this will seem just. There is no “one lens”. This is the myth of polarization.

The hope of America is in allowing the old world to fall away; it is happening now.

Let us release the old world with gratitude for its lessons in tyranny, for this has taught us the value of respecting one another; let us release the old world with thankfulness for its lessons in limitation consciousness, for this has taught us that anything is possible; let us release the old world with appreciation for its lesson in hopelessness, for it has taught us that “evil” exists only in the shadows of our own fear.

Let us release the old world without judging our participation in creating it, because we are all part of today’s social dynamic.

And let us forgive ourselves for the parts we have all played, that we’ve wrapped in the cloak of shame.

Perhaps we didn’t speak up when we should’ve.

Perhaps we spoke to sharply when it was not necessary.

Perhaps we shamed, we oppressed, we fumed and polarized and blamed and cried doom in our own fear.

Let us place our shame aside as a teacher who showed us what we are truly capable of by showing us what we believed we’d never overcome.

And let us free hope.

My hope is not dependent on outcomes to justify its existence.

My hope IS my existence.

Battle cries are a thing of the past. We cannot battle upon a foundation that has crumbled.

My hope IS my existence.

It is time to build.

My hope IS my existence; This is the building cry of the New World.


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