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Feeling depressed, hopeless, and anxious: It’s literally in the air

I’ve been noting the unusual amount of emissions, electromagnetically and otherwise, in the air lately. And I’ve been fascinated by the fact that many of those energetic emissions actually augment brainwaves and cellular stimulation in one way or the other.

This can be a really interesting hayride for the brain, as I’ve been noted unusual mood swings in people, spikes in strange types of violence, unending blankets of depression – all indicative that our neural net is being tweaked in one way or another. This is a big fat bummer for most of us, who have enough on our plate just trying to figure out the new Verizon bill.

In an effort to attempt to provide some information on this subject, I’ve sat with these “ethereal emissions” to decipher what in the dickens is messing with everybody’s heads. And the results are an 8 out of 10 on the Orwellian Disturbing Scale.

It’s true that we’ve had a spike in geomagnetic storms over the past several weeks. That will definitely affect our brain, due to the way that our magnetosphere reacts to our ionosphere once those Coronal Mass Ejections (Solar Flares) hit the atmosphere. That ionosphere lights up and sends a lot of electromagnetic “static” toward the earth. The brain is an electromagnetic organ, and since it is sensitive to energies, we can feel mood swings or mentally highly energized from these spikes in EM.

Yet there are also some little buggers out here in the ethers that I’d like to draw attention to – and these are man-made. It is this section of our program that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m unnerved by this information because when I find a great deal of this type of “broadcast noise” in the atmosphere, that means that someone is broadcasting it, on purpose. And with as much information as our tech establishments already have on brainwave affectation and manipulation, it’s very difficult for me to rationalize that it is simply an “accidental” broadcast emission.

Let me get to what I’ve energetically found, floating about our heads in the big blue above:

1. 6 Hz frequency

I’ve pulled quite a bit of 6 Hz from the atmosphere as of late, and worse, from the ground. That’s the wavelength that can cause depression. Massive exposure to 6 Hz can also be linked with autism in developing children.

Now, what is 6 Hz and why does this matter? The brain is optimized at a wavelength vibration of 7.83 Hertz, or, The Schumann Resonance. That’s the sweet spot where the brain makes all it’s happy chemicals and operates at peak efficiency, including manufacturing the chemicals that allow our bodies to heal faster.

6 Hz is the frequency on which VLF arrays broadcast. These are Very Low Frequency broadcast systems that actually pump 6 Hz frequencies through the lower atmosphere and ground, as by broadcast standards, it’s a slower wavelength. In that 6 Hz lies coded information sent between military bases. It’s harder to snag information from a 6 Hz signal, because it’s so low, and it’s so slow, and one needs to have another multi-million-dollar transmission device in order to “hear” through this frequency range.

The arrays that broadcast VLF signals are usually about a mile wide, comprising of many towers and cabling. VLF waves can permeate saltwater down to 131 feet, so they’re often shot into the ocean to chat with submarines.  Or, you need to be a whale to hear them. Since most of us aren’t whales, the military is fairly safe to include encoded messages in 6 Hz and blast it through the ocean, air, and ground.

In addition to the depression affects, the pulsation of a 6 Hz wave is big and deep, and really, splatters as a vibration at nearly 200 miles across into the earth. It’s a big boom,  not simply a broadcast frequency flying above the heads of everyone. The human brain is made to “clock on” to pulsations of the earth, so that it knows where the sweet spots are to manufacture healthy chemicals, so it looks for that 7.83 Schumann resonance, or heartbeat of the earth.

Many claim that the Schumann Resonance has been shifting upward to reflect a “raising” in consciousness, yet that’s not true. Our consciousness is attached to one another between 7 Hz and 8 Hz. That’s the sweet spot. The Schumann Resonance fluctuates a little depending on where you measure it on the globe, and there are six rotating resonances. Yet it always levels out at 7.83 Hz.

Though our consciousness is raising, it’s not affecting the planet’s heartbeat.

When our brain is cut off from that 7.83 Hz heartbeat and then finds a dominant 6 Hz frequency being blast through the ground from military installment to military installment, the human brain “dials down” to that frequency, and those happy chemicals start coming to a halt.

And that’s not all that comes to a halt. So does the actual mental (or “telepathic”) connection between all human minds. That feeling of “connectedness” with one another, which actually physically occurs between 7 Hz and 8 Hz in the brainwaves, then diminishes, thus, adding also to the feeling of “being alone” in depression.

Quite literally, the human Bluetooth is snuffed out at 6 Hz. That feeling of disconnection feels really alien to humans, as we are a deeply empathic species. Therefore, being separated form one another through a 6 Hz blast is a demoralizing feeling.

I live I Billings, Montana, which is smack in the middle of a VLF array between Wyoming’s Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, one of three strategic missile bases in the USA – and one of the other three strategic missile bases, Malmstrom Airforce base, located in Great Falls. Montana. Both of these bases house America’s Minuteman III missiles. (The third location is Minot Air Force base in North Dakota, just in case you were morbidly curious.)

What does the American Government do with the fantastic, rugged, wild vistas of America’s Old West? With the expansive mountains, bison roaming, and cinematic rolling plains? They do what anyone else does who has a bunch of nuclear missiles they need to plant: Drill holes in the ground and use it as a missile silo parking lot.

Since there are only about 1 million people in the entire state of Montana, and only about 585,500 in Wyoming, we’ve geographically drawn the short straw for collateral damage.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, as at one time, over 1000 of these nuclear hair-trigger buckos used to be planted in the great plains, and now we’re only down to about 399, thanks to cold war treaties. Yet considering each missile can carry up to three nuclear warheads, we’re really packing 1000 explosions.

Yet I digress.

In Billings, Montana, I’m sitting on a 6 Hz highway. In peace time, this really isn’t a big deal, because the natural ley lines and vortex points and limestone canyons surrounding of the valley in which I live actually defer a great amount of the 6 Hz array, and it’s a very healing place. However, with a President in the White House whose every impulsive tweet could be a call to war, those 6 Hz arrays have been extremely busy.

Which means that all the military bases in America are busy.

An no. I do not see us going to war with North Korea. Russia, however, is overplaying its hand, so I’m keeping a watchful eye on our northernmost superpower. I’m guessing that the military is doing the same thing. Which his why the 6 Hz arrays are lighting up.

If you’ve been feeling overly depressed for no particular reason, outside of the world seeming like it’s been going crazy thanks to absolute manipulation of the news algorithms that deliver echo-chamber-style content to your hand-held devices (yet that’s another blog) — check your proximity to a military installment. Chances are that you may be picking up some VLF chatter on the 6 Hz range and feeling lousy.

2. Electrosmog is at an all-time high

What in the dickens is electrosmog, you may be asking yourself? It’s exactly what it sounds like – electromagnetic radiation discharge or RF discharge, that hangs in the ethersphere when we are surrounded constantly by electronic devices.

You know – invisible energy smog. From electronics.

Our bodies communicate first through a bio-electric language, then through a bio-chemical language. Prolonged exposure to these persistent and constant EMF signals coming off of our handheld devices, our computers, our pads and smart TV’s, actually cue our cells to shut down.

In an oversaturated EMF or RF environment, the little radio towers within cell membranes called “protein vibratory receptors” will begin to resonate with the electromagnetic signals, just like a tuning fork. Once they start to vibrate, the cell is cued to figure out if the signal is coming from a hostile invader, or if the signal is a legitimate biological communication. Once the cell figures out the signal is a man-made trojan horse that’s trying to vibrating its way on in, the cell goes into what’s called a “sympathetic lock” in order to protect itself from further invasion.

Once in sympathetic lock, the cell can no longer absorb nutrition and release toxins. It’s quite literally in full lock-down.

Not only is that an eerie thought, having our cells completely locked down like an episode of Orange Is The New Black, yet the lock-down triggers a domino effect of other negative events that can manifest in the form of many diseases and disease symptoms, especially those conditions that feature compromised immune systems.

Just look at the spike in autoimmune disorders and cancer in the USA, a country heavily flooded with Wifi hotspots and a WiFi smart TV in nearly every room. Though autoimmune issues are also closely linked with nutrition (glutens, sugars) and dehydration, one cannot ignore the EMF ramifications.

Western medicine has well established that exposure to higher than average EMF fields will then induce a stress response in the brain and the body. If the EMF exposure is prolonged, the body’s stress reaction then becomes worn out, and the body’s natural immune system drops. When our immune system is compromised, we are more susceptible to illness such as cancer, autoimmune and other infectious diseases.

Here’s the kicker:

The body goes into a repair mode at night when we sleep, and the cells are especially sensitive to this cellular lockdown if they’re triggered while we’re sleeping. When we sleep, the body routinely purges the cells and internal organs of toxins. Yet most people sleep within two feet of their cell phone, their digital alarm clock, a plugged-in lamp by the bed, the WiFi on throughout the house.

If the cells are in sympathetic lock down after being triggered by all this EMF and RF, we wake up with the same toxins that we went to bed with and the body can’t purify itself. You’ll feel extra tired and almost hung over. The usual answer to this is “more coffee”. Yet that compounds the problem by stressing out the adrenals.

With the 90% of American homes containing three or more cell phones along with corresponding electronic gadgets, such as computers, smart TV’s, and tablets, the amount of electrosmog in an average home is astounding. Couple that with the boom in the cryptocurrency market such as Bitcoin, which has been cited as putting off huge amounts of EMF as the 24 / 7 computation of the digital currency runs computers day and night. One Bitcoin transaction in a day can use up in the server as much energy as one entire household would use in a week. Considering there are generally 300,000 Bitcoin transactions in a day – that’s a lot of energy — and electrosmog.

So how do we feel better?

How can our bodies combat this multi-billion dollar VLF array? How can we clear out the electrosmog from our homes?

To combat the 6 Hz issue, listening to the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance through earbuds will help the brain re-clock to a more healthy wavelength. You can find the Schumann Resonance all over YouTube, for free.

Also, wearing shungite, a stone that assist in balancing the body’s electromagnetic currents, is a HUGE boost to assist in both the 6 Hz and the electrosmog issue. Wearing shungite at a choker length will be of great assistance to the brain and the cells.

Found only in a 5592 square mile deposit in Russian Karelia, shungite is a natural antioxidant containing fullerenes, a compound which absorbs nasty chemicals, negative energies, and electromagnetic frequency radiation. It also helps neutralize EMF from home appliances, cell phones, and WiFi hot spots. Considering most people are glued to their hand-held devices, which output steady amounts of EMF – this is a plus. Shungite diminishes this harmful EMF smog without disturbing the devices, as other ferromagnetic materials can, such as hematite.

The coolest thing about shungite is its neutrality. It doesn’t take on a charge when it’s exposed to EMF, chaotic frequencies, or even the vast energetic output of human emotions. It balances both chi fields of the body, the left and right. If you wear other prescriptive stones, shungite helps boost the effectiveness of those as well.

It’s a heavy energy lifter and can range in appearance from black to an almost metallic grey/gold tone.

To combat the electrosmog issue in the home, turn off broadcasting WiFi routers at night when they’re not in use. Don’t sleep with a cell phone, digital clock with a digital display, or any digital computers, pads, or digital reading devices within 6 feet of the bed. If you like to read, do your best to have battery powered reading lamps next to the bed. It is best not to have an electric lamp, or something conducting electromagnetic energy up a cable even if turned off, right next to your bedside. EMF travels up electrical cables even when a device is not turned on.

RF signals, or broadcast signals, also produce a lot of electriosmog. Cordless telephones, baby monitors, and wireless speakers are also found in bedrooms, and these RF broadcasting devices saturate the environment. Cordless phone bases are often the most harmful as they broadcast RF signals 24 hours a day.

Since RF signals can travel through walls and floors, RF blocking materials can be fashionably draped over the bed in a canopy to block other transmission if you live in a high RF traffic area of town.


All in all, returning to nature as much as possible, without the electronic tag of a cell phone in our back pocket at all times, is very healing for the body and the brain. Limiting our electronics use, hard-wiring as many of our internet devices as possible and placing Himalayan Salt Lamps in areas where WiFi is necessary, while re-setting the mind with the Schumann resonance at least twice a week is a great start.

If you really want to go old-school analog, grab yourself a turn table and get some Schumann Resonance music on vinyl. Not only will your body appreciate feeling the 7.83 Hz signals actually moving through the air from the projection of a stereo speaker or sound bar – yet your plants and pets will love it, too.

We are analog beings.

We are analog beings attempting to keep up with a digital world.

We are not successful in that regard.

The brain suffers and the body suffers. We lose sleep, we lose libido, we lose focus.

We lose happy chemicals in the brain, we lose connection – real connection – with others, as VLF arrays blot out our 7.83 Hz telepathic hook-up to mother earth and one another.

We lose our blue-toothed sense of being part of something much larger than ourselves.

We lose our ability to regenerate our cells, to detoxify ourselves, and we gain, gain, gain  disease, anxiety, depression, and toxins.

We are analog beings. We must slow down. We must accept that our flesh needs a break. Then we must take those breaks. We must protect our flesh from the 24 / 7 onslaught of EMF and RF and VLF. Because the Consumerism Oligarchs see great financial gain in all of these modalities, and they will only grow.

That is, until the sun burps a large enough Coronal Mass Ejection at the earth to fry our electronics systems. And that is coming. That’s not a psychic prediction as much as it’s a cyclical solar observation. That, and nature seeks to balance itself on a regular basis. We are currently dramatically out of balance.

I challenge you to turn off this digital device you’re reading on, right now, and go take a walk outside. And I double-dog-dare you to leave your cell phone at home for that 20-minute walk. (Worried about safety? Remember those analog cans of pepper spray?)

You can do it.

Sweet dreams.

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It’s Last Call, America: Lead With Love


It’s last call, America. It’s do or die. Literally. Because we’re nearing the end of our mapped road, and we do need to make some collective decisions ahead of time on which route to take, as we have many choices.

Do we turn left at fear once again? Maybe hang a right at gridlock and division before we run out of pavement?

Or do we continue ahead, forging a brand new pathway to something brilliant, using only our gut and the stars to guide us?

It is time for people everywhere, especially in the United States, to step up by embracing love, temperance, dignity and compassion as negotiating tools in order to bring a wave of workable, New World solutions forward. This will heal us all on a local, national, and global scale, especially by employing compassion.

For instance, if we have compassion for our planet, we then invent new green energies which invent jobs so that people can transfer from fossil fuel occupations and still continue to support their families.

If we have compassion for the oil companies that might struggle to go out of business once we make these changes, we purchase their materials and pipelines and recycle them into green energy usage, making them part of the green energy boom, rather than cutting them off on a consumer level.

If we have compassion for our children, above all things we will then wish to see them educated, and housed and clothed and fed, not as a budget line item, but as shaping the inner emotional security and character of the human beings who will some day care for us, as our age turns us into a social security line item. If we do not teach our children compassion, they will never know how to grant us their compassion.

If we have compassion for those who leave marks of hatred on buildings, and speak hateful words to others, we then allow them to be seen as people, which allows them to address their deep fears of being — invisible people.

To love is not to “condone”, “give a pass”, “endorse” or “forgive”. Those are intellectualized means of processing our own ego in a situation. To love is to fearlessly hold a space for the compassion necessary to bring forward a solution. 

To love is to be a heavy lifter with the persistence of gravity, whose only wish is to create opportunity, often patiently, while a solution that honors the dignity of all people, not the principle held by some people, is then co-created by the contributions of the many.

Leadership is not about accomplishing line-item tasks. That is effective administration.

True leadership is the ability to create, uphold, and continue to fuel the environment where all tasks may be accomplished while feeding the emotional needs of the complex and diverse people who are there to accomplish the task.

People are the currency for change, not money.

There is no such thing as an impossible task — only impossible people.

So let us bring those in leadership forward whose mantra is possibility.

The minute we stop putting energy into demonizing others, or demonizing the means which have progressed society, we grow. The moment we stop hissing in the rear view mirror at the bumps in the road that we have already traversed, cursing our past to become our future — we then begin to expand, and to ignite new opportunities for everyone. 

Until we accept that we are all hypocrites in one way or another, that we are all fallible in one way or another, that in one way or another we are all selfish, easily frightened, opinionated, self-righteous, brainwashed by a consumer system that doesn’t care about anything but pointing out where we fail so that we’ll buy more items to feel better — until we all truly look into the mirror and recognize that the rock upon which many of us have built our professional pious American character upon was a never a rock to begin with, but a jagged spike in a profits graph posing as a sturdy mountain —

— we will never heal.

We will never grow.

We will never truly change what needs to be changed to ensure our children a world in which innovation triumphs over the fear of loss.

Let us take the first step in healing by accepting our own hypocrisy, often justified by a laundry list of our own wounded self-importance grafted into place to over-compensate for feeling invisible, thanks to a consumer culture that deems one relevant only with enough name brands hanging off one’s body, or enough letters behind one’s name, or enough money in the bank, or enough cleavage showing.

Let us first remove the plank from our own eye to see that we are all — all of us — raging, pouting hypocrites, mostly angry at ourselves for our own repeated actions in hypocrisy, yet obsessed with pointing out the frailties in the hypocrisy of others as to learn from the human mirror right in front of us.

We rail against oil companies yet drive cars. We fight against greenhouse gasses yet drive through and pick up a burger as massive beef lots pour greenhouse gasses into the environment. We rail against those who don’t “pay their own way” while we creatively apply write-offs to our taxes, robbing the local roads we use everyday of repair money. We all want to win the lottery so we can stop working, yet rage against people who receive money, or  “entitlements”, and “don’t work”. We are on disability yet rail against those who are on welfare. We are on welfare and rail against those who make the money which funds the welfare.

We are sure we are justified, pious, upstanding, doing God’s work. We are sure that our perspective is the one that is correct. We claim authoritarianism is a bad trait unless it supports our opinion — and then it is suddenly righteousness, God’s will, a miracle.

These are the lies we tell ourselves to justify our polarization, our judgement, our pettiness, our fear of becoming something better than simply ourselves by joining with others to create a solution that we could never accomplish on our own, while trapped in our own echo chambers.

We protect our fragile consumerist need to “be number one”, be first, win, and above all things, to be seen, because our ego has grown as a bloated parasite on our soul, a black-hole born of an illusion of grandeur that can never be satiated.

We are not only hypocrites in America, but addicts, with a majority of the population addicted to the same sugar that turns diabetes and cancer into a multi-billion-dollar business. Yet we turn up our nose at those who suffer with addictions to meth, to opioids, as our addiction to sugar is socially acceptable and encouraged, especially since the artificial high in sugar makes better workers-bees in monotonous jobs that fuel the consumer monster. Have another cookie. They’ve been left in the break room.         

We are a society drunk on the drug of our own needs, wants, and insecurities, trained by a broken consumerism culture to believe that we never “have enough”, when “enough” is within, and right in front of us, if we’d just re-evaluate our reality.

We struggle to find our identity and feelings of safety in a world where helping others is viewed as weakness, and “ownership” is viewed as self-made strength and accomplishment.

And we’re terrified to grow past what we know, to try new things.  Because who are we going to become, without the letters after our names, or the numbers in our bank account, or the striving identity of the lesser-of-the-hypocrites?

After all, how will we get through a sex-less marriage without a pint of ice cream a day, or tolerate an emotionally abusive job without spending hundreds on a new pair of shoes, or get past a defeated consciousness that doesn’t believe in anything anymore without creating hatred for others in order to deaden our own suffocating ineffectiveness in bringing healthy change to our own lives?

How will we cope without our treats? Our prizes? Our rewards? Because we can’t be expected to do this life, to participate, to make things better — unless we’re rewarded.

We are all entitled, as Americans, on one level or another, no matter the income bracket, as well as hypocrites. Both are the double-edged sword of the luxury granted by opportunity.

It is important that we, as a culture, go into acceptance over this very basic fact — that we are each, in one way or another, the very monsters we are trying to defeat.

This acceptance, this accountability, this courage to reach deep and wake up, this willingness to stop the cycle of blame and illusion and false piousness put into place by an old world score-keeping society whose goal is to divide We The People, so that it may sell us a means to feel part of something bigger, with a prescription, or for only five installments of $99.99 —

— this personal recognition, ownership and forgiveness for our own monster within will grind the sugar-drug-hazed, whining, wanting, blaming machine to a halt.

This personal recognition, ownership and forgiveness for our own monster within will allow us to recognize that there is not one among us who is greater than the other, in our faults, our frailties, or our fears.

This personal recognition, ownership and forgiveness for our own monster within will remove the insatiable soul-sucking parasite of ego from the greater purpose that our soul is calling out toward:


To heal our world, our hearts, and our minds, we must zero-out the endless cycle of finger-pointing, and huffing hopelessness. Instead, let us replace it with solution-based action. And those solutions must come from all of us.

Every perspective counts. It is only our hypocrisy that convinces us that ours is more righteous. We cannot light the darkness without treading into the dark first to understand where to lay the wiring. We must visit with the convicted child molester to understand their perspective, in order to shelter children from victimization. We must bring those who subject others to human trafficking forward to understand how it is possible to enslave another, so that we may protect those who may fall prey. Understanding perspective does not condone an action, nor relinquish the penalties brought forth by breaking laws. It simply allows the data to be gathered.

Because in healing, all perspective matters. The victim and the victimizer both hold answers, whether individuals, corporations, politicians, or the planet. We must be brave enough to hold a space, in love, to find these answers.

We must reach deep past the bloated ego parasite to find the burning purpose in our soul, so that this purpose may be deemed “enough” on which to act — without a treat, without a prize, without a price tag.

Old timers called this action “doing the right thing”.

We must give away our distraction of hypocrisy, or in the meantime, find patience with ourselves when it rears its embedded head in our daily lives, so that we may put to rest the endless cycle of argument and judgement, in lieu of bringing forward a growth cycle of healing.

This, humanity, is our only chance or survival.

It is our only chance.

We will either rise to the occasion of self forgiveness, and the forgiveness of others, for unspeakably appalling condition of being human —

— or will will die, as a species, cackling through a sugar high and a selfie while unaware that we’re choking on the septic waste of our own hubris, ego, and entitlement.

We must find the strength to de-brand ourselves from a polarized consumer culture that sells acceptance through the perception of lack, convincing us that we need more “stuff” to be a true American — bigger opinions, bigger cars, bigger sodas, bigger divides, bigger notoriety.

Instead, we must apply positive, bold, courageous, hopeful, ingenious actions devised by the amalgamation of many perceptions, then overcoming the old-world hesitation to “try something new” by bringing forward incredible, visible results in growth.

Humans are motivated by positive results.

And most importantly — we must find the courage to trust one another with our deepest hopes, dreams, and collective ideas, with the intention of building this new world together.

Because the truth, as we officially plummet into a climate change cycle that is quickly extincting opportunities for food and clean water in far less time than projected — the truth is that we are all settlers of a brave new world, crammed together in the belly of a three-mast ship, being tossed at the mercy of a stormy sea. We are all frightened, because we are not certain if the vessel that we’ve chosen to carry us to an unknown destination will endure this storm. It is creaking, and springing leaks, and even the people who were confident about this journey are now sickened and driven to the floor by their inability to secure steady footing — because the storm is relentless. Yet we must remember, amidst the sobbing and the fear below, that our hope for a new beginning was enough to silence our fears, to get us together in the belly of a common ship, to face an uncommon task. This is why we’ve stayed, as settlers, elbow to elbow, standing ankle deep in human mess. We know that this storm cannot last forever. And that all who boarded this vessel were needed, with their individuals skills for the task ahead. Because one cannot build a new world with only one nail.

We all hold the courage to break the ground in this new world. Yet this time, the ground we are breaking is not soil, yet our souls.  It is not the construct of society, but consciousness. We are not reaching to conquer new horizons; we are restructuring to construct new heavens. We are not overthrowing an indigenous culture, but including all culture.

And for this task, we require those to fearlessly step forward who are called to a new style of leadership that places the power of love first, the ego of the individual second, and the illusion called fear that cripples human potentially — completely aside.

It is time we crawl out of the identity of the judging, condemning, entitled hypocrites, who have lost ourselves in the illusion of “better-than”, to place our arms and our hearts around our fellow humans, and celebrate our common genius.

We all have differing skill sets, differing goals, a differing world lens. Nature requires many opposites to balance the whole. The earth must have a north and south pole so that our magnetosphere will adhere to our planet in order for life to be protected from harmful solar radiation. Nature deems neither pole dominant. Nature wastes nothing, including you. You are here for a purpose. And so am I. So let us reach for this purpose with the excitement of gentle settlers in a new world, and may we draw on love as our compass.

Love is not an ideal. It’s a tool.

Love is a problem-solver that never gives up.

Love is an innovator that never gives up.

Love is a peacemaker that never gives up.

Love is a bridge-builder that never gives up.

Love is a healer that never gives up.

Love is a moderator that never gives up.

Love is a mother that never gives up.

Love is a father that never gives up.

Love never gives up protecting what it loves.

Love only gets stronger the more weight you put into it.

And so do you.

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The feminine timeframe crash course: Is this the end for men?

As I’ve been speaking on for the past few years, the timeframe of the feminine is firmly upon us. No more shadow period, no more “working it in ” — it is here. And it could not come along at a better time in the evolution of our species. As the universe does — the timing is impeccable.

Merriam Webster’s word for 2017 was “feminism”. Yet the word is greatly misunderstood by many to have political ramifications. As stated in the news by Kellyanne Conway, feminism, to her, means “anti-male” and “pro-abortion”, when in fact, according to Merriam Webster, the word is defined as “the belief that men and woman should have equal rights and opportunities.”

Human beings project much meaning into the world around them based upon our own life experiences and personal lenses, creating the lessons we see fit to act as our teachers at that time.

Though the word “feminism” is receiving its moment in lights, it is truly the physics of the feminine timeframe which is the engine that creates lift-off for humanity’s most recent spiritual and cultural evolution. 

This is no more an anti-male statement than proclaiming that gravity holding our feet to the ground is a statement that disavows the power of an almighty God; they are both simply the affects of physics — one spiritual, one physical.

Many have turned the spiritual physics of the feminine timeframe into a political rant of one form or another, pivoting on the term “feminism” to strengthen both positive and negative cultural perceptions.

Ironically, the spiritual physics of this timeframe have the very least to do with the mechanics of traditional politics, a modality forged in the imbalanced phase of the masculine, and far more to do with the social ramifications of collective bridge-building.

The feminine timeframe is a beautiful yet complex metaphysical transition that supports humanity in harmonizing our individualized consciousness into one healing modality, in order to come up with a workable plan that “fits”, for all.

This means, in practical functioning social terms, that all “give” a little, as opposed to some “giving all”, while many “give none”. It is the recognition that the idea of a “majority”, in such a diverse and interconnected world, is simply an illusion created by a tribal-imprinted human psyche.

Though a group may share an opinion for a perceived greater good, the old-word idea of a one-voice majority has had its day as a polarizing teacher. 

The feminine timeframe teaches us that humans are not a hive mind, though emotionally and spiritually blue-toothed together. Managing and adapting to this dichotomy in our emotional to spiritual design is one of the most exhilarating evolutionary experiences the world will experience in the next several years.

The feminine timeframe brings the exercise in balanced intelligence, both mentally and emotionally, where once, intellectual and force intelligence dominated.

Some call this process “being in unity”, while others refer to this process as “ascension”. 

For me, as not only a spiritual translator but a musician, it is far more accurate to refer to this process as a grand harmonization. “Unity” can imply a standardization of some kind, and for those whose wounds rest in the place of being unheard or being marginalized, “unity” can equate to erasure. “Ascension” can imply a standard of ranking, as in, some will ascend, and others will not. For those whose wounds rest in areas of the old world judgement sometimes extended through organized religion, “ascension” can equate to “being picked” or “not picked” for the righteous kickball team.

This time frame of the feminine calls upon the physics of healing through harmonizing billions of individual perspectives, ideas, lessons learned through wounds we’ve converted into teachers, and supporting the many as opposed to the exaltation of the one.

In the wake of incidents surrounding Harvey Weinstein and many others, it is important to make note of the dynamics of this timeframe, so that it does not fall into the cracks of our old world need for polarization. 

In other words, let’s not divide off into Team Fem and Team Dude, and duke it out like a bad 1970’s Japanese game show. 

This space in time is all about transcending the need to polarize into opposing sides, simply to justify one’s stance or opinion. That modality reflects that old world masculine, the single hierophant claiming that “might is right”. 

We do not require an enemy in order to define our purpose. It is not human nature, to war. That impulse is a learned response born of an old, two dimensional world, where resources were restricted to control the masses; a world once believed to be flat, once believed to be the center of the universe.

Much as humanity wishes to believe that we are God’s most important creation, it is time, in this feminine timeframe, to release the idea of omnipotent dominion, and accept that all organisms, all people, are here to work together for a common good.  

Even individuals that bring harsh lessons then bring opportunities for growth. All have a purpose and nothing is wasted when all lessons tie together.

In this case, in the case of a global environment whose weather is cycling much faster into a frenzied and erratic climate that will most definitely challenge our ability to exist — survival is the harmonized action.

We must decide if humanity is the virus on a global scale, or a helpful anti-body. So far we’ve been the virus. And a fevered earth is simply burning us off.

Yet in the United States, we are burning ourselves out even faster than the earth can burn us off, and we’re doing so through the exercise of adhering to polarized beliefs that then restrict what we feel is possible. 

I like to call this the Crisis Effect, which groups people by fear, rather than by strength.

In an attempt to harmonize in an era where extreme polarization is a trendy illusion of safety in numbers — Republicans vs Democrats, Broncos vs Patriots, Men vs Women, any team us-against-them designed to keep people distracted with base-level binary simplicities — it’s important to fully understand the transformative power of the feminine timeframe and what it means for both males, females, and those whose gender is not their defining social factor.

The Feminine Timeframe is an era of Healing and Teamwork.

Though there are many whose identities have been forged through “besting” others, in business, in a situation, in a movement or through the voice, the energies in the timeframe of the feminine will simply not support the total dominion of others. 

This will bring into evaluation the identities for millions, perhaps billions, of people around the planet, who have been socialized and trained to believe that dominance equals respect, even safety. 

The era of the great hyper-masculine warlord riding the horse, swinging the sword, being seen as the one savior in all, deciding everyone is less powerful — is over. 

To compensate for this dynamic shift, we see oddities in the news such as world leaders boasting about the “size” of a nuclear button on their desk, or its proximity; the lion roars in the sunset of winter. The battle cry is all that remains.

We all hold a piece of the key to humanity’s deliverance, through upcoming world events, weather events, geothermal events. It is our time to come together with these keys. 

We are all just a little bit “right” as difficult as that is for many to accept who hold extremely differing opinions and experiences.

As a collective, humanity is being asked to offer our greatest strengths into the world, and to give away that which would inhibit us from doing so — shame.

Ridding ourselves of Shame

Shame has served as a tool exercised in the imbalanced period of the masculine timeframe to suppress the greatest gifts and talents of those around the king, leader, or hierophant. Unrealistic expectations have been placed upon the masses, to be all things to all people, a template born of ego and hubris. Failure to reach this impossible task was met with shaming.

Men and women are shamed differently. Men are shamed through ego — for not knowing it all, earning all, saving all, and doing all. Women are shamed for the very same thing, yet for different reasons of being — the mother not being all for the family, for not being the Peace-keeper, for not being chaste enough, for not giving up the self to “be there” for everyone, always.

This great dysfunctional role-playing game, this great imbalance, has served to cut off both men and women from the true strength of leaning on all capacities provided by their chi; of honoring and utilizing both the masculine and feminine energies within all humans, distributed evenly for balance. 

This stripping of chi strengths in both genders has been purposeful. Empowered people are much harder to control. Shame has been the old world’s most effective barbed-wire fence, stretching millions of miles within the minds of billions of people.

It is time to snip the wire.

Millions of transgendered, inter-gendered and non-gendered people are emerging in the world at breakneck pace during this feminine timeframe. This is perhaps the Universe’s means to right a deep imbalance in the need to polarize energies through gender role-playing. 

Nature blends chi, or gender elements. Indigenous First World Peoples had up to eight genders in their societies, and ancient practices in Native American tribes deemed these “two-spirited” people as blessed, or spirit-bringers. Modern Western Society labels these same two-spirited people as anomalies in its simplistic polarized elimination of anything except two outwardly-physical genders. 

Yet still, we attempt to shame that which we do not personally embody nor understand.

Shame is pervasive in all cultures across the globe. Quiet self-hatred is a common theme in playing out this shame. 

Men are taught self-hatred for their feminine energy, and women taught self-hatred for their masculine energy. 

The authority humanity has gifted to shame is epic. 

Shame seeks to strip away self-confidence and re-program a person through diminishment. Shame is only as effective as our adherence to its limiting beliefs, an old world energy of restriction. 

We’ve even been taught shame as a means to weigh ourselves against the ideology of God. Shame is a cornerstone plot line for a fan-fiction version of a god who is ashamed of “his” creation, full of sinners. A “god that shames” is the sum total of the brainwashing necessary to maintain a stagnant, dying world.

Shame is a prison of the mind we place ourselves within in order to evaluate our worth. 

It serves no purpose other than suppression.

To heal past shame is to regain our sense of self. To regain a sense of self is to be at peace with areas in the self that may require some growth on our part; joyful acceptance of both the masculine and feminine chi within being one area.

Areas within the self that would benefit from improvement are not weaknesses. They are yet undeveloped strengths. We develop strengths by seeing the reflections of our actions in the responses of others.

Humanity is bio-unit

Just as a mile-wide grouping of thousands of king crab moves along the floor of the Bering Sea in one unit, humans work together as a pack. 

We require each other to grow. 

There is no such thing as a self made person, man nor woman; this is mythology woven under the auspice of the imbalanced masculine. We are all the products of a collective effort. And this feminine timeframe brings forth the grand power of the collective, which includes forgiveness, healing, and support.

At this pivotal and exciting place in history, we watch the sparks fly as the feminine energies grind the rough edges off of the masculine ethers. 

The sharpest of all recent edges is polarization. 

Polarization is a masculine energy — this vs that, black and white. It’s an instinctual energy that once sought to protect by avoiding that which is yet unknown. The me-good-you-bad simplicity of a pre-historic world is truly an outmoded manner of navigating life in the 21st century.

In an interconnected world full of so much opportunity for education, polarization is then a choice; a choice to stay insulated in one’s beliefs, say whether liberal or conservative, a choice which then complicates the matter of harmonics.

One cannot harmonize if another does not sing along.

We see everyday the collapse of the old world polarization in government as team Republican crashes against team Democrat in gridlocked battle after battle. This continued denial of the new co-creation energies of the feminine timeframe, in lieu of a polarized habit, will continue to net absolutely zero progress for the USA in government, or the consciousness of our world. Not because “it’s politics”, but because the politics are not yet ready to reflect the energetic switch-over in operating systems.

The current old world operating system fears its own extinction. And every living modality has a survival instinct.

Balance in leadership, in the world, at home, especially in the American government, will require the imbalanced masculine to let go of its fear of integrating its inner feminine, its inner desire to compromise and grow into something far greater in the image of the harmonized collective, rather than the vision of the one.

Yet functionality over ego will prevail.

For modalities that refuse to let go of the outmoded “polarized” operating system, say our government as example, nature will do as it always does — the Universe will simply allow its extinction to make room for a more efficient system. 

For those deeply invested in that old world system, this evolution tends to be a more abrupt and frightening journey.

After all, that which does not evolve then dies. 

Does the feminine timeframe then favor women? 

The timeframe of the feminine favors no one. And that’s the point.

It’s important to note that the term “imbalanced masculine” does not place a target on males. This is often an assumption coming from the perspective of the polarized masculine, a modality that can victimize itself as easily as it has been taught to victimize others.

All human beings, both women and men and inter-gendered individuals, contain masculine and feminine energies, or Yin and Yan, or chi. Women have been subject to the imbalanced masculine, shaping their hyper-femininity in contrast to the needs of the hyper-masculine.

The masculine energies within women have been subject to the same polarized ego push. The women’s liberation movement in the 1970’s had a decidedly masculine approach to its feminine message.

It’s time to bring balance. 

In contrast to the masculine energy of polarization, co-creation is a feminine energy. 

We see areas of the world where governments and individuals put aside the ego of the hierophant and step together in a tribal effort to uphold and heal the many; actions taken for the good of the all, not the power of the one; individual financial opportunities put aside for the benefit of the earth. 

These instances are still a minority as we emerge fully into the feminine timeframe, yet we see far more examples of harmonized action placing themselves in auspicious spaces.

Hushed victimized imbalance is flushed out as the hierophant is asked to give away the frail ego identity of the powerful leader, and to join the tribal healing effort; the “Harvey Weinsteins” are brought forward as the energies of this timeframe pushes out a deeply festering cultural and spiritual splinter embedded in the top layer of our spiritual consciousness.

For men, it’s not a witch hunt. It’s time to heal. 

This imbalance of respect for one another, be it through gender bias, subjugation, prejudice, racism, victimization, abuse, bullying or intimidation is neither healthy, nor empowering, for, or to, the masculine.

This imbalance diminishes the great power of the true balanced masculine, which has been taught to ignore the incredible power of the feminine within. 

For instance, there is nothing more terrifying in the Rocky Mountains than a momma grizzly bear. And within every male exists this most powerful energy of protection for the love of something greater than the ego or self — the inner momma grizzly bear in every man.

Yet the masculine has been trained to disassociate from the deeply protective mother half of its very essence, being told the “feminine within” was “weakness”. 

No one wins when imbalance is re-branded as strength.

Therefore, countless generations of men emerge, full of self-hatred for half of their chi (the feminine) and not understanding why they are being asked to bluff their way at the poker table of life with fast cars, fancy suits and piles of money — instead of simply standing in the place of their own inner protective momma bear, ready to protect the perimeter and co-create for the good of the many over the exterior needs of the few.

The feminine timeframe is here to heal the whole, all human beings alike. It is not a preference by the universe for women over men; that is a perspective of separation through the old world’s masculine polarized lens. 

Instead, this timeframe is nature’s way of bringing balance back to its own creation, before humanity built constructs of us-vs-them, male-vs-female — before humanity took every subtle and beautiful and delicate shade of grey and mashed it into two columns of black and white, an action of a species still developing, like a child, in order to understand the deep complexities of the universe around us.

The timeframe of the feminine does not favor females. It favors no one in particular though it does amplify the best application of the feminine strengths, whether executed through a male or female.

Females who choose to languish in the polarization of the masculine –Us-vs-Them competitive arenas where the winners takes all — will encounter the same hurdles as the masculine in the same situation.

Females will find struggle in this timeframe around moving forward in the feminine, standing alone in its raw nature, as not reflected in the contrast of the masculine; who are women, if not the “delicate fairer sex”?

Women will be navigating through challenges in moving forward with balanced boundaries, balanced voice, balanced stewardship (leadership), and moving forward in areas of balanced compassion for males who have been taught to hate one half of their essence (the female within) as a weakness. 

In this timeframe, addressing current burdens experienced by females is recommended. For women, a collective action of reaching toward each other to bring forward and support one another in grievances will inspire growth and healing, rather than exacting a grievous price for the misdeeds of generations beforehand.

We are seeing these spiritual physics in action with the #MeToo movement.

There is wisdom in observing missteps of the past in order to heal the future. Yet to continue to live within the experience of those missteps furthers the wounding. 

This timeframe of the feminine asks us all to evolve into our collectively healed future that we designing, today. 

It is within the feminine aptitude to hold the space for healing as accountability is enacted in the hearts of every person on the planet. 

This neither excuses nor enables victimizations of the past; it frees us all from the physics of the past, to build a new future.

Males will be struggling against challenges in moving forward with issues surrounding personal patience and emotional humility, as a once-omnipotent singular voice is balanced with a harmonizing collective leadership style. 

Many males will feel as though their relevance is at stake, having been programmed to believe their worth lies in what they can control, rather than what they can tribute toward. This will inevitably lead to potential outbursts in violence as the imbalance in the masculine rights itself with the evolution and re-introduction of the healthy momma bear within. At this time, the Universe encourages males to stand in a place of deep personal strength executed through dignified accountability when an infraction is stumbled upon, rather than rushing to the poker table bluff of Old World ego and deflection. 

Males are encouraged to be patient as self-forgiveness replaces the learned shame response; as self-forgiveness replaces inner anger for forsaking half of their human essence (the feminine) to adopt an operating system where the exaggerated masculine compensated for all chi.

Women will be undergoing a similar adjustment within themselves through this timeframe, as women are also in the process of embracing the balanced, compassionate and heavily-weighted raw power of the feminine, in lieu of the downplayed, self-hating, body-shaming, sexually shamed, exploitive, self-denying and martyred hyper-feminine built in the reflection of the masculine.

Women will seek self-forgiveness for forsaking half of their human essence (the masculine), giving away their permissions to bring forward their strengths to adopt an operating system where the exaggerated feminine compensates for all chi.

Men will remain men and women remain women. The stigmas attached to both will begin to fall away. 

The feminine timeframe is about deep personal healing.

As the feminine favors introspection and connections with feelings, this timeframe supports healing for all organisms in the third dimension — humans, animals, the trees, the rocks, the water, the air — all returning to the nurturing of the mother.

This timeframe of the feminine will remain upon us for the next 100,000 years. Not only is this the natural flux of an ever-flowing spiritual tide in Universal energies, yet this timeframe is in direct response to the planet’s need to nurture itself.

It remains to be seen whether humanity is willing to give away our deepest fears, in order to be part of this continued evolution in self-nurturing. 

Rules of thumb for navigating the feminine timeframe: 

Let us be patient with one another. We are all learning.

Let us extend grace where we once extended judgement. We are all growing.

Let us replace judgement with self-education. We are all expanding our consciousness and this action can be scary.

Let us reach first for compassion and last for polarization. There are far more than two sides to every story, as each of us is constructed from millions of chapters.

Let us swap dogma for discussion. Our greatest triumphs as human beings lie ahead of us, not in history books. 

Let us place our eyes and our focus not on the multiple shared horrors of the Crisis Effect, yet on the horizon of harmonized evolution.

Let us allow walls of fear to tumble, becoming the stepping stones for the bridges of understanding we will build from one heart to the next heart. 

Let us rely on the collective power of these hearts, which understand the language of love as the greatest currency of all — rather than magnifying the weaknesses viewed through the lens of a nearly-extinct emotional culture.

Let us celebrate the exciting co-creation of the elevation of souls, each at their own pace rather than suffering the crucifixion of comparison to one another.

Let us be, humanity.

This timeframe is a healthy part of our planetary spiritual evolution. It’s not the end of our world, or even our “way of life”, as many fear. It’s not the end of “manly men”, as some are diligently proclaiming, those who are deeply invested in the franchise of gender. 

It’s not an end at all.

It’s an expansion in a modality of life that will support assisting one another through our most recent portion of our global social and climate challenge.

The harmonizing of our world involves braiding the frequencies within the strengths residing in our differences, nurturing all workable modalities. 

Do we choose to sing along? 

Or forever go silent?

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Spirit Shots Ep. 3 – Do Our Thoughts Harm the Planet?

A new installment of SPIRIT SHOTS is here!! I love spiritual education and I’m also a science geek — two passions of mine!

Do our thoughts harm the planet? Watch and find out, and pass it on! Let’s get onboard with our own magnificent Super Powers in 2018!!

LETS DO THIS #LightNation !!

#SpiritShots #LeadWithLove #severeweather #climatechange #ascension #psychic #medium #earthquakes

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Our wounds are not our identity

Hold our world in your hearts, for our world is a reflection of our thoughts.

A world held in the heart is a world reflected in love. So many have experienced pain, and operate from a place of the wound, instead of the heart. Yet as we operate from the wound, we cannot heal.

To heal, we must acknowledge the wound, care for it, yet not become the wound.

For too long, our wounds have defined our causes, our fights, our social opinions, our fears, even our idea of God. 

Yet our wounds are our teachers, not to point out our illness or weakness, yet to point out where we engaged life and perhaps incurred a lesson. Wounds do not shape us. They do not break us. They enforce our ability to learn.

They teach through a time-release method of incremental awareness. Wounds cannot heal all at once. They take time. And in this time, we become more aware of our ability to be the steward of the lesson — or — to hold the space for healing, transcendence, and love.

From now until the end of the year, we will see an increase in violence as people are faced with their wounds, their teachers, and are not yet ready for the slow-release of the lesson — we will witness more accidents, more mass shootings in public and sacred places, strange crimes. This is not a sign of “the end”, yet a sign that healing has begun.

For as a wound heals, it replaces the injured tissue with new growth. For some, they see themselves as the damaged tissue, being replaced with a society, a vibration, they do not understand. 

We, the human family, are all bound together by compassion, and love. When we, the human family, ignore the teaching of our wounds to instead believe that we are the wound, we no longer hear the language of compassion, and we no longer believe we are worthy of love. 

We take on the experience of being an “outsider”, of being “damaged”, of being the wounded tissue in need of replacement. None of this is true, yet we wrestle with this illusion as “our reality”, forgetting that we, ourselves, created this perception to forge the fulcrum of contrast in order to be reminded that connectivity, acceptance, and love are our birthright.

This perceived aloneness is a state of illusion, the illusion of the separation from God Consciousness. Everything is connected. Even science agrees, through the language of physics, that we, and all matter, are one. 

Hold the world in your heart. Let us bring healing through our experiences, rather than becoming the continuously festering identity of the wound. 

Let us create a world in the image of our love. This is our charge, our capability. This is the answer to prayer. This is love / God, in action, through us. 

We are not helpless on the other end of the chaos in this world. We are the authors of this chaos. 

Let us author peace in the face of the storm, quiet in the face of hysteria, by taking a few moments each morning and envisioning a world filled with safety, filled with “enough” — enough money, resources, kindness. Then bring that levity and kindness into your day.

We are the architects of our experiences. We are love incarnate. We simply do not believe this. 

Hold the world in your heart. And remember who you are:

#LeadWithLove #GoBeLove #ascend #transcend #evolve

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Leaving Old World Polarization Behind — Spirit Shots with Danielle Egnew Ep.2

ANNOUNCING my Spirit Shots Video series!! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you’ll be notified whenever one of these awesome puppies is uploaded, plus review some pretty fabulous messages from the universe :)!!

I’m so excited to be producing these (mostly 😉 weekly short pick-me-up videos about the current spiritual physics in the ethers at this time. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be so busy that giving up 2-3 minutes of your day is a welcome relief!!

This week’s video is all about ridding ourselves of 20th century programming that gaslights us into believing many outmoded modalities of consciousness.

You wouldn’t continue to wear shoes that you wore out 20 years ago, would you? Of course not! Yet when we continue to drag old world programming along with us, that’s exactly what we’re doing – and why ruin our spiritual instep? Join me as she delves into tips and insights on how to maximize the energies of this feminine time frame, right here — on Spirit Shots!

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Three steps to heal Las Vegas and the world


It struck a chord of horror in the hearts of America that such a tragedy would occur, having over 50 people reported killed and hundreds more wounded in a Las Vegas mass shooting.

In times such as these, when one person’s overwhelming pain becomes the fulcrum for so much destruction across so many lives, it fully brings to our attention the intensity of pain felt on this planet.

When I talk about “leading with love”, I speak on a principle that is quite weighted in its application. It’s not just about giving people hugs and being kind day to day, which of course both are always recommended. Leading with Love is a state of BEING. It’s a state of centering the soul to recognize that no matter the grotesque display of rage, pain, and anger that is splattered across our headlines, our innate need to love, and be loved as human beings, is the bottom-line factor that allows every person to come together.

There are measurable spiritual physics and weight within both the energies of love and the energies of fear. These energies aren’t hoopla or woo-woo theology. There are actual vibrations that are capable of being scientifically measured to show the effects of anger, hatred, neutrality, and love. In one particular case, we see these effects played out in water. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated these spiritual physics principles brilliantly, and the cliff notes from his works may be viewed here on YouTube:

Our CONSCIOUSNESS is a work in progress. It’s neither “higher” nor “lower”, yet simply a series of choices on what we choose to be conscious of, every day. It would be more accurate to term this practice as “Awareness-ness”, as what we choose to be aware of, then becomes our focus. What becomes our focus becomes our lens, which becomes our life. This happens with areas of focus that are both positive, or what we would consider negative. What we resists persists, as the energy and action of “resisting” then places energy toward that which we are attempting to repel — turning the resistance energy into fuel for the lesson.

Consciousness is not a ranking system, nor something we are struck over the head with in a moment of grand enlightenment, though we may have those moments of clarity in our walk.

Consciousness, by definition, is being conscious when presented with a series of choices.

People don’t like to hear this.

I often receive pain-fueled blow-back from people who struggle with this modality when I teach on the principles of “Awareness-ness”, as people have bought into a metaphysical ranking system that states that people of “higher” consciousness are “better” than people of a “lower” consciousness. When in fact, that is simply an erroneous assumption, on many fronts.

Consciousness is simply an exercise in where we place our focus. If we choose to place our focus in fear, we are experiencing fear consciousness. We learn from this perspective, and hopefully move on. Yet for some, their soul path is to continue to work with this energy of fear, as a teacher.

As example, if I decide that a person’s walk with fear is “lower consciousness”, and I interlope with that motivation, THAT very act of judgement is in and of itself – fear consciousness (or “lower” by my own supposed definition) as I am “afraid” that the person in question “needs” my help, as my consciousness must be “more evolved” than theirs.

This action, though generally well-intentioned, is the most acute form of proselityzing in the metaphysical community today. We forget that what works for one of us, may not work for another. And though many in the metaphysical or progressive communities proclaim open-mindedness, the biological and societal need to form a tribe around shared modalities is strong. At times, those shared modalities can then become somewhat of a totalitarian states of being, if not placed into balance.

In other words – in our “higher consciousness”, we may forget that another individual’s lesson IS their walk with the illusions of fear. And though we can reach out a “helping hand” from our perspective, our help may not be what is required in the situation.

Surely, humans are wired to attempt to help one another. Yet if people are truly resistant to receiving a lesson of love over a lesson of fear – there’s a reason. So continue to love that person from a place of respecting their need to wrestle with the fear, and hold your own space of love while continuing onward.

There is a place for the warrior tribes, and a place for the healing tribes. If we truly subscribe to the belief that this system of life is in all balance, and that our choices are a reflection of lessons we are learning, then one side “damning another” for their perspective is of great folly. Warriors claiming that healers are ineffective is a reflection of fear within the warrior that their own modality may not be what is needed. Healers claiming that warriors are part of an old consciousness is a reflection of fear within the healer that their own modality may not be what is needed.

When we feel the need to polarize against another’s modality, we are actually deeply evaluating our own deepest crevices where we have stored our own pain.

In fact, it’s an old throwback to spreading Christianity, this need to “convert” everyone to our lens, to our experience, to our way of thinking. There is a difference between simply sharing our realizations, and judging others who do not take on our life path as a path for themselves.

I’ve observed that humanity is in a time of attempting to exercise the balance between working with each one of our own walks in consciousness, and attempting to understand modalities that are far-reaching; the racist does not understand the love of the African American people; the metaphysical person does not understand the zeal of the Evangelical Christian; the far-fringe Muslim does not understand the lens of the western world; we appear to be wrestling with our pre-conceived ideas of polarization, of generalization, in recognizing that this world, indeed –

— is exactly what we create it to be, a co-created dream where we are all the authors.

We are our own worst terror. We are the Devil, hiding in the night. We are the work of the Holy Spirit, coming through our hands. We are our own miracles. We are the vessels for this great opportunity to grow. This is the way of an interconnected consciousness, of an interconnected universe.

Yet that’s a bit much to bite off and swallow, if you’re coming from the perspective of a nearly-emotionally-and-spiritually-lobotomized American (and western) culture. This culture, especially that of consumerism, has taught us that we are not enough, and what we truly need to be whole exists outside of us, for only five payments of $39.99.

Television “programming”, which is exactly that, has programmed the Baby Boomer generation on down to need, need, need. To strive, strive, strive, for the endless bottomless pit of “stuff” that means nothing at the end of a life cycle, except to have bookmarked that we have championed emotional lessons in the Illusions of Separation from Source (God), or – lessons in “lack”.

And here’s a bit of mind-boggling awareness for you that was brought to my attention by the Angelic realm, with whom I am frequently interacting – this championing of “lack” is worth just as much, in the spiritual learning bank, as championing “love”. Once we leave this lifetime and can reflect on our life path, we recognize that one lesson is not “better” than the other.

This idea of moral hierarchy that humanity has imposed upon our lessons is a construct of the human need to “be special”, which really is an issue of being seen for who we are, instead of feeling invisible. Morality is a human score-keeper. Honestly, the Collective Universe could care less how we choose to learn, or what we’re learning. That’s our choice.

This choice means choosing to be conscious of where we are at, as well as where everyone else is at, in our and their own growth. We will not always agree. And certain actions we take may horrify others, as much as their actions may horrify us.

Pay attention to your horror. It is your teacher.

For example, what do you wish to be able to heal in yourself, that is brought to the surface by what you’ve witnessed? If a shooting has brought up fear and sadness over the potential loss of family, how may you love on your family more thoroughly, every day? If another lens views same-sex marriage as a means of fear and sadness for a loss of a way of life that seems traditional, that person would be well-suited to look into their own marriage and make sure that they are giving it every ounce of attention necessary as not to lose what is dear to them.

There are the healing tribes, and the warrior tribes, and all are necessary to move our species to the next phase of our human evolution. Yet judging one person’s walk over another – or judging a person’s “consciousness” – often times means that we may want to take a look at our own, and decide which areas we are still working on.

Remember – there IS no “grade” for this process. We all get an “A” for being here, for being present, which defies the Patriarchal need to “best” another in order to earn importance or worth. In an old- world template that determines worth by how much money you spend (how many academic letters are after your name, how much money you earn, how many books you have published, the car your drive, the size of your home or 401k), this concept of “enough” by simply being here is a mind-bender for many; that simply the act of BEING born – of choosing consciousness — is in fact, a triumph of love in this incarnation.

If that previous paragraph in any way causes you discomfort, anger, or a feeling of being incensed, I would offer you the opportunity to utilize those feelings as your teacher: For instance, have you sacrificed internal happiness to achieve the “successes” in your life, and if so, are you able to forgive yourself and / or  embrace those choices, as clearly, the successes were a valued part of your learning path in which you invested greatly? Or, perhaps you feel that others had it easy while you had it hard, and you consider your ability to persevere to be a sign of strength, so hearing that “simply being here” takes away from that which you perceive to be your greatest value. If so, are you willing to embrace the potential that other people’s walk has nothing to do with your strength, beauty, and character, for comparison is an illusion of the ego?

Every emotion is our teacher.

So how do we realistically and energetically assist, in a situation like Las Vegas, or any other major tragedy in the world, when most of our hearts are breaking? Because really, in the midst of all of this learning, we FEEL very deeply, and in those feelings, we translate great emotional, chemical, and spiritual lessons.

I’ll pass on a list that you might find helpful in your CONSCIOUSness exercises – again, paying attention to what you are CONSCIOUSLY ingesting:

1. We are all a grain of sand in the million-ton weight of love

Life is like an old-fashioned balance scale. On one plate is filled with a brick of gold that everyone is convinced is worth everything, due to its weight. As a western consumerism society programmed to believe that the WEIGHT of our value is in those external items which we can never fully attain – great wealth, for instance — this gold brick represents that which we feel we can never balance out, in our life.

We step into the other scale tray, to attempt to balance this expectation in our life, and because we have convinced ourselves that our value is far less than that of the gold, our weight is that of a grain of sand. The scale does not move. We are convinced that our weight is not enough, and we sit paralyzed by the appearance of never being able to bring balance to our life.

Yet this is an illusion in how we choose to train our “Awareness-ness”, as the scale does not pass judgement on the value of the contents in either dish. We may not be able to command our “Arareness-ness” to be more conscious of the fact that we ARE the value of the gold, in that moment, as we’ve had several generations of social and spiritual programming to the contrary. However, when we give away the need to “do it ourselves”, to put to rest the Hierophant’s staff of ego, and we invite others into our tray, the scale begins to right itself; millions of grains of sand balance the weight of that which was once viewed as immovable.

The moral of the analogy here is that we are NEVER alone, and through our co-creation of purpose, we can change the weight of a culture’s energy simply by stepping together in unified vision toward a collective goal. In this case, to balance the scale. It takes many of us to move the gold brick, yet we’ve forgotten that the gold brick was CREATED by many of us at once.

Action to take:

In terms of world tragedies such as Las Vegas, if we all take a moment to send a Spirit Shot into our day to effectively change the energies of the world – hug someone, smile at service people, call a friend, allow someone else to go before you in an elevator, acknowledge with KINDNESS those around you —  then energetically, that seemingly “tiny” act of kindness becomes one grain in the million-ton weight of love, and the scale shifts to center. When the scale shifts, people “feel” kinder inside and share a sense of peace, often for “no reason”, though the reason is very purposeful.

Each action you take has a profound affect. We’ve been taught that small actions don’t matter.

The scale would disagree.

2. We are all Bluetoothed in the consciousness of evolution

The reason that the sand analogy actually works in real life is the same reason that the water molecules in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments reacted – we are all connected through energy fields.

The brain is an electromagnetic organ and the body is roughly 65% salt water, one of the most effective semi-conductors for electricity. Our bodies are designed to share an energy field. As we pour bits of our sand into the half-full glass, the mass of the love attached to the sand raises the glass from empty to full, and the energy of these actions are then shared by the planet.

Again, this is a scientific application, not metaphysical hoopla. If you truly wish to education yourself on how the human brain “clocks” and “synchronizes” with others, via energy fields, there is much data available from our military to our psychological fields on this topic.

As we share the energy of support and love, this lessens the energy of the  “mystery stress” shared by all of us in the etheric field as our brains receive energy that inspires panic chemicals to be created.

Our grain of sand becomes the gold brick, when combines with others.

Action to take:

Today, take three minutes and envision the world being full of nothing but ease and peace. FEEL this, in your very being. Allow the feeling to be real, as literally, in that moment – it IS real, as our mind is incapable of distinguishing our own imagination from “factual” information, as the brain simply processes what it is given to process.

To the brain, an imagined world of peace is just as real as an actual world of peace. And the brain will send out electromagnetic signals of peace, contentment, and harmony, in response to this reality. The reciprocal effect for others is to pick up on this “transmission” of peace, and to continue to broadcast it, though we may not be conscious of this broadcast, as our “Awareness-ness” is elsewhere.

Once the FEELING of this peace permeates your being, just SIT within, and radiate it, like a pulsating beacon. This action is ENOUGH. Your grain of sand suddenly becomes a gold brick as this energy signature finds millions of others just like it, out in the ethers. Once combined, this energy “changes the dial” from the frequency of fear to that of peace.

It is palpable.

3. My hands are your hands

Humans are designed to work as a bio-unit. Energetically, we Bluetooth together for the most effective collective outcome. This Bluetooth affect is also transferred to actions that each one of us then takes upon ourselves.

Each hand has five fingers – and each finger represents the people of the world – black, white, red, yellow, brown. The palm represents the planet, the world that supports us, in which we live. As I use my hands to help another – perhaps raise a barn, or watch a friend’s children, or help clean an elderly person’s gutter – my hands become that of service. As my hands become that of service, I help the world as everything I place into the world through my interconnected and Bluetoothed hands then has it’s mirrored effect in the shared energy field.

Action to take:

Spend up to an hour a week physically DOING something in the world that does not directly affect you. or further your own life, in any direct way. Give of your time and your talents. Feed the flow of energy around you with loving action. As your hands become tools of a bigger purpose than simply serving the self, your hands become my hands, as I do the same.

As sands that create a million pound weight, we become a Giant, moving mountains in the world, all for kindness and all for sharing.

This action directly recycles the more brittle energies of avarice, fear, anger, jealousy, and many other “I”-focused “Awareness-ness” into then pliable “we” energies such as growth and healing.

The old world, built upon hubris and the lesson to control others in order to be gifted with value, has great trouble with enacting these simple steps in which to begin to alter the energetic field in which we all globally reside. The old world wishes to poo-poo such basic spiritual physics in lieu of far more labor-intensive principles, such as politics and big business. Each of those modalities has its purpose. Yet by enacting these very basic principles in spiritual physics, while others enact the more labor-intensive principles – perhaps both at one time – we experience the greatest change in our world possible –

— that of co-creation and co-responsibility for the lessons we are teaching, as well as learning.


We are inter-connected as a species. It’s not a choice, yet a fact. We are the body of life, all of us; those with whom we agree and disagree; those who strike horror in our souls, as we mirror back horror in their souls. One person’s savior is another person’s rogue.

The new world beckons us to a place of ease, of shared creation, for the world of the conquering energies, driven by dominion through the illusion of lack — has passed away.

Welcome the age of connection.

For some, this is age terrifying, as people everywhere can feel these deep energetic connective shifts, and perhaps some are not ready to have a universe full of others in their sphere. For with feeling others comes the Bluetoothed emotions driven by the illusions of shame, fear, anger, humiliation, and disgrace. Yet our power to utilize this connection for something far greater than our own desires then lessens any inconvenience — or opportunity for growth, depending on your own lens — that we may pick up from the emotions of others.

As we continue to flood the world with love, one grain of sand at a time, our global scales right themselves to a place of balance, rather than polarizing righteousness or fear. This is the challenge for all of us: to give away the idea that our “little bit” we are able to do, means nothing.

In fact, your little bit means everything, once combined with the millions and billions of other little bits — just exactly like you.

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Our addiction to prediction is killing us


So much dissonance in the ethers. This, too, affects our weather. We are watching our fear play out — in the atmosphere.

All things are connected.

Yes, quite clearly we’re experiencing science as well — climate issues that we have ushered in, at breakneck pace. Yet —

— back in the latter part of 2016, I spoke about this exact time frame that we are currently experiencing. And I spoke about how I was shown that our Mother Earth would be putting forward some serious smack-down on our sense of entitlement regarding our planet. And — that we would have to become accustomed to working together, no matter how the media messaging attempted to divide franchises and clear-cut polarization.

Because when your home is flooded due to an epic storm that’s raining buckets, or your town is drowned in non-breathable air saturated in smoke because the mountain up behind your house is on fire– it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican, or a Democrat, or a WhoCares-a-crat.

It matters upon what your heart is fixed. It matters where your consciousness chooses to place its focus. And though we can all be mad, or incredulous, or shocked, or horrified at what’s going on in the world, remaining in that particular “state” of emotional interpretation then becomes its own exercise in where we choose to place our consciousness.

AND THAT. IS the BIGGEST lesson in this time frame. Our ability to play well together is a necessary lesson in the release of ego, that which we project because we fear disapproval for who and what we truly are – or, fear we are not.

Yet that’s not what many want to hear. We wish to be able to point our fingers at “them”, whoever “they” are, and lay blame and confusion for modalities that we cannot comprehend. This is an easy fix, something we’ve all been taught in our chest-banging mammalian aptitude for channeling our fear of that which we do not understand.

Yet it doesn’t fix the problem. It makes it worse. And then comes more finger-pointing and blaming. And more chest banging. Until someone fires a nuclear missile because the ego has no other chess move lest it evaporate. And stepping back never serves the ego.

I’ve spoken tirelessly, as have many of my colleagues, on the importance of TRANSCENDENCE  during this time frame. Yes, we can observe what needs to be changed. Yes, we may have our emotional reactions. Yet remaining stuck in an emotional reaction such as fear, or anger, is simply shifting distractions. Remaining stuck in the hamster wheel of fury is a thin band-aid slapped over a blazing wound of fear.

The moment we own the fear, the wound heals. Yet that means we have to replace it with something else in our personality, something else which gives our life meaning – something ELSE. We’ve been taught to bolster the fear with rage. All rage becomes, at that point, is the anesthesia as we drown under the weight of the fear that crushes our Light..

We don’t want to hear that, either.

We want to hear that our anger is our sanctuary. That we’ve earned every scar and every bleeding rip in our consciousness, and somehow, banging the never-ending gong of how we’ve been wronged will somehow – bring a “right”. Well surely, it will bring awareness. Yet to remain in anger is simply a habit.

And that infuriates those whose identity is anger. Such a simple sentence is taken as a deep affront, usually followed by a tirade of how an individual has earned their right to remain in fury for the rest of their natural lives.

Fear is anger.

Racism is fear. Republican-hating is fear. Democrat-hating is fear.

Hating is fear.

Fear is an energy signature that, like any particle wave, has the ability to move matter. If you disagree with this assessment, spend time in front of someone who is shouting in your face; one can feel the rage rip through the pores of the skin.

Energy is not destroyed. It is transferred. And that’s one of the mechanisms in Spiritual Physics that we are witnessing at this time frame in the world, as epic weather patterns seem to mirror deep chaos among top world governments and popuations.

Which is why I’ve dialed back on the predictions. Not because I can’t see what’s coming, to the best of my ability. Since November of 2016, I’ve posted plenty of predictions on Facebook and Twitter, from politics to world events to weather, most all of which (very regrettably) have come to pass. And I’ve posted them in order to assist others in understanding what was to come, so that other options would be available, emotionally, to people. As a species, we do much better if we’re not surprised.

Yet I’ve learned something very valuable after the election of 2016; People hang onto outcome, rather than focusing on the transcendence of the lesson. And if I am providing information that causes people to stumble, to become addicted to one headline of outcome after another, even if that’s not my intention – then it’s time to re-evaluate my delivery.

Humanity just isn’t designed to know it’s exact future – because not only are we constantly in the process of deciding what that future is to be, yet we completely miss the point half the time when that future is presented to us while we take weird short-cuts, throwing out valuable learning tools simply because we want to “get to the end”.

I’ve tried to tell people that WE are creating the outcomes that we experience; that WE have ushered in this time frame of polarization to try and suss out where Light and Dark work within the self and where they don’t; that WE are the reasons we are seeing racism and corporate politics play out in the manner in which they are playing out, not some evil empire on one side of an aisle or the other – ALL sides of the aisle come from within us; that WE are being presented with the exercise of overlooking race, color, sexual identity, religion, and any other exterior-defining metric, as we are not marketing fodder – we are human; Yet —

—  folks still have the tendency to sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn, thinking that in some other universe, change arrives as a dinner guest and brings the Chianti. That their participation, their growth, their change, their lessons, their greatest gifts, never need to surface.

Because there’s an app for that.

Or someone else will handle it.

Or it’s too hard to change, or to give away our 20th century ego-sculpting identities for our actual operating system – one of endless miracles, peace, and abundance.

Life’s job is not to convince us to participate. Frankly, if we wish to sit out our entire life in an epic pout – the Universe will absolutely let us do so.

I can shout from the rooftops 100 times a day that unless we begin to Invoke the Law of Love, our weather will continue to compound itself into horrendous cycles worse than even what we’ve deformed the climate to produce. Yet that cry will go upon dull ears, until I mention that choking apocalyptic fires will sour our air and blot out the sun (happening currently in the Rockies, Canada, and California), rampant, flooding will eat our clean water (happening currently in Texas with three other cataclysmic storms to come), chemicals will spill into aquifers (happening currently in Texas, to come on the east coast / Virginia/ Carolinas / New Jersey and New York), food will wither from a lack of sunshine (spring is pushed back due to fires), geothermal activity is sparked by rising temperatures and plate expansion (volcano and earthquake activity popping up alongside fracking points), and a 60/40 shot at North Korea shooting a loaded nuclear missile at either the USA or Japan just to make a point (back to the ego-being-pushed-back-issue).

I can go on and on into hellish and accurate Biblical proportion with fearful description of our fate, as humanity is frightened into simply loving —

—  to save itself.

Yet these projections don’t help. It’s just more “noise” in the fear-o-sphere.

I’ve decided that if humanity decides to perish in a fearful lump, perhaps the exercise is over anyway. Perhaps those who need to learn through crippling fear are here to do just that. I am not in the business of judging anyone’s path. Knock yourself out, whichever path you choose. As the Angelic realm is fond of saying:

All is valid when learning.

I am, however, in the business of love; of upholding the Law of Love; of invoking the Law of Love. And of teaching the power of this amazing energy signature, which brings miracles, clears Doppler-crippling weather, bends space and time, and transcends all things – including the flippin’ jet stream.

Loving means to let go of that which is not ours to alter, to “fix”, such as a choice made by many to remain in rage, to remain in fear, to see these modalities as the only answer, fighting fire with fire while the entire planet burns, giggling and drunk on principle as they too become part of the blaze.

There are plenty of Psychics out there who are happy to feed the fear. It’s an addiction for people, and people pay big money to be scared out of their wits.  For every desire, there is a messenger.

Yet this is why I’ve remained quiet during these times on ‘what’s to come”, because put plainly:

We’re still figuring out if we want to be here at all, on the planet. We say we want to be here, yet our actions do not match this proclamation. We pollute. We kill one another. We rage. We blame. We fill our bodies with toxins and fill our air and oceans with poisons. And we claim that it’s too hard to change.

For some, this will be true. And for these folks, life will be much harder in the times to come. To these folks, I offer love, and a place to hang their hat, a shoulder on which to scream their fears, and even a tea or a cocktail to calm their nerves. Yet sadly, most won’t take any assistance. Because the principle of their fear is all that will be the familiar landscape left in their world. And because perhaps – struggling in that manner is their path. Perhaps that’s why they’re here. To learn through one of the most engaging teachers of all – fear.

We must decide, humanity:

Is it enough to be addicted to predictions, to know that we may or may not be “out of the woods” before we “believe” enough to “take action”? Or is our greatest power as a species our ability to then apply ourselves, to apply LOVE, the ingredient which inspires heavy lifting past hesitation and reason, to truly rise to the occasion of these times and step into the transcendence that this ascension time frame has offered us? To become proactive, instead of reactive? To trust ourselves enough to be the stewards of our greatest gifts, abilities, and talents?

It’s all in what we choose. Though bad things happen to good people — we are never victims in our lives. We are, however, being asked to evaluate our complacency. And I, for one, cannot participate with simply feeding the outcome monster that snips the Achilles heel of our most pivotal moments.

Let us stand in the gap for LOVE — to DESIGN our future by engaging our minds, our hearts, our hands, our passions, and our BEST intentions. Let us place these intentions into the world through brilliant action. Let us watch the change happen because we trusted enough to act, rather than waiting to act while we learn to trust.

You are the miracle you have been waiting for.

The future is not a mystery.

It’s a choice.

Photo credit: NASA/Reid Wiseman

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A Montana Political Candidate and a Reporter Walked Into a Bar…

With this latest debacle in Montana that’s made national news, the amount of email I’m receiving asking for some clarification on what the heck has “gotten into the water” (on a consciousness level) has shot through the roof! Let me explain what the heck is happening,  #TeamLight!

You want to know what’s going on in the ethers? This is what’s going on 🙂 – It’s not Armageddon — it’s Ascension! Hang in there!! We’ve got this :)!! #GoBeLove #LeadWithLove

Video message at the link below 🙂

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