This Just In from the Extra-Terrestrial Airwaves, Folks!

UFO in the skies over the Beartooth Mountain Range, Montana
(Photos by Danielle Egnew (c) 2007)

Eyes to the Skies, people! But first, eyes on the airwaves. It will be a very small matter of time here, likely before 2011 is over, before the President of the USA comes out, on record, and makes a formal proclamation that we have, indeed, been actively chatting with our OffWorld friends (that’s what I call “Aliens” becaue I think it’s a little more polite) since the 1930’s. More so after World War II — that whole “splitting the atom thing” got every OffWorlder’s attention. In fact, there have been many OffWorld races that have interacted with humankind, for many thousands of years – and it may shock some of you to know that many of we humans share bits and pieces of DNA with many of our OffWorld cousins. Hey, made God everybody, and not every person is a “purebreed”.

According to the ET Airwaves, which is what I like to call the frequency that I pick up the extra terrestrial “chatter” on – think of a police scanner 😉 – this public disclosure is overdue. In fact, there is pressure form our OffWorld friends, onto the world governments, to get this information out there to the people. Part of this insistency has to do with assistance that our OffWorld friends and cousins will be giving the planet, to help us with some rather impending Solar Flare issues. The flares aren’t going to “scorch” the earth, but the Electromagnetic “bump” from the flares are powerful enough to fry electronics over a majority of the planet, and put pressure on the planet’s plates, ergo, shifting, causing quakes. During the highest potential for these flares, the southern hemisphere will be facing the sun. However, because of the massive nature of the flares, the EMF burst rolls over the planet much like an ocean wave rolling over a pebble. Black-outs will be the new black.

In order for our OffWorld friends to help us out with these flares, they will be using their technology to create a density in space, or an “EMF shield”, that relies on the same technology that allows them to move matter and travel “between” space. We’ve tried to recreate this technology but can’t quite get it right, mostly because the materials they use to propagate this energy aren’t available here on earth. Kinda tough to build a steel bridge without any steel. The death of all those fish and birds down south was a direct result of a failed attempt to create a reverse EMF burst. Instead, it created a particle pressure wave that affected the internal organs of a species of bird that was susceptible to this type of pressure, as well as affecting a section of water, stunning and killing the fish in the area. Think of it like dropping a stick of dynamite into a pond, and all the fish come floating up, only the pressure wave also traveled through the air. That was the last attempt the US Government is going to make on this type of technology. There have been many other tests that have failed, but not with such obvious and large public casualties that couldn’t be blamed on something else. That last failed test made news, and the military is still WAY too far off of making something that would work without creating a subsequent “wave” that slaps back against the earth and causes, well – lots of dead things. We just don’t know how to manipulate magnetic fields the way that our OffWorld cousins do, and we sure don’t have the right equipment to do it.

In order to have this “EMF net” in place, our OffWorld friends will need to have a series of craft in place, at different levels in the atmosphere. Those craft will be visible from the planet to the naked eye, stationed all over the skies, just hovering. The OffWorlders are not entirely sure that they can create a “net” big enough to hold back the billions of cubic tons of rolling Electromagnetic energy that the sun will have burped in the direction of the earth – that is an awful lot of energy to displace. From what I can see, the mechanics of this EMF net are pretty fascinating! The net doesn’t “catch” the energy – it displaces it. It creates a density in space by resonating, leaving a section of space “out of phase” with the space around it, making it slightly “heavier”, like a “tear”. The Electromagnetic energy is then drawn to the seam of the more dense space, and is sucked into it. Think of a “Black Hole”, but without the enormous gravitational pull. This is a dense rift that acts like a “gutter” that cuts, dimensionally, *through* space, and dumps the energy out far away from the planet, like a gutter that empties water into a street grating only to dump the water out three miles away into the river. Our OffWorld friends have the technology to create these dimensional rifts, as that’s how the craft travel. That’s why the UFO’s appear to move “all over the place” then disappear – they aren’t subject to our gravity, because they are displacing space around them to move, and when they want to
“fold space” they do, and they appear to DISappear to our naked eye.

You can see why we’re lacking the technology to do this whole EMF net thing.

It looks as if the “EMF gutter” will make a difference, but it may not save the entire planet from Black Outs, as hoped. However, it will, at least, leave sections of the planet functioning with electricity, which is good. And, it will save the planet from some of the plate impact from the sun’s shockwave, lessening the earthquakes, though those will still be impending on some level.

SO – with all this going down, and craft hovering high up in the skies, you can imagine the widespread panic, unless, of course, President Obama comes out and says, “These are our friends”, which is what he is preparing to do. The first announcement he will make will simply confirm the reality of UFOs. There will be a subsequent grouping of press conferences with other world leaders, mostly China and The Russian Republic, where the world leaders acknowledge on-going communication with our OffWorld friends. NATO already has an appointee to OffWorlder relations, and that person will be introduced.

There are many OffWorld races, but around four OffWorld races that I “pick up” on a regular basis, hanging around the earth. Three I’ve actually physically witnessed down here. Some are nicer than others. Some look shockingly like us (Hmmm, wonder who contributed to *our* DNA over the years?) and they are very pleasant. Of course, there are the Greys, which aren’t the ones who are going to be helping with the EMF shield, and aren’t exactly very friendly. There are some very tall very light skinned lanky hairless guys who are pretty cool actually and do a lot of telepathic communication and even some really interesting time-travel stuff (and I think they also may be interdimensional), some wonky reptile-looking guys that give me the creeps and sometimes wear big black robes (these guys are a little elitist in my opinion, and their resonance is just not right…like, well, a lizard. The Greys are more like Spider energy, which I really don’t like.). The tall lanky light skinned guys are going to help us the most with this EMF shield issue, along with our very humanoid friends.

So. Now you have the skinny. Unless our OffWorld friends abandon their plan to help us out, which appears to be rather complex, we will get a chance to see them. There is something about our leaders not disclosing to the people about the existence of the OffWorlders that is affecting their ability to help, or their willingness to help, and that is one of the main points of irritation between two of the Offworld species and our Government, who, according to the Tall Lanky guys, promised they would make a disclosure in 2009 after the appearance of the Norway Spiral. The whole POINT of the OffWorlders creating a temporal anomaly like the Spiral was so that the world leaders could reference it, since so many people saw it and had it on camera. Such a spectacular and never-before-seen light anomaly was a perfect reason to make the announcement of OffWorld life, but for lack of a better description, our Government went back on their agreement, claiming that the country was still in too much trauma over the recession, and they feared anarchy and looting in the streets should the public be told that their banks were failing, credit card companies were allowed to run wild, and – oh yeah, Space Aliens are real.

I’ve been picking up a sense of urgency from the OffWorlders for our President to make an announcement, and I’m left with no other choice but to think that that has something to do with the solar issue. That’s really the only thing that makes me nervous about any of this — the timing of the sun.

Don’t be startled – our OffWorld friends have been coming and going from our lovely planet for thousands of years. They are as much of a fixture here, as much of a part of the planet’s cultural history, as we are. Though we are the species occupying the planet, much of their influence, and even DNA, runs around with us everyday. Think of our OffWorld friends and cousins the same way that a deep sea fish would think of us: We may appear alien to a fish that lives at a depth of 6,000 feet, yet we are actively living above. The fish would consider “air” deadly, like we would consider the vacuum of space, and would never attempt to leave the depths of the ocean. Just because we can’t “move through space” like our OffWorld friends doesn’t mean that they are not there, and have been there, the entire time.

A lot more UFO sightings in the months to come will be occurring over China and the East U.S. Coast, according to my “ET Radio ;)”. There is a large underwater OffWorlder complex off of the coast of Japan, and it’s REALLY old. It looks like some sort of gravitationally optimized spot on the earth, much like the Bermuda Triangle and a spot about 70 miles Southeast of Easter Island, where it makes for a very easy “intradimensional airport”. The Norway Spiral was a visible “Temporal Elevator” that took advantage of the gravitational optimization at that location, and our humanoid and tall lanky friends opened that right up and “beamed down” in 2009, for a summit with a number of world leaders. Yes, there is an OffWorld Counsel that has been dealing with our leaders for some time. Certain OffWorld cultures are much more amendable to this idea than others. They’re working on it. The Greys are pretty much out for themselves, and the reptilian OffWorlders don’t exactly see us as their equals, but they’re not going to “colonize us” – lol – actually, they consider this planet to be a tad bit “low rent” compared to what they’re used to, with multiple suns, and multiple floating seas – man, Harry Potter has NOTHING on the reality that these guys live in! Again, I’m generalizing about these OffWorld cultures. There are kind beings in EVERY species, regardless of the overall political agenda of the species. But just for the record – the Greys really are creepy, and really do have the same vibe as a spider. I dont think they’re “evil” (and neither are spiders), it’s just that they’re the least like us, culturally, genetically, spiritually — the whole deal. Even the reptilian guys, though they’re not exactly thinking we’re their equal, are warmer than the Greys, and thats not saying much.

There you have it, hot off the Extra-Terrestrial Airwaves. Now it will be old news to you, by the time this all hits Twitter.

Live long and prosper ;).

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to This Just In from the Extra-Terrestrial Airwaves, Folks!

  1. Did something come of this? I’m curious of any resulting developments.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m glad that I randomly found your podcast ‘Haunted Playground’. I listen all the way from Australia and I love the show. Sheena is hilarious and I crack up laughing listening to the both of you, but I also love that you’re getting information out there, information that really ‘clicks’ for me! It’s like you guys touch on everything paranormal and its interesting when you guys discuss subjects that range from bigfoots to UFO’s.

    I’ve read some of your blogs and still am enjoying reading them, but I felt I should post along the lines of this UFO one. You mentioned on one of your shows about psychics and the minute they mention UFO knowledge to the wider world they get ostracised and hence they avoid the topic if they can. But to hear you speak about your own experiences is enlightening.

    I’ve always had this nagging feeling at the edge of my mind about UFO’s and for some reason your insight really resonates with me. I’m kind of a reluctant psychic/medium I guess. I know my capabilities but harbour my own issues about not developing my ‘gifts’, but every now and then something always slips through and this brings me back to the topic of UFO’s.

    I had this dream along the lines of a significant encounter/s happening within this year (don’t want to say which month, not the type to be shooting out any sort of prophecies) but was wondering on your take or insight on a monumental revelation occurring?

    Also I know you mentioned you tap into our otherworldly cousins frequency….do you know of any reference to Orion’s Belt along the UFO grapevine?

  3. Sean says:

    Around what time of year do you see this happening?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Honestly, I can’t get a clock on the time of year, unfortunately. But if I get new news, I’ll be sure to post it :)!

  4. The truth is out there. And i want to believe.

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